King. O lord archbishop, Thou hast made me now a man; never, before This happy child, did I get any thing: This oracle of comfort has so pleas'd me, That, when I am in heaven, I ihall desire To see what this child does, and praise my Maket.I thank ye all.-To you, my good lord-mayor, And your good brethren, I am much beliolden; I have receiv'd much honour by your presence, And


shall find me thankful. Lead the way,

lords; Ye must all see the queen, and she must thank ye, She will be fick else. This day, no man think He has business at his house ; for all shall stay, This little one thall make it holiday. [Exeunt.


Tis ten to one, this play can never please
All that are here: Some come to take their eafe,
Ind fle.p an act or two; but those we fear,
Ve bave frighted with our trumpets ; so, 'tis clear,
They'll jag, 'tis naught, others, to hear the city
Abus'd extremely, and to cry—that's witty !
Vbich we have not done neither : that, I fear,
All the expected good we are like to hear
For tbis play at this time, is only in
The merciful construction of good women;
For fuch a one we shew'd’emn: If they smile,
And say, 'will do, I know, within a while,
All the best men are ours; for 'tis ill hap,
If they bold, when their ladies bid’em ciapa


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haku puare i thou are the ruist Jounter, Thai erts dipt his pencil in the cup o Suman dise"


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