Education Department Bulletin, Numéros 428 à 431

University of the State of New York, 1908

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Page 192 - MLS Director of Science and State Museum John M. Clarke Ph.D. LL.D. Chiefs of Divisions Administration, Harlan H. Horner BA Attendance, James D. Sullivan Educational Extension, William R. Eastman MAMLS Examinations, Charles F. Whef.lock BS LL.D. Inspections, Frank H. Wood MA Law, Thomas E. Finegan MA School Libraries, Charles E. Fitch LHD Statistics, Hiram C. Case
Page 192 - Watkins 1914 Pliny T. Sexton LL.B. LL.D. - ----- Palmyra 1912 T. Guilford Smith MACE LL.D. - - - - Buffalo 1918 William Nottingham MA Ph.D. LL.D. - - - Syracuse 1910 Charles A. Gardiner Ph.DLHD LL.DDCL New York 1915 Albert Vander Veer MDMA Ph.D. LL.D. - Albany 1911 Edward Lauterbach MA LL.D. - - - - - New York 1909 Eugene A. Philbin LL.B. LL.D. - - - - - New York 1916 Lucian L. Shedden LL.B. LL.D
Page 64 - and it is convertible (like a windmill) to all quarters at pleasure; capable of not much more than one man, as I can see, and perhaps at no great ease; exactly close and dark, save at one hole about an inch and a half in diameter to which he applies a long perspective trunk with
Page 161 - comprising detailed descriptions of the minerals hitherto found in the State of New York, and notices of their uses in the arts and agriculture, il. pi. sq. Q. Albany 1842. Out of print. v. 1 pti Economical Mineralogy. pt2 Descriptive Mineralogy. 24+536P. 1842. 8 plates additional to those printed as part of the text.
Page 48 - And make itself so fine, A duchess were too common For such a noticing. And even when it dies, to pass In odors so divine As lowly spices gone to sleep Or amulets of pine. And then to dwell in sovereign barns And dream the days away The grass so little has to do — I wish I were the hay.
Page 193 - Andrew S. Draper LL.D. Commissioner of Education My dear sir: I communicate herewith, for publication as a bulletin of the State Museum, the annual report of the State Botanist for the fiscal year ending September 30, 1907. Very respectfully John M. Clarke Director State of New York Education Department commissioner's room Approved for publication this
Page 2 - Edward J. Goodwin Lit.DLHD Second Assistant Augustus S. Downing MA Pd. D. LL. D. Third Assistant Director of State Library James I. Wyer, Jr, MLS Director of Science and State Museum John M. Clarke Ph.D. LL.D.
Page 16 - after anthesis; stamens 20; anthers pink; styles 4 or 5, surrounded at the base by a narrow ring of pale tomentum. Fruit ripening from the middle to the end of September, on stout red pedicels, in few-fruited drooping clusters, short-oblong, full and rounded at the ends, crimson, pruinose, becoming lustrous, marked by many small pale dots,
Page 32 - corymbs; calyx-tube narrowly obconic,glabrous, the lobes slender, acuminate, entire or sparingly dentate, glabrous on the outer, slightly villose on the inner surface, reflexed after anthesis; stamens 7-10; anthers purple; styles 3 or 4, surrounded at the base by a narrow ring of pale tomentum. Fruit ripening the middle of October, on stout erect or spreading reddish

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