rusalem; praise thy God, Praise ye the Lord from O Sion.

the heavens; praise him in For he hath made fast the height. the bars of thy gates ; and Praise him, all ye anhath blessed ihy children gels of his ; praise him, all within thee.

his hosts. He maketh peace in thy Praise him, sun and borders ; and filleth thee moon; praise him, all ye with the finest of the stars and light. wheat.

Praise him, ye heavens He sendeth forth his of heavens, and ye waters commandment upon earth; of the skies. and his word is instantly Let them praise the obeyed.

name of the Lord, for he He giveth snow like commanded, and they wool; he scattereth the were created. hoarfrost like ashes.

He hath made them fast He casteth forth his ice for ever and ever; he hath like morsels; who can stand given them a law which before his cold ?

shall not be broken. He sendeth out his word Praise the Lord upon and melteth them; he blow- earth, ye whales, and all eth with his wind, and the deeps; waters flow.

Fire and hail, snow and He showeth his word vapours, wind and storm, unto Jacob, his statutes fulfilling his word; and ordinances unto Israel. Mountains and all hills,

He hath not dealt so fruitful trees and all cewith any nation; neither dars; have the heathen know Beasts and all cattle, ledge of his laws. · Praise creeping things and feathye the Lord.

ered fowls; Now unto the King eter Kings of the earth and nal, &c.

all people, princes and all Be honour and glory, &c. judges of the world;

Young men and maid

ens, old men and children; EVENING PRAYER.

praise the name of the

Lord; for his name alone PSALM 148.

is excellent, and his praise PRAISE ye the Lord. is above heaven and earth.


He shall increase the joice in their congregaglory of his people; all his tions. saints shall praise him,

PSALM 150. even the children of Israel,

PRAISE ye the Lord. even the people that serv

Praise God for his holieth him. Praise ye the

Praise him in the Lord.

firmament of his power.

Praise him for his noble PSALM 149.

acts ; praise him according PRAISE ye the Lord.

the Lord. to his excellent greatness. Sing unto the Lord a new Praise him with the song; let the congregation sound of the trumpet ; of saints praise him. praise him upon the lute

Let Israel rejoice in him and harp. who made him; and let the Praise him


the well children of Sion be joyful tuned cymbals; praise him in their king.

upon the loud cymbals. For the Lord hath pleas- Let every thing that hath ure in his people ; he will breath praise the Lord. beautify the meek with Praise ye the Lord. salvation.

Now unto the King eterLet the saints be joyful nal, &c. with glory; let them re- Be honour and glory, &c.




us sing, &c.


mountains are the feet of

him who bringeth good To be used at Morning tidings; who publisheth Prayer, instead of the peace, who bringeth good Psalm, 0 come, let tidings of good,

who publisheth salvation, who saith

unto Sion, Thy God reignGLORY be to God in eth. the highest, on earth peace, There is sprung up a good will toward men. light for the righteous, and

Blessed are the people joyful gladness for such as who know the joyful sound; are true of heart. they shall walk, O Lord, Rejoice in the Lord, ye in the light of thy counte- righteous, and give thanks nance;

at the remembrance of his Through the tender mer- holiness. cies of our God, whereby Sing unto the Lord, and the day spring from on praise his name; be telling high hath visited us; of his salvation from day

To give light to those to day. who sit in darkness and in Let all those who seek the shadow of death, and him be joyful and glad in to guide our feet in the him, and let all such as love way peace.

his salvation say always, How beautiful on the The Lord be praised.




LORD, thou art become MORNING PRAYER.

gracious unto thy land;

thou hast turned away the PSALM 45.

captivity of Jacob. MY heart is inditing joy Thou hast forgiven the ful words; I speak of the offence of thy people, and things concerning the covered all their sins. King; my tongue is as the

Thou hast taken away pen of a ready scribe. all thy displeasure, and

Thou art the fairest of turned thyself from thy the children of men; full wrathful indignation. of grace are thy lips; for Turn us then, O God God hath blessed thee for our Saviour, and let thine ever.

anger cease from us. Gird thy sword upon thy Wilt thou be displeased thigh, O thou Mighty One, at us for ever? and wilt with thy glory and thy thou stretch out thy wrath majesty:

from one generation to anAnd in thy majesty ride other? prosperously, for the cause Wilt thou not turn again of truth and meekness and and quicken us, that thy righteousness; and

and thy people may rejoice in thee? right hand shall teach thee

Show us thy mercy,

O terrible things.

Lord, and grant us thy Thy throne, O God, en- salvation. dureth for ever; the scep I will hear what God the tre of thy kingdom is a Lord will speak; for he right sceptre.

will speak peace to his Thou hast loved right- people and his saints; only eousness, and hated iniqui- let them not return ty; wherefore God, even their folly again. thy God, hath anointed For his salvation is nigh thee with the oil of glad- those who fear him, that ness above thy fellows.

glory may dwell in our land, I will make thy name to Mercy and truth are met be remembered to all gen- together ; righteousness erations; so that the

peo and

peace have kissed ple shall praise thee for each other. ever and ever,

Truth shall flourish out



of the earth; and right

He shall judge among eousness hath looked down the nations ; he shall fill from heaven.

the places with the dead Yea, the Lord shall show bodies, and shall wound his loving kindness; and the heads over many counour land shall yield her in- tries.

He shall drink of the Righteousness shall go brook in the way, and lift before him ; and shall keep up his head on high. his path continually. Now unto the King eter

Psalm 132. nal, &c. Be honour and glory, &c. LORD, remember Da

vid, and all his troubles ;

How he sware unto the EVENING PRAYER.

Lord, and vowed a vow

unto the Almighty God of PSALM 110.

Jacob : THE Lord said unto I will not come within my lord, Sit thou on my the tabernacle of mine right hand, until I make house, nor climb up into thine enemies thy footstool. my bed;

The Lord shall send the I will not suffer mine sceptre of thy power out eyes to sleep, nor mine of Sion; rule thou in the eyelids to slumber; midst of thine enemies. Until I find out a place

In the day of thy power for the temple of the Lord, shall the people offer thee an habitation for the mighfree will offerings with an ty God of Jacob. holy worship; the dew of We will go into his tabthy birth is of the womb ernacle, we will worship of the morning.

before his footstool. The Lord sware, and Arise, O Lord, into thy will not repent, Thou art resting place, thou, and a priest for ever after the the ark of thy strength. order of Melchisedeck. Let thy priests be cloth

The Lord at thy righted with righteousness; hand shall destroy even and let thy saints sing with kings in the day of his joyfulness. wrath.

For thy servant David's

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