The following Sentences Ins. The earth, O Lord,

are to be said alternately is full of thy mercy; by the Instructer and the P. O teach us thy staPupils.


Ins. Thou art good, and Ins. WHEREWITHAL doest good ; shall the young cleanse P. O teach us thy statheir

tutes. P. By taking heed Ins. Thy testimonies thereto, according to God's have we claimed as our word.

heritage forever; and why? Ins. Teach them, O P. They are the very Lord, the way of thy sta- joy of our hearts. tutes ;

Ins. Our hands also P. And we shall keep it will we lift up unto thy unto the end.

commandments, which we Ins. Give them under- have loved ; standing, and they shall P. And our study shall keep thy law;

be in thy statutes. P. Yea, we shall keep

Ins. Let us pray. it with our whole heart.

Ins. 0. turn away their Then shall the Instructer eyes, lest they behold vani

say the following Prayty;

P. And quicken thou us in thy way.

O GOD, who art the


source of light, and foun

P. Lord, have mercy tain of all wisdom, help upon us, and incline our thy young servants, we hearts to keep thy law. pray thee, in acquiring a Ins. The righteousness right knowledge of thee and of thy testimonies is everof thy holy will and word. lasting; O grant us unDispose their hearts to the derstanding, and we shall love of truth, and their live. minds to the attainment P. Lord, have mercy of all good learning. Assist upon us, and write all thy them to search the Scrip- laws in our hearts, we betures, and to find in them seech thee. eternal life. Lead them to their Saviour, and in- Then shall all the People cline them to reverence, say the Lord's Prayer. imitate and obey him. May they learn of him, OUR Father, who art who was meek and lowly in heaven, Hallowed be in heart; and so learn of thy name. Thy kingdom him, that they may finally come; Thy will be done live and reign with him, in on earth, as it is in heaven. glory and joy everlasting. Give us this day our This we humbly ask in the daily bread, And forgive name of Jesus Christ our us our trespasses, As we Lord. Amen.

forgive those who tres

And lead Then shall he say,

pass against us.

not into temptation, O LORD, thy word But deliver us from evil. endureth forever in heaven; For thine is the kingdom, thy truth also remaineth and the power, and the from one generation to glory, For ever and ever. another.




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