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Letters to and from Dr Swift.
A criticism on these letters
I. Mr Pope's answer to Dr Swift, offering him a sum of money

to induce him to change bis religion II. To Dr Swift. Retired from court some months before

the Queen's death III. From Dr Swife at Dublin. How little he cares to think

of England. Concern at the violence of party. Of the first volume of Mr Pope's translation of Homer. His circumstances in Ireland

14 IV. Mr Pope's love and memory of Dr Swift. The calum

nies and flanders upon him on account of religion, turned into raillery

16 V. Dr Swift's answer. His inquiry concerning Mr Pope's prin

ciples. Poets generally follow the court. Raillery on the sub-
ject of his enemies, and his religion. A Quaker pastoral, and

a Newgate pastoral, proposed as subjects for Mr Gay VI Dr Swift to Mr Pope. An apology for his conduct and wri

rings after the Queen's death. With an account of his

principles in politics VII. Dr Swift to Mr Gay

34 VIII. Mr Pope to Dr Swift, occasioned by the former. An account of his conduct and maxims in general

34 IX. From the Lord Bolingbroke; a poftfcript to the foregoing

letter; with some account of his own sentiments and lituation in private life

37 X. Dr Swift's answer

40 XI. From Mr Pope to Dr Swift. An invitation to England 42 XII. From Dr Swift. Of Gulliver's travels; and his scheme

of misanthropy. Concerning a lady at court. Character
of Dr Arbuthnot.

44 XIII. To Dr Swift. Character of some of his friends in Eng

land; with further invitations XIV. Dr Swift's answer. Death of Lord Oxford's son. Some

thing concerning Ph-s More of his misanthropy 49 XV. Expectations of Dr Swift's journey to England. Chara

eter of low enemies and detractors; with what temper they are to be borne. The amusements of his friends in England.-Lord B's postscript on the same occasion

51 XVI. From Dr Swift, preparing to leave England again

53 XVII. Answer from Mr Pope. The regret of his departure ;

remembrance of the satisfaction past; wifhes for his welfare--54 XVIII. Desires for his return, and settlement in England. The various schemes of his other friends, and his own

55 XIX. From Mr Gay and Mr. Pope. An account of the re

ception of Gulliver's travels in England XX. On the same subject from Mr Pope. Advice against party-writing

59 XXI.



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with increase of years. Concerning a history of his own times, and Mr Pope's moral poem

102 XLV. Of the style of his letters, of bis condition of life, his past friendships, dislike of party spirit, and thoughts of pense fions and preferment

104 XLVI. Of Mr Westley's dissertations on Job.Poftfcript by

Lord Bol. on the pleasure we take in reading letters XLVII. From Lord B. to Dr Swift. Inviting him to England,

and concerning reformation of manners by writing 109 XLVIII. From the fame. The temper proper to men in

years. An account of his own. The character of his ladyPoftfcripe by Mr Pope on bis mother, and the effects of tbe tender passions

110 XLIX. From the same. Of his studies, particularly a meta

physical work. Of retirement and exercise.-Portfcript by Mr P. His with that their studies were united in some work

useful to manners, and his distaste of all party-writings 111 L. Concerning the Duchess of Q -y. Persuasions to ce conomy

115 LT. On the same subjects

116 LII. A letter of raillery LIII. In the same style, to Mr Gay and the Duchefs LIV. A strange end of a law-suit. His way, of life, be. Poft

script to the Duchess LV. Two new pieces of the Dean's. Anfwer to his invita

tion into England. Advice to write, br. LVI. More on the fame subje&s. A happy union againlt cor

ruption. PostScript to the Duke of Q. and to the Duchess 121 LVII. Mr. Gay to Dr Swift. His account of himself. His lalt fables. His economy.-- Postscript by Mr Pogs, of their common ailments, and economy; and against party.

spirit in writing LVIII. From Dr Swift to Mr Gay. Congratulation on Mi

Gay's leaving the court. Lord Cornbary's refofal of 2 pension. Character of Ms. Gay LIX. From the fame. Concerning the writing of fables. AL

vice about æconomy, and provilon for old age; of insi tion, bo. Pcrfcripi to the Duchefs LX. From the same to Mr Gay, and a poftfcript to the Dik

chess, on various fubje&ts LXI. From the fame, Concerning the opening of letters at

the post-office. The encouragement given to bad writers, Reasons for his not living in Eaglard. Pofferise to the Duchess; her character, raillery on the subject of V: Gag

himself LXII. From Dr Swift to Mr Pope. An scerande of Pereral

litde pieces or tracts pabüthet is bis: wbica were, or vers Apt genuine


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