commend to thy care and ledged and diligently imblessing the President of proved. the United States, the Universal Parent and Governor of this State, Governor'; be merciful to and all others in authority. the whole race of man; enMay they have wisdom to lighten all who sit in darkdiscern, and firmness to ness; send forth a spirit of pursue the true interests of peace and good will; tex this people; may they em- strain the violence of unploy all their influence to reasonable men ; máý no promote peace and virtue; weapon formed against the and under their govern- rights of mankind prosper ment may justice and judg- multiply the patterns of ment run down as waters, christian virtue and the in and righteousness as struments of beneficence; mighty stream. Endue direct all flesh to the knowwith grace and clothe with ledge of thy Son; and godliness the ministers of may thy kingdom come religion. May they do hon- and thy will be done on our to thy truth in their earth as it is in heaven, public services and their which we ask as disciples private conduct; and wilt of Jesus Christ. 11 Amen. thou $0 direct and bless 10 01:14 11for pulls via them, both in their preach-. CONCLUDING PRAYER.I: ing and living, that they •3w5; 911 may save themselves, and TOETERNAL) and all see those who hear them. We ing God, we thy creatures beseech, thee to bless all sink into nothing before seminaries of learning, all thy supremne majesty, we governors, and instructers feel our weakness; we acof youth, all patrons and knowledge our folly, we promoters, of sound litet repeatedly bowai) bur sins, rature, and knowledge is thee only we adore' with and grant that all the awful veneration thee we means and opportunities thank with fervent żeal; of mental, moral, and reli- to thy power wel humbly gious advancement - which submit; of a thyis goodness are enjoyed among us, we devoutly implore promay be thankfully acknow tection on thy wisdom we ON IV. The sto'l obliwydi to 211014919

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grant them,

firmly and cheerfully rely. ness will raise us, may we Whenever we address thee, continue praising, veneratO Father, if our prayers ing, worshipping thee, more are unwise, pity us; if and more, through worlds they are presumptuous, without number, and ages pardon us'; if acceptable without end. Amen.

thee, grant all powerful God; and THE Lord bless us and

now express our keep us ; the Lord make submission to thy decrees, his face shine upon us, and adore thy providence, be gracious unto us; the and bless thy dispensa- Lord lift up his countetions, so, in that future nance upon us, and give state, to which we re us peace, now and eververently hope thy good- more. Amen.

as we

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FORMS OF PRAYER " har pry polo !T

hod 5:15 21:1}}|2012-93 eiry

vijoj cenida 20


na has The Service may commence with the following Psalm;

, of the common Morning or Evening Prayer, as he shall judge proper. PSALM 93.

Thy testimonies, O Lord, THE Lord is King, and

are very sure, holiness behath put on glorious ap

cometh thine house for parel, and girded himself ever. with strength.

He hath made the world After the Collect for the so sure, that rito cannot be o Day may be used the moved.

following Prayer. Ever since the world began, hath thy throne been O ETERNAL Lord God, prepared; thou art from who alone spreadest out everlasting.

the heavens, and rulest the The floods have lifted raging of the sea; who hast up, O Lord, the floods cornpassed the waters with have lifted up their voice; bounds, until day and night the floods lift up their come to an end; be pleaswaves.

ed to receive into thine alThe waves of the sea mighty and most gracious are mighty, and rage_hor- protection, the persons of ribly ; but yet the Lord, us thy servants, who now who dwelleth on high, is call upon thy name from mightier.

the bosom of the mighty



deep. Borrie on the sur- may constantly prosper unface of a changing ele- der thy care, and be dement, and exposed to the fended with thy favourable vicissitudes of the incon- kindness as with a shield. stant skies, may we always Bless our absent friends, feel ourselves in the pre- wherever they may be; sence and merciful care of preserve them from evil that infinite and holy God, and in thy great mercy who hath measured the permit us to see them again, waters in the hollow of his and rejoice in their society hand, and meted out heav- and welfare. en with a span. Preserve We thank thee, that us, we pray thee, from the thou hast thus far preserv dangers of the sea ; 'from ed us ; we thank thee for shipwreck; from fire; from this opportunity of calling the wrath of the tempest; on thy name ; from the 'violence of ene- mend ourselves and our mies; and grant that we interests to thy holy keepmay arrive at our desired ing; and ascribe unto thee haven, in safety, health, all honour and glory, doand peace, and with a minion and praise, through thankful remembrance of Jesus Christ our Lord. thy rich and manifold Amen. cies.w But we / dol more especially pray;r O Lord 2016). On this. our God, that if thou O LORD, our God, who shouldst see fit to bring madest heaven, and earth, us into peril andrimisfors and sea, and all that there tune, we may bear thy in is, and who keepest thy whole will with perfect promise forever ; mercisubmission, and surrender fully hear the prayers of thy ourselves in every event to servants ; deliver us from thine absolute and all wise the dangers of the seas; disposal. Whether we are protect and prosper us in in danger or at rest, in the way we go, and bring sickness or health, in life us to our haven and to our or death, let us be thine, O friends in peace; but above Lord, and wholly thine. all things grant that we Hear us in behalf of our

may always submit to thy country, and grant that it will and pleasure, and obey


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thy most holy law, and so our life. Hear, Lord, and pass the waves of this save us, in the name of changing and troublesome our blessed Saviour, thy world, that we may finally Son our Lord Jesus Christ. come to the land of ever- Amen. lasting life ; vthrough Jesus Christ our Lord, i Amen. THOU, O Lord, who

stillest the raging of the

sea, hear, hear us, and save Then may be read other

us, that we perish not. Prayers of the Morning

O God, whose Son Jesus or Evening Service, or

Christ did save his discielse the Benediction may ples ready to perish in a immediately follow.

storm ;
hear and

save 5,iib, so Vil 1370. 3 BREND us, we beseech thee.

Lord be merciful to us

sinners, and save us for thy PRAYER IN STORMS AT SEA. mercies sake.

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O MOST glorious and THANKSGIVING AFTER gracious Lord God, who

STORM. dwellest in heaven, but be. holdest all things below;

Psalm 107. look down, we beseech O THAT, men would thee, and hear us, calling praise the Lord for his out of the depth of misery, goodness ; tand declare the and out of the jaws of this wonders that he doeth for death, which is now ready the children of men! to swallow us up . Save, That they would offer Lord, or else we perish. unto him the sacrifice of The living, the living shall thanksgiving ; and tell out praise thee. O send thy his works with gladness! word of commands to re- They that gol down to buke, the-- ragings, winds, the sea in ships; and oct and the roaring sea ; that cupy their business in great we, being delivered from waters; used in this distress, may live to These men seethe works serve thee, and to glorify of the Lord and his wonthy name all the days of ders in the deepi call P900 bin J1!"balo li ti bilo jubig 1.16 Vianos

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