Parent of mankind, to be ligion, as the only foundaa source of the purest sat- tion of present comfort isfactions, to soften the and future hopes. Study unavoidable cares,

and the scriptures and the increase the innocent

precepts and example of pleasures of life, by afford- Christ, who alone hath the ing opportunities of shar- words of eternal life. And ing them with a most inti- be not extravagant in your mate friend and partner. expectations from the By Christians in particular world; for although it it is to be looked upon as a

abound with


innostate of perfect indissolu- cent joys and pleasures, ble friendship, in which ye yet it is not, nor is intendare to carry your regards ed to be, a place of unmixed for each other beyond the prosperity and enjoyment, grave, ye may so live

but à transitory scene of in virtue and holiness here, trial and improvement for a that ye may live hereafter better and more enduring in that state, where there state. will be no marrying nor The other great end of giving in marriage, but ye marriage is for the well shall be as the angels in ordering of families and heaven. Study then to right education of children. correct what is amiss in This is a matter of the your respective tempers highest moment. For famiand dispositions, which lies are the nurseries and may disturb your mutual schools, in which the suclove and peace. And be cessive generations of men severe censors of

your- are to be instructed and selves, but exact not too fitted for their different much one from another stations and employments and bear with each other's in life, to bear their part infirmities, for there is no- and burden in it, to be thing perfect here below. helpful to others, good None are faultless, but all citizens, useful magistrates, are to endeavour to become faithful husbands, virtuous such. Cultivate in your- wives, patterns of all that selves, and in each other, is excellent and worthy in the knowledge and prac

every relation. Of a numtice of virtue and true re

ber of families united, na

tions are composed; and and suffer no vice to go of all of them together, the unreproved, or to remain whole community of man- in your house persisted in kind. And as these little and unamended. For this seminaries are well tutored would be to encourage it, and governed, or neglect- and put a snare before ed, kingdoms, nations, and others. By this domestic the world, are happy or care, and godly discipline, miserable.

ye will ensure your own Take heed therefore to

peace, and be a blessing to set an example of piety your family, your neighand virtue yourselves; and bours, and country ; but, then ye may with authori- which is above all to be ty require those who be

valued and sought for, ye long to you, to follow it.

will be approved by AlLet the God of heaven be mighty God, and rank with publicly acknowledged and prophets and apostles in worshipped each day in that future world, where

At least we are told, that they who let not his name and wor- are wise, shall shine as the ship be forgotten in it on brightness of the firrnathe Lord's day. Keep

Keep ment; and they who turn a strict watch

many to righteousness as who depend upon you; the stars for ever and ever.

your families.

over all

[blocks in formation]


To be used when the Sick Person desires it.

The Minister may begin and honourable, to the inwith saying,

crease of glory and endless

felicity; or whether it be PEACE be to this house, sent unto you to correct and to all who dwell in it. and amend in

and amend in you whatso

ever doth offend the eyes And he may exhort the Sick of your heavenly Father;

Person after this Form, know you certainly, that if or some other.

you truly repent of your

sins, and bear your sickDEARLY beloved, ness patiently, trusting in know this, that Almighty God's mercy, manifested God is the Lord of life and by his dear Son Jesus death, and of all things to Christ, and render unto them pertaining, as youth, himn humble thanks for his strength, health, age, fatherly visitation, submitweakness, and sickness. ting yourself wholly unto Wherefore, whatsoever his will, it shall turn to your

sickness is, know you your profit, and help you certainly, that it is God's forward in the right way visitation. And for what that leadeth unto everlastcause soever this sickness ing life. is sent unto you; whether it be to try your patience If he think fit, the Minister for the example of others, may proceed in his Ecand that your faith may be hortation. found in the day of the Lord, laudable, glorious, TAKE therefore in good

part the chastisement of first he suffered pain; he the Lord; for as St Paul entered not into his glory saith, Whom the Lord lov before he was crucified. eth, he chasteneth, and So truly our way to eternal scourgeth every son whom joy is to suffer here with he receiveth. If ye en

Christ ; and our door to dure chastening, God deal enter into eternal life is eth with you as with sons; gladly to die with Christ; for what son is he whom that we may rise again from the Father chasteneth not ? death, and dwell with him Furthermore, we have had in everlasting life. fathers of our flesh, who corrected us, and we gave HEAR further what the them reverence; shall we

scripture saith for the not much rather be in sub

comfort of those who are jection unto the Father of in sickness and distress. spirits, and live? For they verily for a few days chas

Then shall be repeated the tened us after their own pleasure; but he for our

following Passages of

Scripture, or a portion profit, that we might be

of them. partakers of his holiness. These words, good brother, are written in holy scrip

BEHOLD, happy is the ture for our comfort and

man whom God correcteth; instruction; that we should therefore despise not thou patiently, and with thanks the chastening of the Algiving bear our heavenly mighty; for he maketh Father's correction, when sore, and bindeth up; he soever by any manner of woundeth, and his hands adversity it shall please make whole. Job, v. 17, 18. his gracious goodness to

I remember thee upon And there should my bed, and meditate on be no greater comfort to thee in the night watches. christian persons than to

Because thou hast been be made like unto Christ, my help, therefore under by suffering patiently ad the shadow of thy wings versities, troubles, and sick will I rejoice. My soul

For he himself followeth hard after thee; went not up to joy, but for thy right hand hath

visit us.


upholden me. Psal. lxiii. I said in my heart, I am 6, 7, 8.

cut off from before thine God restoreth my soul; eyes; nevertheless, thou he leadeth me in the path heardest the voice of my of righteousness, for his supplication when I cried name's sake. Yea, though unto thee. Psal. xxxi. 22. I walk through the valley Be of good courage, and of the shadow of death, I he shall strengthen your will fear no evil; for thou heart, all ye who hope in art with me; thy rod and the Lord. Psal. xxxi. 24. thy staff they comfort me. Psal. xxiii. 3, 4.

Then shall be said such of The Lord is my portion, the following Prayers as saith my soul; therefore may be thought most fit will I hope in him. The for the occasion. Lord is good unto those

O LORD, look down who wait for him, to the from heaven,'behold, visit, soul that seeketh him. It

and relieve this thy servant. is good that a man should

Look upon him with the both hope and quietly wait

eyes of thy mercy ; give for the salvation of the

him comfort, and sure conLord. Lam. iii. 24, 25, 26. fidence in thee; support

For the Lord will not him under all the trials of cast off for ever ; but though his present sickness, relieve he cause grief, yet will he his pains, if it seem good have compassion according

unto thee, and keep him in to the multitude of his perpetual peace and safety; mercies. For he doth not through Jesus Christ our afflict willingly, nor grieve Lord. Amen. the children of men. Lam. iii. 31, 32, 33.

ALMIGHTY and everI am like a broken ves

lasting God, maker of sel. But I trusted in thee, mankind, who dost correct O Lord; I said, Thou art those whom thou dost love, my God. My times are

and chastise every in thy hand; make thy whom thou dost receive; face to shine upon thy ser- we beseech thee to have vant; save me for thy mercy upon this thy sermercy's sake. Psal. xxxi.

vant visited with thy hand, 12, 14, 15, 16.

and grant that he may take


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