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W. J. AND J, 91:ARS, PRINTERS, ITY LANE, ST. PAUL'S. The Committee for the conduct of this unpretending periodical, beg to thank the supporters for the encouragement they have received from them during another year. They beg, also, to express their acknowledgments to several faithful and constant correspondents. Would that all the brethren in the Connexion, the Ministers and Managers of our Churches, were as thoughtful and early in forwarding interesting information, as some of their number. But we look for great improvement with the New Year. Every one then turns over a new leaf. Let us mind that the next page is better than the last. It only remains to be said, that The HaRBINGER still needs a larger measure of support. Without such a medium of communication, our African Mission, as well as our own particular interests as a Connexion, would seriously flag. Every one says, You must go on with the Harbinger. We say, We are determined to do it, if all our friends will quit themselves like men—we had rather say, like women, for they are our strength. They can help us out of our difficulties at once. Say, ye daughters of Zion, who venerate the excellent Lady Huntingdon, and love her Lord, will you help us to make this HARBINGER what its name imports--the earnest of a revival in the churches which still bear her worthy name—the means of propagating the glorious Gospel which it was the one aim of her life to spread ?

Will you? Then give us information-ask us questions—offer us suggestions-get us subscribers-pray for our success. And let none of our brethren in the Ministry or the Management be offended, that we thus cravewhat we have never craved in vain—the help of the Sisterhood.

We make no rash promises about the future. As experience gives wisdom even to the simple, and we are conscious of a desire to do better, we bespeak confidence. · Fare ye well!

Nov. 23rd, 1852.

*.* All Communications to be addressed to the Editor of the Harbinger, Ward and Co., Paternoster Row.

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