we may

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thee; increase this know govern your faith and pracledge, and confirm this tice by its doctrines and faith in us evermore, that laws. May you carefully

be enabled to mor keep in mind this promise, tify all our evil and cor and perform it faithfully. rupt affections, and daily to To this end, you are diliproceed in all virtue and gently and honestly to godliness of living, till we search the scriptures. come to that eternal king- These contain every thing dom, which thou hast pro- necessary to eternal salvamised by Jesus Christ our tion; and from these you Lord. Amen.

may obtain all that informa

tion which is requisite to NOW unto him who is improve your understandable to keep us from falling and confirm your faith. ings and to present us fault

Above all, you are carefully less before the presence of to obey the precepts of the his glory, with exceeding gospel, and to cultivate that joy, to the only wise God purity of heart and affecour Saviour, be glory and tions, which all its laws, majesty, dominion and pow

ordinances, and doctrines er, through Jesus Christ, are designed to promote. for ever and ever. Amen.

Having the fear of God

before your eyes, be you THE EXHORTATION.

now exhorted to discharge, with fidelity and exactness

the duty you have now acChristian Brother,

knowledged. To the due IN obedience to the observance of it may God command of our Lord Je- incline your heart; and sus Christ, that all persons

you baptized be instructed in cess, for your improvement his holy religion; you have in christian knowledge, and now engaged, by a solemn holiness of life, for the hopromise before God and nour of religion, and the this assembly, that you will glory of his holy name, receive the instructions of through Jesus Christ our the christian religion, and Lord. Amen.

may he bless

with suc




First the Banns of those who are to be married, may be

published in the Church three several Sundays or Holydays, in this manner;


I PUBLISH the Banns ed of God in the time of of marriage between M. man's innocency; which of — and N. of - If estate Christ adorned and any you know cause or beautified with his

prejust impediment why these


and first miracle two persons

should not be that he wrought in Cana joined together in matrimo- of Galilee; and is comny, ye are to declare it. mended of St Paul to be This is the first [second or honourable


all third] time of asking. men; and therefore is not

by any to be enterprised, When the Persons to be or taken in hand, lightly

married are assembled or unadvisedly; but reverwith their Friends, the ently, discreetly, soberly, Minister shall say,

and in the fear of God.

DEARLY beloved, we And also, speaking to the are gathered together here Persons who are to be in the sight of God, and in married he shall say, the face of this congregation, to join together this IREQUIRE and charge man and this woman in you both, as ye will anmatrimony; which is an swer at the dreadful day of honourable estate, institut- judgment, when the se

crets of all hearts shall be husband, to live together disclosed, that if either of after God's ordinance, in you know any impediment, the estate of matrimony ? why ye may not be lawfully Wilt thou love him, comunited in matrimony, ye

fort him, honour and keep do now confess it. For

him, in sickness and in be ye well assured, that so health, in sorrow and in many as are joined togeth- joy; and forsaking allother, er otherwise than God's keep thee only unto him, word doth allow, are not so long as ye both shall joined together by God, live? neither is their matrimony lawful.

The Woman shall answer,

I will.

If no impediment be alleged,

then shall the Minister say unto the Man,

Then shall the Minister say,


M. WILT thou have Who giveth this woman this woman to thy wedded to be married to this man? wife, to live together after God's ordinance, in the Then the Minister, receivestate of matrimony ? Wilt ing the Woman, at her thou love her, comfort her,

Father's Friend's honour and keep her, in



cause the sickness and in health, in

Man with his right hand, sorrow and in joy; and to take the Woman by forsaking all other, keep her right hand, and to thee only unto her, so long say after him as followeth; both shall live?

I, M. take thee, N. to The Man shall answer,

my wedded wife, to have

and to hold, from this day I will.

forward, for better for worse, for richer for

poorer, Then shall the Minister in sickness and in health, say unto the Woman ; to love and to cherish, till

death us do part, according N. WILT thou have to God's holy ordinance, this man to thy wedded and the laws of the land.

as ye

er, in

Then shall the Woman like- of everlasting life; send wise say after the Minister; thy blessing upon these thy

servants, whom we bless I, N. take thee, M. to in thy

thy name. Enable my wedded husband, to them to perform the covehave and to hold, from this nant which they have now day forward, for better for

made in thy presence. worse, for richer for poor- May they seriously attend

sickness and in to the duties of the new health, to love and to cher relation in which they ish, till death us do part, stand to each other; that according to God's holy it may not be to them a ordinance and the laws of state of temptation and the land.

sorrow, but of holiness and

comfort; may they live Then shall they loose together in peace and love;

their hands, and the Man and wilt thou, the God of shall give unto the Wo- peace and love, be always man a Ring, putting it with them, and lead them upon the fourth finger of in the paths of innocence her left hand. And the and virtue to eternal life ; Man holding the Ring through Jesus Christ our there, and taught by the Lord. Amen. Minister, shall say,

Then shall the Minister WITH this ring I thee speak unto the People. wed; with all my worldly goods I thee endow; and FORASMUCH as M. to thee only do I promise and N. have consented toto keep myself, so long as gether in wedlock, and we both shall live. Amen. have witnessed the same

before God and this comThen the minister shall say, pany, and thereto have en

gaged and pledged themselves to each other, and

have declared the same by O ETERNAL God, giving and receiving a ring, creator and preserver of and by joining hands; I all mankind, giver of all pronounce that they be spiritual grace, the author Man and Wife; and those

Let us pray

Let us pray

ing. Amen.

whom God hath joined to Then shall he add this gether, let no man put

BLESSING. asunder.

THE Lord God AlThen shall the Minister mighty bless, preserve, and say,

keep you; the Lord mercifully with his favour look upon you, and fill you with

all spiritual benediction O MERCIFUL God and grace; that ye may so and heavenly Father, who live together in this life, art the guide, the support that in the world to come and the felicity of all who ye may have life everlastput their trust in thee; we beseech thee to bless these thy servants, and give EXHORTATION to the Parthem grace to fear and

ties after marriage; to serve thee all the days of

be read or omitted at their life. May their hearts be united in the closest

the discretion of the Min

ister. bonds of love and purity; may they be blessings and comforts to one another,

IT will become you to sharers of each other's consider seriously the sajoys, consolers of each cred and important engageother's sorrows, and help- ment into which ye have ers to one another in all

entered. Marriage the changes and chances is the union of one man of the world; and grant

with one woman for their that they may so faithfully joint happiness, and for discharge the duties which the pious education of belong to the condition into children, where God gives which they have entered them; and by the original that they, and all who may

appointment of God, conbe committed to their care,

firmed by our Saviour may meet together in that (Gen. ii. 24. Matt. xix. 4, world of perfect felicity 5, 6.), this union is to be which thou hast revealed perpetual, to be dissolved to us by Jesus Christ our only by death. It was Lord. Amen.

intended by the benevolent


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