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MR. ---.-"So, your Name is Charley, is it? Now, Charley doesn't know who I am !”
SHARP LITTLE BOY.-" Oh yes! but I do, though."
MR. —.-" Well, who am i?"

SHARP Little Boy." Why, you're the Gentleman who kissed Sister Sophy in the Library, the other night, when you thought no one was there."



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Reading a novel without looking at the third volume first ; or writing a letter without a postscript ; or taking wine at dinner without saying " the smallest drop in the world ;" or singing without “a bad cold;" or wearing shoes that were not “a mile too big for her."

Seeing a baby without immediately rushing to
it and kissing it.

Carrying a large bouquet at an evening party,

and omitting to ask her partner if he under “I say, Cook, will you ask the Policeman, could he step up-there's a Row in the next street.”

| stands the language of flowers."

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Figures 1 AND 2.-DRAWING-ROOM AND BALL COSTUMES. THE sunny days of April, after our long, cold win. In the mean while, new costumes for the drawing

1 ter, are peculiarly inviting to promenaders, who room and the saloor, are not wantiny. We present have been housed for four months. Fashion, always our readers this month with a report of in-door cos on the alert to please, and as prompt in her ministra. tumes only, but hope to give them something accept tions, as the breath of spring to the buds, is unfolding able in our next, concerning dresses for the carriage her beauties in the world of mode, and, within another and the promenade. The fabrics and colors suitable raonth will bring forth her creations in full bloom. I for March yet prevail, with few changes.

The figure on the right (Fig. 1) in our first illustration exhibits a FULL DRESS TOILET, at once rich, chaste, and elegant. It is particularly adapted to youthful matrons, or ladies who may have doubled their teens without being caught in the noose of Hymen. The head-dress is very elegant. The parting of the hair in the middle of the forehead is very short, and the whole front hair is arranged in small curls, short in front, and gradually lengthening toward the sides. A band of pearls goes all round the head above the curls, and is brought round behind to hold the back hair.

Dress of antique watered silk, open all the way down from top of body. The body is cut so as to form lappets and has no seam at the waist; the lappet, quite smooth, goes round behind. The skirt is put on and gathered just under the edge of the lappet. The trimming of this dress is silk net in puffed bouillonnés. There is some round the body, on the sleeves, and all down the fore parts of the body and the dress. The bouillons on the top of the body and sleeves are confined by pearl loops. A rich brooch of pearls and

Fig. 3.-DRESS TOILET. diamonds, conceals the junction of the bouillés at the imp, gathered, in sewing on. The dress is yellow top of the body on the breast. The bouillonnés of the moure antique, figured with a lampas pattern, reaching edges of fore part are confined by pearl cords, and at to the top. In the front, at the middle, by an effect every other bouillon, the strings of pearls are double of white satin, obtained in the manufacture, the im and go from one edge to the other. The body leav- itation of a beautiful white ribbon is interwoven in ing open a space of two or three inches at the waist, the figured part, leginning at the waist, diverging op just shows the bottom of an under-body of white either side as it descends, and running round the satin. The under-skirt is satin, embroidered to bottom of the skirt. This admirable dress has rerepresent an apron, with very rich pattern worked re ved the name of Virenria. in white silk and with the crochet. Two rows or

We de ioAlençon lace decorate each sleeve; a little white

minate F10 chemisette reaches beyond the body. The silk cro

4 a Fancy chet embroidery may be replaced by one executed in

COSTUME for silver, &c.

a little girl, Fig. 2.-Ball Costume.---The season for balls is

because it has about closing, yet we give another illustration of a

not been in very elegant style: Hair in pussed bands ; wreath

vogue for the of roses, laid so as to follow the curve of the bands,

last three forming a point in front, and meeting behind in the

fourths of a back hair. Dress, white satin, covered with em

century. I broidered silk-net, and ornamented with bouquets of

represents roses. The body is close, plain, and straight at top,

the costume and cut in three pieces in front; the point is long,

of a girl ai the silk-net of sprigged pattern is laid even on the

about the body, and follows its cut. The satin skirt has hollow

time of our plaits, and the net one is placed over it, so as to puff

Revolution a good deal, without following the same plaits as those

it was the in the satin skirt. The effect of this black silk-net

dress, not with black flowers over white satin, is very striking.

only of chilIn the front of the skirt, and from left to right, ten

dren, but of or eleven bouquets of moss roses and rosebuds are

yirls in their scattered at random, and this is a most appropriate

teens." 11 occasion to apply Boileau's verse, in which he says,

inust be ad that "fine disorder is the effect of art." The short

milled, we sleeves are puffed a little, and are trimmed with en

thik, that gageantes of scolloped-edged black blonde.

Fasion has FIG. 3 represents a portion of an elegant DRESS

not grows Toilet. Over the head is seen the upper part of a

wise by age. rich sortie de bal of white silk, trimmed with broad

in elegari white galloon, watered, rather more than three inches

simplicity this wide. This galloon is sewed on flat about an inch

costume is far from the edge. A galloon of an inch and a half be

in advance of gins at the waist, and comes, marking the shape of


the flaunting the breast, to pass over the shoulder, and form a round

exhibitions of at the back. The galloon serves as an ornament, and


finery, which it is below that the body of the garment assumes the little girls of our day often display. We recommend fullness for futing. A double trimming of white it to our Bloomer friends, as a practical histoncal evi. worsted gimp, embroidered with white jet, forms a dence that their notions are not "new-sangled," but pelerine. The upper one is raised, like a fanchon, to have the consecration of age, and the sanction of the cover the top of the head, without muffling the neck generation when our good Washington flirted with tbe ard chin. The bottom is also trimmed with a deep 'gay belles of Virginia.

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