Antiquities of Shropshire, Volume 5


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Pagina 289 - I, c. 1, which directs, that, upon all sales or feoffments of land, the feoffee shall hold the same, not of his immediate feoffor, but of the chief lord of the fee, of whom such feoffor himself held it.
Pagina 146 - ... singular silence in the Sheriffs accounts regarding the rent of this place is explained by our great Shropshire antiquary, Eyton, in these words : —'The truth is that about Michaelmas 1177 the king had granted this estate to a subject, and the reason why the Grantee's name was so unusually excluded from a public document like the PipeRoll is not difficult to discover. The Grantee in question was Walter de Clifford, father of Kin;: Henry's paramour, Fair Rosamond. The gift was, in short, the...
Pagina 270 - William and his heirs were to be Constables of Lodelawe Castle, which they should keep, or cause to be kept, at their own cost for ever. They were further to maintain a Chaplain, a Porter, and two Sentinels there, as they had been maintained aforetime. This was to be the Rule when the Grantor or his heirs proposed to make any short stay at Ludlow Castle ; but, in time of hostility, the Grantor and his heirs should garrison the Castle, and...
Pagina 247 - Joce de Diuan, then Lord of Ludlow, insomuch that this same Joce could not freely or at pleasure enter or quit his Castle of Ludlow for fear of Sir Hugh, so pertinaciously the latter pursued the war. And because Joce could prevail nothing against Sir Hugh by force, he set spies along the roads where he heard that Sir Hugh was to pass unattended, and took him and held him in his castle in prison until he had paid his ransom of three thousand merks of silver, besides all his plate and his horses and...
Pagina 263 - June, 1213, Walter de Lacy sent letters to King John, asking for permission to return into England (or to come to the King in England) on certain conditions. The King promised that he might safely, and at once, do so...
Pagina 208 - ... should revert to the church, only delaying till, at the court of the then approaching Christmas, he should be able to order Robert to provide other land for his son-in-law. But the king himself died during those very festal days, and, from that time till now, the church hath lost the land. This land Robert now holds under Earl Roger, and it is waste and was found waste. One part with another, the arable land is sufficient to employ liiii ox-teams.
Pagina 290 - To have and to hold of the chief lords of the fee for customary dues.
Pagina 262 - It elosed with the outlawry and banishment of Walter and Hugh de Lacy, and of the elder Braose. They retired to France. The wife and the eldest of Braose's Sons fell into the King's hands, and never reappeared.
Pagina 207 - Robert gave the same land to a certain son-in-law of his, which thing, when the other canons had shewn to the King forthwith the King ordered that the land should revert to the Church, only delaying, till at the Court of the then approaching Christmas he should be able to order Robert to provide other land for his son-in-law; but the...
Pagina 290 - Stokesay points to the rise of commerce, one of the powerful factors in England's greatness. Its builder was Laurence, a clothier, of Ludlow, who adopted the name of his town, and erected this charming castellated mansion in 1290. "It was not," says Eyton, "till the reign of Edward I that mercantile wealth could thus readily be exchanged for territorial importance.

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