The Service is to be introduced by the following Address

from the Minister to the People.

HEAR, all ye people; most glorious God, the obgive ear,


ye inhabitants ject of supremne veneraof the world; for the Lord tion, on whom all the famiGod omnipotent reigneth. lies of the earth continu

Let the heaven and the ally depend; we would earth praise him; the sea, present ourselves before and every thing that mov thee with reverence and eth therein.

humility; we would offer Trust in him at all times, unto thee our sacrifice of ye people; pour out your praise and thanksgiving, hearts before him ;' for with joy and gratitude. God is our refuge. By celebrating thy perfec

Offer unto him the sa tions, may we be excited crifice of righteousness; to an ardent love and imifor in his presence is ful- tation of thee, our Father ness of joy, and at his right in heaven; and may the hand are pleasures for remembrance of thy great

goodness to us, and to all People.

mankind, incline us to love

and serve one another as The Lord reigneth ; let brethren. May we the earth rejoice.

fess our sins with unfeign

ed sorrow, and steady purINTRODUCTORY PRAYER. poses of amendment; may

we pray unto thee, as the O EVER blessed, and bountiful dispenser of eve


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ry good thing; may our preserver of all things; intercessions be accompa- thou didst speak, and the nied with charity to all men; world was made; thy may no vain thoughts dis- providence supports the tract our minds, no unwor works of thy hands; and thy object withdraw our the happiness of thy creaaffections; but may our tures is the end of all. whole hearts be engaged

Peo. Thou art God over in thy worship, and may all, blessed for ever more. the influence of these our Min. Before the mounreligious services be mani- tains were brought forth, fested in our future lives; or ever thou hadst formed which we humbly ask in the earth and the world, the name and as disciples from everlasting to everof Jesus Christ our Lord. lasting thou art God.

Peo. Thou livest, and People.

reignest for ever.

Min. Thou art the Lord, Graciously hear us, and changest not; of old God, graciously hear us, 0 hast thou laid the foundaLord God.

tions of the earth, and the

heavens are the work of Then shall be recited the thy hands; they shall perfollowing Anthem, or in- ish, but thou shalt endure; stead of it the Psalms ap- thy counsel standeth fast, pointed for the Day. and thy thoughts unto all

generations. Min. WE praise thee,

Peo. Thou art the

same, O God, we worship thee, yesterday, today, and for the one true and living ever. God, who art infinite and Min. We adore and unchangeable in all thy worship thee, as a pure perfections.

and spiritual being, whom Peo. Blessed art thou no man hath seen, or can O Lord God, and worthy see; thou passest by us on to be praised for ever. every side, but we behold

Min. Thou, O God, art thee not; thou continually King of kings, Lord of workest wonders on the lords, the great and only right hand and on the left, potentate, the creator and but we do not perceive thee.

Peo. Thou art a spirit; judgment in the earth; thy and they who worship thee, righteousness is like the must worship thee in spirit great mountains, thy faithand in truth.

fulness reached above the Min, Whither can we clouds ; eternal truth is flee from thy presence ? thy law. heaven is thy throne, the Peo. Upright art thou, earth is thy footstool, and O Lord; all thy works are the universe thy habitation. just and true.

Peo. All things are full Min. O Lord God, holy of thee.

and reverend is thy name; Min. Who can withstand thou art of purer eyes than thy power? the mountains to behold iniquity; sinners shake from their founda- cannot stand before thee; tions, the rocks melt as but the upright in heart wax, and the earth trem- are always in the light of bleth at thy presence; thou thy countenance. doest whatever thou pleas- Peo. We reverence thee, est in the armies of heaven, O Lord, for thou art holy. and among the inhabitants

Min. Above all we praise of the world.

thee, we worship thee, as Peo. With the Lord our the Lord God gracious God is everlasting strength. and merciful, the God of

Min. Thou hast founded love, and of all consolathe earth by thy wisdom, tion; thou exercisest lovand stretched out the hea- ing kindness and benignivens by thine understand- ty; thou delightest to ing; by thy knowledge the make all thy creatures depths are broken up, and happy; thou doest good the clouds drop down the continually; and thy ten

thou art mighty in der mercies are over all wisdom, wonderful in coun- thy works. sel, and excellent in all Peo. O that men would thy works.

praise the Lord for his Peo. O Lord, how man- goodness, and for his wonifold are thy works; in derful works to the chilwisdom hast thou made dren of men. them all.

Min. But who, O Lord, Min. Thou art the right- can show forth all thy eous Lord, who exercisest praise? We behold the


monuments of thy power; and bless him; for he is we trace the footsteps of good, and his mercy enthy wisdom ; and every dureth for ever. moment of our lives partake of the riches of thy

People. goodness; but none can say how great, and wise, We will give thanks unand good thou art.

to the Lord, for he is good, Peo. Who can find out and his mercy endureth thee, the Almighty, unto for ever. perfection ? Min. With one consent,

Minister. and with our whole hearts, we would celebrate thy Almighty God, Father of glorious perfections here all mercies; we would ofbelow, until our souls be- fer unto thee our unfeigncome prepared for thy ed thanksgivings for the kingdom and service discoveries thou hast made above; there to worship of thyself in the works of thee in a more perfect thy hands, and for thy manner, through the ages goodness and loving kindof eternity. Amen. ness to us and to all men.

We thank thee for our Then may follow a Volun- creation, for the excellent

tary on the Organ; af- form of our bodies, for the ter which the FIRST LES- breath of life, the light of son is to be read out of reason and conscience, the the Old Testament; and benevolent and friendly afthen the Service is to pro- fections, and all the useful ceed with the following and noble powers of our Thanksgiving

minds. We thank thee

for our continual preserMinister.

vation, for the food we eat,

the raiment with which we REJOICE in the Lord, are clothed, and the habiall ye people ; come into tations wherein we dwell; his presence with thanks- for health and peace and giving, and be devout and safety; for every personal joyful in his service. and family and public Sing praises unto him, blessing ; for every friendly

and social enjoyment, and of eternal salvation to all for all the happiness of our who obey him. ) lives.

And finally we bless

thee, the God and Father People.

of our Lord Jesus Christ,

that by raising him from Bless the Lord, O our the dead, thou hast consouls, and forget not all firmed to us the glorious his benefits.

and joyful hope of an

inheritance incorruptible, Minister.

undefiled, and which fad

eth not away, reserved in But above all we bless the heavens for us. thee, O ever gracious Father, for thine inestimable

People. love in the redemption of the world by our Lord Je- Glory be to God in the sus Christ, for the means highest; on earth

peace, of grace, and the hope of good will to men. glory. We thank thee for those pure and heavenly

Minister. doctrines which he hath taught, to lead mankind in O Lord our God, who the way

of truth and salva- can number all thy mertion; for those holy and cies? thy bounty prevents excellent rules of virtue

our requests, seasonably and true religion, which supplies every returning he hath laid down in his want, and gives us all gospel; and for the per- things richly to enjoy fect example which he Write a law of thankfulhath left us, that we might ness on our hearts, we befollow his steps. We seech thee, and grant that thank thee, that in obedi- we may walk before thee,

to thine authority, in holiness and righteousand to fulfil all righteous- ness, all the days of our . ness, he submitted unto lives. Amen. death, that being made perfect by suffering, he Here the Second LESSON might become the author is to be read, out of the


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