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Page 284 - ... the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended; the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974. as amended; and the...
Page 82 - Design bases for protection against natural phenomena. Structures, systems, and components important to safety shall be designed to withstand the effects of natural phenomena such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, tsunami, and seiches without loss of capability to perform their safety functions.
Page 32 - NRC that the state of onsite and off site emergency preparedness provides reasonable assurance that adequate protective measures can and will be taken in the event of a radiological emergency.
Page 64 - A public hearing is not mandatory at this stage, but one may be held if requested by affected members of the public or at the initiative of the Commission. Each license for operation of a nuclear reactor contains technical specifications which set forth the particular safety and environmental protection measures to be imposed upon the facility and the conditions that must be met for the facility to operate.
Page 186 - ... to assure that specified acceptable fuel design limits and design conditions of the reactor coolant pressure boundary are not exceeded.
Page 286 - Commission deems appropriate to the issues to be decided, to conduct such hearings as the Commission may direct and make such intermediate or final decisions as the Commission may authorize with respect to the granting, suspending, revoking or amending of any license or authorization under the provisions of this Act, any other provision of law, or any regulation of the Commission issued thereunder.
Page 35 - To prevent nuclear accidents as serious as Three Mile Island, fundamental changes will be necessary in the organization, procedures, and practices — and above all — in the attitudes of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and, to the extent that the institutions we investigated are typical, of the nuclear industry.
Page 65 - SEC. 210. The Commission shall develop a plan providing for specification and analysis of unresolved safety issues relating to nuclear reactors and shall take such action as may be necessary to implement corrective measures with respect to such issues. Such plan shall be submitted to the Congress on or before January 1, 1978 and progress reports shall be included in the annual report of the Commission thereafter.
Page 73 - Anticipated operational occurrences. Anticipated operational occurrences mean those conditions of normal operation which are expected to occur one or more times during the life of the nuclear power unit...
Page 299 - Licensing Requirements for the Storage of Spent Fuel in an Independent Spent Fuel Storage Installation...

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