be restored with unbroken seal into her own hands. HOUSSAYE. These writings abound in anecdote, The papers are likely to be of great interest, and and sharp sentences, picturesque, ear-catching, brief, were doubtless intended for publication; but the wri- | and suggestive phrases. ter had peremptorily reserved the right of revision to herself, and forbidden the breaking of the seals, on a | GEORGE SAND has made another unsuccessful dra supposition which fate has now made impossible. matic experiment, Pandolphe en vacances, which dis. The equity of the case under such circumstances de tresses the admirers of her genius, who desire to see mands only a reference to Margaret Fuller's literary her renounce a stage to which that genius is clearly executors.

not adapted, in spite of Le Champi and Claudi..

Lord John RUSSELL is engaged in the preparation in the Revue des Deux Mondes is commenced a of a Life of Charles James Fox. The materials, col. skillful translation of Mrs. Norton's beautiful novel, lected by Lord Holland and by Mr. Allen, have been Stuart of Dunlcath, by Emile FORGUES; and an inlong since placed at his lordship's disposal, and the timation is given of this vein being actively worked. work might have been ready but for the public duties which occupy so much of his attention and time. I No small sensation has been caused in Paris by

the discovery of the extraordinary forgeries of the At a recent sale of books in London a few rarities Shelley letters. The fact is, that the system of were brought to the hammer. “The Bokes of Solo- forging letters and manuscripts of distinguished per. mon," printed by W. Copland, 1551, a very rare little sonages is carried on to a large extent in that city: volume, sold for 261. ; a copy of Coverdale's Bible, the indeed it is as much a regular branch of business as edition of 1560, but imperfect, sold for 311.; a manu the manufacture of pictures by the great masters is script book of “Hours," with miniatures very prettily in Italy. In Germany similar srauds are practiced painted, sold for 191. As if to prove that the days with great success. Only a little while ago a gentle. of bibliomania are not yet quite gone-a copy of man purchased several letters purporting to be writ “ Barnes's History of Edward III.," which in ordinary ten by Luther, every one of which it now appears is condition is worth about 108., sold for the large sum of a forgery. In Italy the same system is carried on. 91. 10s., simply because it happened to be in “choice old blue morocco, the sides and back richly tooled.” The literary remains of the late ANSELM FEUER

BACH, the most learned of the professors of criminal The election to the vacant chair of Greek in the jurisprudence in Germany, are about to be edited bs University of Edinburgh which took place on the 2d his son, L. Feuerbach, and published by C. Wigand, of March, was contested with uncommon zeal. Up of Leipzig. to a late period it seemed undecided which of the many able candidates for the office would win—but King Max of Bavaria has given a commission to at last the choice lay between Dr. William Smith, M. Halbig, the sculptor of Munich, to model from Dr. Schmitz, Prof. Blackie, Prof. Macdowall, and the life a bust of Schelling, the well-known Germa Mr. Price. The election was ultimately decided by philosophical writer. the Lord Prorost giving a casting vote in favor of Prof. Blackie. In this gentleman the University has | The admirers of German literature will be glad to secured a man of genius, energy, and kindly seeling | learn that an attempt has been made in Germany --and one well able to maintain its character for to register the enormous number of books and pam. classical learning.

phlets which the Germans themselves have published

on their two great poets, Goethe and Schiller. A Mr. Dickens's Bleak House is producing quite a catalogue of the Goethe literature in Germany, from marked sensation in Germany. Half a dozen publish | the year 1793 to 1851, has been published by Balde, ers at least announced the work several weeks since, at Cassel, and in London by Messrs. Williams and and on the 30th of March the first number of Bleak Norgate. The Schiller literature, from 1781 to 1851, House was to appear in half a dozen German trans is likewise announced by the same firm. lations. It remains to be seen what the German translators will do with the Court of Chancery and The literary remains of the late Count PLATENits technicalities.

HALLERMUNDE, author of The Tower with Seren

Gates, The Romantic Edipus, The Fateful Fork, and There are now about five or six various transla- other works, which will always stand pre-eminent in tions of Macaulay's History of England' published German literature, as well as the poet's correspondin Germany. The number is likely to be increased ence with Count FUGGER, are now in the hands of by another translation, for which a Brunswick book- Dr. MInkvitz, who is preparing them for publication. seller has engaged the name of Herr Beseler the Schleswig-Holstein politician of the year 1848. The first volume of The Lives of the Sovereigns of

Russia, from Rurik to Nicholas, is announced as nearBARANTE has published his third volume of the ly ready in London. It is to be completed in three Histoire de la Convention Nationale, which comes volumes, and to be printed uniformly with Miss down to the epoch of Carrier, at Nantes. Strickland's Queens of England, with illustrations,

The author, who is not unknown to fame, truly rePIERRE LEROUX, who is now an exile in London, | marks, “ It is a singular fact that there is no such is about to deliver a course of lectures on the History work at present in the English language, and that we of Socialism. Pierre Leroux has not only the neces- know, perhaps, less of “ Russia and the Russians," sary erudition for the task, he has also the prestige than we do of some of the distant tribes of India. It of having intimately known the modern Socialists. | does appear, therefore, that there is a blank in our

historical library which requires filling up; such a The works of CHAMFORT are collected into one publication, consequently, may be deemed a desider octavo volume, with a preliminary essay by ARSENE atum in English literature.'

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VOL. IV. — No. 24.—3H*

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FIRST ARISTOCRATIC BUTCHER-Boy.--" Hullo, Bill. Don't mean to say yer've come down to a Pony?” SECOND Ditto Ditto.-"Not dezactly! Our Cart is only gone a paintin'"

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OMNIBUS DRIVER.-" Reely, now! and so the 'lectric fluid lakes a message between Dover and Calis. (Inquiringly) Pray, Sir, wot's it like? Is it any thing like beer, for example ?"

FLUNKEY.-" Apollo? Hah! I dessay it's very cheap, but it ain't my Ideer of a Good Figger!"

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MRS. SMITH.-“Is Mrs. Brown in ?"
JANE.-"No, Mem, she's not at Home."

LITTLE GIRL.- Oh! what a horrid Story, Jane! Mar's in the Kitchen, helping Cook!"

ELLEN.-" Oh, don't tease me to-day, Charley ; I'm not at all well!"

CHARLEY.-"I tell you what it is, Cousinthe fact in, You are in Love! Now, you take the advice of a fellow who has seen a good deal of that sort of thing, and don't give way to it."



The Penalty of tight boots, is corns. MHE Penalty of buying cheap clothes, is the The Penalty of having a haunch of venison

I same as that of going to law, the certainty sent to you, is inviting a dozen friends to como of losing your suit, and having to pay for it. and eat it.

The Penalty of marrying is a mother-in-law. The Penalty of popularity, is envy.

The Penalty of remaining single, is having no The Penalty of a baby, is sleepless nights. one who "cares a button” for you, as is abund- The Penalty of interfering between man and antly proved by the state of your shirts. wife, is abuse, frequently accompanied with blows, The Penalty of thin shoes, is a cold.

from both. The Penalty of a pretty cook, is an empty larder. The Penalty of a Godfather, is a silver knife, The Penalty of stopping in Paris, is being shot. I fork, and spoon.

The Penalty of kissing a baby, is half-a-crown (five shillings, if you are liberal) to the nurse.

The Penalty of a public dinner, is bad wine.

The Penalty of a legacy, or a fortune, is the sudden discovery of a host of poor relations you never dreamt of, and of a number of debts you had quite forgotten.

The Penalty of lending, is—with a book or an umbrella, the certain loss of it; with your name to a bill, the sure payment of it; and with a horse, the lamest chance of ever seeing it back again sound.

The Penalty of being a witness, is to be abused by the lawyers, snubbed by the judge, and laughed at by the spectators; besides hav. ing the general state of your ward

robe described in the papers next Awful Contortion of the Face produced by the constant Use of an Eye-glass, morning.

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