New Testament; and Forgive our sins, we ben then the Service may seech thee, and cleanse us proceed as follows. from all unrighteousness;

and may we bring forth the Minister.

fruits which are meet for

repentance, by walking in SURELY it is meet to newness of life, in humble be said unto God, We have expectation of thy mercy done iniquity.

declared unto mankind To the Lord our God through Jesus Christ our belong mercies and for- Lord. givenesses, though have sinned against him.

People. Let us therefore confess and lament our manifold O God, make clean our transgressions, before the hearts within us, and take throne of grace.

not thy holy Spirits from GENERAL CONFESSION.

Then shall be read the ALMIGHTY and most

COLLECT FOR THE DAY, merciful Father, we confess

and one or more of the that in many things we have following Prayers. all offended; we have not duly improved the talents For TEMPORAL MERCIES. with which thou hast intrusted us; we have too ALMIGHTY God, the often neglected our duty giver of every good and to ourselves and to our perfect gift, we recommend fellow creatures, and our

ourselves and all our conconsciences witness against cerns to the disposal of thy us. With humble and pen- gracious providence. Thou itent hearts we lament be- knowest what is truly. fore thee, O our Father, good for us, and it is our every instance of disobedi- highest happiness that we ence; whatever we have are under thy fatherly care. done arniss in thought, In humble submission to word, or deed; every of- thy wise and gracious will, fence against thee, our we beseech thee to bless neighbour, or ourselves. us with health of body,


away. Amen.

and peace of mind; and FOR RULERS. to bestow upon

us such share of the good things mighty, King of kings,

O LORD God, high and of this life, as thou know- Lord of lords, we humbly est to be best for us. Con- beseech thee with thy faduct us by thy gracious hand through all the chan- dent of the United States,

vour to behold the Presiges of this world

and may we at last be perfect and all others in authority and happy, in that heavenly wisdom and for the virtues

May they be eminent for inheritance, which is in- which adorn their stations. corruptible, and fadeth not May they be the faithful

guardians of our public

liberties, and the instruFOR ALL MANKIND.

ments of transmitting them O GOD, the Father of to posterity. May we all mankind, we offer up them as the ministers of

have reason to rejoice in unto thee our prayers

and intercessions for our fellow thy providence to us for creatures. Mercifully re- good; and may they finalgard the work of thy hands. ly be found worthy of evLet thy name be known, erlasting life. Amen. and thy pure worship pre- FOR CHRISTIAN MINISvail throughout the world. May all people, nations, and languages acknow O GOD, the Father of ledge thee, the true God. our Lord Jesus Christ, the Put an end to idolatry, su- fountain of light, from perstition, and all false re- whom cometh every good ligion. May wisdom and and perfect gift, we humgoodness, liberty and bly beseech thee to send peace, charity and happi- down thy blessing upon ness, every where abound; christian Ministers of eveand thy kingdom of truth ry denomination; may they and righteousness. spread be so replenished with the and flourish, until it cover truth of thy doctrines, and the face of the whole so exemplary in unaffected earth. Amen.

piety and goodness of life,



that they may become the fend us from all the danmeans of turning many to gers

to which we may

be righteousness, and of pro- exposed; graciously acmoting the knowledge and cept these our services, practice of the pure and and grant that in all our

oly gospel of Jesus Christ works begun, continued, our Lord. Amen.

and ended, we may glorify

thy holy name, and finally FOR THE AFFLICTED. obtain everlasting life and

felicity; which we humbly O GOD, the creator and ask in the name and as the preserver of mankind, we disciples of Jesus Christ commend to thy fatherly our Lord; in whose goodness, all those who words we conclude are any ways afflicted or prayers. distressed in mind, body, or estate ; may it please OUR Father, who art thee to comfort and relieve in heaven, Hallowed be them according to their thy name. Thy kingdom several necessities, giving come; Thy will be done them patience under their on earth, as it is in heaven. sufferings, and a happy is- Give us this day our sue out of all their afflic- daily bread, And forgive tions. Amen.

us our trespasses, As we

forgive those who tresCONCLUDING PRAYER. pass against us. And lead

us not into temptation, O LORD God our hea- But deliver us from evil. venly Father, who hast For thine is the kingdom, permitted us with one ac- and the power, and the cord to make our common glory, For ever and ever. supplications unto thee, Amen. fulfil, we beseech thee, the desires and petitions of thy

NOW unto the King servants, as thou in thy eternal, immortal, invisible, wisdom knowest to be good the only wise God, be hon

We commit our our and glory, through Jeselves to the care of thy sus Christ, for ever and providence; mercifully de- ever. Amen.

for us.



The Service is to be introduced by the following Sen

tences from the Minister to the People.


declare thine existence, and

thy perfections; thy goodGOD is a spirit, and ness is unchangeable, and they who worship him, thy wisdom past finding must worship him in spirit out. Thou art exalted in and in truth.

majesty and power, far I beseech you therefore, above our highest concepbrethren, by the mercies of tions ; yet thou regardest God, that ye present your

us with the tenderness of selves a living sacrifice, a father, and showest faholy, acceptable unto God, vour and loving kindness which is your reasonable

to the children of men. service.

We would now offer unto

thee, O God, our religious People.

homage, encouraged by

thy goodness, and thy graBlessed are they who cious promises in the goskeep his statutes and seek pel of thy Son. May we him with their whole heart. remember thee our Crea

tor, Preserver, and BeneINTRODUCTORY PRAYER. factor, with fear, love, and

gratitude ; and worship O ALMIGHTY and thee, who art a spirit, in eternal God; the heavens spirit and in truth; that and the earth, and all our various services may things which we behold, be acceptable in thy sight;

that by all thy means of of thy goodness; the day grace, we may grow wiser is thine, the night also is and better, be gradually thine, and thou makest the trained up for thy heavenly morning and the evening kingdom, and at last be- to rejoice. We thine in

partakers of that telligent creatures would happiness which eye hath pay our tribute of joyful not seen, which ear hath praise to thee, O God, the not heard, and which it sovereign creator and Lord hath not entered into the of all; thou art worthy to heart of man to conceive. receive glory and honour, These our petitions we adoration and praise, from present unto thee, in the all thy creatures. name and as the disciples Peo. O God, may thy of our Lord and Saviour perfections fill our hearts Jesus Christ.

with love and joy, while

our lips show forth thy People.


Min. Thou, O God, art O thou who hearest the creator of mankind; prayer, unto thee do we thy hands have made us lift up our souls.

and fashioned thou

hast created the spirit that Then shall be recited the is in man, breathed into us

following Anthem, or the breath of life, and by instead of it the Psalms thine inspiration, hast given appointed for the Day. us understanding.

Peo. O God, thou hast Min. WE praise thee, 0 made us, and not we ourGod; we acknowledge and selves; we are thy people, adore thee, the one, true, and the sheep of thy pasand living God, who art ture. alone independent and

Min. Thou, O God, art eternal; whose perfections the giver of life; in thy are infinite, and counsels hand is the soul of every unchangeable ; the great- living thing, and the breath est, wisest, and best of be- of all mankind; thou art ings. The heavens declare the preserver of men. thy glory; the earth is full

Peo. Thy visitation pre

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