The Works of Dr Jonathan Swift, Dean of St Patrick's, Dublin. In Thirteen Volumes. ...

John Donadlson [sic], London, 1774

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Pagina 331 - Gulliver, which hath been the conversation of the whole town ever since : the whole impression sold in a week ; and nothing is more diverting than to hear the different opinions people give of it, though all agree in liking it extremely. It is generally said that you are the author : but I am told, the bookseller declares, he knows not from what hand it came.
Pagina 295 - ... the proceedings then at court, and that I was known to be a common friend of all...
Pagina 333 - Ireland ; if it hath not, I believe what we have said will be sufficient to recommend it to your reading, and that you will order me to send it to you.
Pagina 309 - ... me ; and he that diverts me does me a great deal of good, and lays me under an obligation to him, which I am not obliged to pay him in another coin : The Fool obliges me to be almoft as much...
Pagina 281 - You are to understand that I live in the corner of a vast unfurnished house. My family consists of a steward, a groom, a helper in the stable, a footman, and an old maid, who are all at board wages, and when I do not dine abroad, or make an entertainment, which last is very rare, I eat a mutton-pie, and drink half a pint of wine. My amusements are defending my small dominions against the Archbishop, and endeavouring to reduce my rebellious choir.
Pagina 309 - Germany; but even in these constrained postures the witty rascal will divert me ; and he that diverts me does me a great deal of good, and lays me under an obligation to him, which I am not obliged to pay him in another coin. The fool obliges me to be almost as much upon my guard as the knave, and he makes me no amends; he numbs me like the torpor, or he teazes me like the fly.
Pagina 283 - Europe, and for the same reason ; that religion and trade, which at first were open and free, have been reduced into the management of companies, and the roguery of directors.
Pagina 306 - Lazinefs ; in defending his own caufe he pleads yours, and becomes your Advocate while he appeals to you as his Judge. You will do the fame on your part ; and I, and the reft of your common Friends...
Pagina 353 - If the fame of that traveller has travelled thither, it has travelled very quick, to have folks christened already by the name of the supposed author. But if you object, that no child so lately christened could be arrived at years of maturity to be elected into parliament, I reply (to solve the riddle) that the person is an anabaptist, and not christened till full age, which sets all right.
Pagina 337 - A Bishop here said that book was full of improbable lies, and for his part, he hardly believed a word of it; and so much for Gulliver.

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