intention in singing should not be to to excite every individual in the conprove how well we can sing, nor to test gregation to join in these ascriptions of the taste and the musical powers of praise. others. It should be our aim to praise The last censurable circumstance, God; and this should be done with the which I shall notice, is the confusion understanding and with the heart.” that frequently arises in church, immeShould we turn, then, from the altar diately after the blessing is pronounced. during this ascription of praise ? The profound silente, which generally

The Jews, when absent from Jerusa- reigns throughout the congregation lem, prayed, and sung praises with their while the minister is pronouncing the faces towards the temple; and, when solemn benediction, ought not so soort they were present, they offered their to be broken in upon by the bustle of prayers and their aseriptions of praise those who are apparently anxious to with their faces towards the altar. ' It hurry away from the house of God. It is a good custom, which used to pre- is a beautiful custom which our church vail among Protestants, and is still re- has retained--that of offering to heaven tained in the Romish church, that all, a silent prayer at the close of the serboth priests and people, shall

, during vice. The impropriety of intruding all the services, turn towards the altar. upon this will be evident to every re

While on this subject, may I be per- flecting mind. It is generally among mitted to remark, that there is an error the younger part of the congregation -not intentionally such, but yet actu- that disturbance of this kind is observaally an error-in resting on the musical' ble. It would tend much to the decent powers of one or two singers? This is and orderly conduct of public worship, the case in some of our churches. But were this fault corrected: and it might its impropriety is evident on a mo- easily be done by a little attention on ment's reflection. Praise being de- the part of parents in their private adsigned as an ascription from all, the monitions. whole congregation should doubtless Perhaps I shall err, if I close this pajoin in it. “Sing unto the Lord, all ye per without remarking upon the impropeople: sing unto him, all ye nations.” priety of wearing the hat while enter“Let the people praise thee, O God! ing, and while going out of the church. yea, let all the people praise thee.” ,

The mere mentioning of it, I trust, will Nor is it superfluous to remark, that be sufficient to correct it. very frequently confusion arises among It would certainly be a very good the congregation, and devotion is con- thing, if the congregations in our large sequently chilled by the evil (for such towns were to set a strict example on it is) of continually changing the sacred the points above noticed. It would music.

soon be followed by all. And the On asking an individual, who did church would not then be so often acnot belong to our communion, how he cused of lukewarmness and indifference was pleased one Sunday that he had at- in the discharge of public acts of wortended service with me at one of our ship. Furthermore, let it be rememchurches, he remarked, “Very much bered, that orderly conduct, and devoindeed; but I did not think myself in tional attendance at church, may, in a a church." On his explaining himself, great degree, help to our spiritual beI found the main objection he

had, was nefit-a result which ought always to the scanty number of those who sung; be prayed for. it seemed like a concert, where a few 1 The above reflections have been individuals are to entertain the com- drawn from observation at different pany, rather than a congregation as- times, and in different places. They sembled to praise God.

are not intended as sarcasms against This should not be so. The assist- any of our congregations; but only as ance which all voices, however poor, hints deserving of attention from all. As receive from the organ, which, to the such, I trust, they will be received; and, praise of our church, has always re- where they are right, be adopted, and,

, tained its rightful place among us, ought where wrong, forgiven.


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Episcopal Acts-Easter--The Dawn. [No. 3. Communication.

rise from the chancel, and are nearly A SACRED CONCERT was given by all neatly lined and furnished with the choir of the episcopal church in the cushions, and the desk and pulpit are village of Utica, New-York, assisted by very handsomely finished. The pews several ladies and gentlemen of said are principally sold, and the money village, on the evening of the 24th of arising from the sale, with the subscripDecember, (Christmas Eve) 1822. The tions, has rather more than defrayed avails of the concert, (after the payment the cost of erecting the building. of the expenses) amounting to $73, were appropriated to the relief of the

On Quinquagesima Sunday, Februepiscopal church at the Holland Patent, ary 9th, 1823, in Christ church, NewOneida county, at present under the York, the Right Rev. Bishop Hobart charge of the Rev. Mr. Hollister. admitted Mr. John Sellon to the holy

order of deacons. Episcopal Acts.

For the Christian Journal. Binghamton, (N. Y.) Feb. 7, 1823.

EASTER. On Friday last, a new church, erect

Now is Christ risen from the dead: ed in this village, was consecrated to

Cor. xv. 20. the service of Almighty God, by the

Hark! the bursting sound of joy Right Rev. Bishop Hobart, by the Echoes far to distant lands, name of Christ church. The Rev. And the highest notes employ

Heuven's redeemed and spotless bands. Dr. M‘Donald, and the Rev. Orin

"Tis the day our Saviour rose, Clark, of Geneva; the Rev. Mr. Smith,

Conquering death, and all his foes. of Auburn; the Rev. Mr. Bush, of Ox

Hark! while myriad voices join ford, the Rev. Mr. Perry, of Unadilla, All their music in the strain, and the Rev. Mr. Gear, of this village,

Notes of harmony divine

Rise from every sacred fane. were present, and assisted at the so

'Tis the day our Saviour rose, lemnities. An ordination was also held

Conquering death, and all his foes. by the bishop, and Mr. Burton H. He

Christ, our Saviour, hear our prayer; cox, a student in the theological school Lend thine ear to our complaints at Geneva, was admitted to the order We thy purchased children are ; of deacons. In the afternoon service,

Are not we thy chosen saints?

Hear us, Saviour; thou wast given the rite of confirmation was also ad. To guide our souls from earth to heaven. ministered. In the course of the ser

Angels, tune your harps again! mon preached by the bishop, he took Hallelujah to the Lord! occasion to state, that when he first Let your voices join the strain! visited this place, about nine years

Echo, Earth ! the sounding word!

'Tis the day our Saviour rose, since, the episcopal church was scarcely Conquering death, and all his foes. L, known here. It was only about five

The Dawn. By Caroline Fry. years past, that he had consecrated a

Pensive as I watch'd the night, commodious edifice for worship. And Many a star was glitt'ring bright; he had now the high gratification of While their gay, but warmthless rays, consecrating another edifice, larger than

Waked the thoughts of other days;

Like the joys 1 knew of old, the former, and finished in a style of

They were bright, but they were cold; great neatness, and even with no in

Parting with the parting shade, considerable degree of elegance. He One by one I saw them fade;

Duly as the morning clear'd, mentioned this circumstance as highly

One by one they disappear'd. honourable to the congregation, and

So before celestial light particularly so to the individuals by

Sink the joys of nature's night: whose liberality and exertions so much 'T was but folly made them dear, had been effected in so short a period.

'T was but darkness made them fair.

A. the dawn of grace increases, And it was his earnest prayer, that in Earth's delusion fades and ceases: this that they had done, God would re- Joys that once were all my bliss, member them for good. The church

Fading into nothingness, is finished somewhat in the Gothic style

Take them wings, and pass away,

Lost in everlasting day, of architecture. The pews gradually Ch. Guard.)

[blocks in formation]


Abstract of the Proceedings of the them. To those persons who, with

Fifth Annual Convention of the Dio- great kindness and assiduity, ministered cess of Ohio, held in the College Hall, to me, and to the Rev. Mr. Morse, (for Worthington, on the 5th, 6th, and he was also my companion in sickness,) 7th of June, 1822.

I beg leave, in this way, to make my The convention was composed of acknowledgements of sincere gratitude. the Right Rev. Bishop Chase, three I have since understood that some conpresbyters, three deacons, and eighteen siderable preparations are making for lay delegates, representing fourteen pa- the erection of a church at Marietta. rishes.

During the past year, only the folIt was opened with morning prayer, lowing confirmations took place:-At conducted by the Rev. Intrepid Morse, Worthington, on Whitsunday, eighteen minister of St. Paul's church, Steuben- persons; St. James's parish, Zanesville, ville, and St. James's church, Cross August 5th, six; All Saints, PortsCreek; and an appropriate sermon, mouth, 24th July, four--in all, twentyand the administration of the holy com eight. munion, by the bishop.

On the 12th of September last, by Agreeably to the 45th canon of the divine grace, I was the instrument of General Convention of 1808, the Right consecrating to the service of Almighty Rev. Bishop Chase delivered the fol- God, St. Paul's church, in Chillicothe; lowing address :

which episcopal act is renderded doubly Reverend Brethren, and Gentlemen

interesting by the circumstance of its of this Convention,

being the first of the kind west of the

Allegany mountains. The church is Since our last meeting I have per- small

, but neat and commodious, havformed but little episcopal duty; but ing already a small organ and good that little, though mixed with much im- music. Much praise is due to the genperfection, has been the extent of my tlemen who, under very discouraging abilities.

circumstances, have persevered to the Cramped in my circumstances, and accomplishment of this good work; attacked by a violent and lingering dis- and I am peculiarly grateful to Divine order, last summer, I was unable to Providence in that, with the finishing perform but a small part of what I had of their church, the parish have, I hope, wished to do in the vineyard of our permanently secured the services of a adored Master. I, however, visited pious and able minister of the Lord JeChillicothe, Portsmouth, Zanesville, and sus. The parish of All Saints' church,

, Marietta. Near the last mentioned at Portsmouth, I had visited in July, place, in company with the Rev. Mr. and found their unanimity and zeal in Morse, I was seized with the bilious the cause of truth and piety unabated. cholic and intermitting fever so severe

The Rev. Ezra B. Kellogg, deacon, ly, that I was obliged to be transported having been regularly received into the in a boat, for several miles, to the house diocess, by letters dimissory from the of a friend on the margin of the Musk- bishop of New-York, is fixed for the ingum river; whence, after about three present at Chillicothe, Portsmouth, and weeks sickness, I returned home; all Circleville. What congregations, howthe appointments at the east and north ever small and depressed, will not take being thus frustrated, and my weak state courage, when witnessing the blessing of health not permitting a renewal of with which God hath been pleased to VOL. VII.


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crown the efforts of these interesting cheering the prospect, to see the divine parishes!

seed take root in a soil so new, and yet The connexion subsisting between so free from the weeds and briars of the Rev. Intrepid Morse, and the pa- modern prejudices. Other places there rish of St. James's church, Zanesville, doubtless are equally congenial, had we has been dissolved in great harmony; more faithful labourers who, regardless the former will henceforth confine his of toil and hardship, would make the parochial services to Steubenville and glory of their Redeemer's cause their vicinity, and the latter will be supplied paramount object. by the ministrations of the Rev. Phi- Though unable, as I have observed, lander Chase, jun.

to visit in person the churches at the The Rev. Spencer Wall, deacon, north, south-west, and east, during the came regularly into the diocess with last year, yet the tidings from them, letters of recommendation from the through the medium of their respective Right Rev. Bishop Kemp, of Maryland. clergy, and others, have been, as far as Iadvised the offer of his ministerial ser- our destitute condition would permit, by vices to those hitherto much neglected no means void of consoling, and ever places at the western part of the diocess, animating prospects. viz. Dayton, Springfield, and Piqua. The parish of St. Thomas's church, At these he laboured from the 19th of St. Clairsville, have mostly, through the October to the 24th of March last, when laudable exertions of a few individuals, he had some thoughts of quitting his sta- been enabled to build and finish a tion; from which, considering our deso church respectable for its size and contitute situation, I was so happy as to venience; and, I am jast now informed, dissuade him, so that he still continues that it is ready for consecration to the among theń. From his report, dated service of Almighty God the 27th of March, 1822, I make the The exertions of the Rev. Mr. Searle following extracts :-" Regular and on the Connecticut Reserve Lands, and stated ministrations at these three places in Huron county, have met with my and the country adjoining them would, most cordial approbation, and I humbly beyond question, contribute much to hope will be rewarded by him in whose the prosperity of the church in the west- service he so faithfully labours. The ern part of the diocess. At Piqua, the formation of a parish at Norwalk exprospects are such as to justify sanguine cites feelings of great desire to see them, expectations of the permanent esta- and to join in prayers with them to the blishment and regular growth of the great Head of the church for heavenly church. Her friends have already blessings on our infant Zioni raised a subscription amounting to I cannot suppress my grateful feelabout six hundred dolfars, for the pur- ings to our heavenly Father, that he pose of erecting a church. The dona- continues to bless the people at Morristion of a lot has been made, and thie town, in Belmont, and in Monroe coundeed ready to be executed as soon as ties, with the spirit, patience, and perthe society receives a corporate form in severance in the cause of religion, law. It is intended to commence the though under circumstances of great building as soon as the weather will per- deprivation. At the former place they mit, and complete it the present year. have constant lay reading, and by these The services and doctrines of the church means have kept together, and have are acceptable to the people generally, commenced the building of a small, but and by many cherished with cordiality; decent church. In Monroe, the lambs but unless they be soon supplied with are not entirely scattered, though they occasional ministrations, this infant es- have had but one visitation of a person tablishment will be entirely lost." in holy orders since the summer of 1820.

I make the above extract of the O God of mercy! pity our destitute prospects at Piqua in particular, be- condition, and send forth labourers into cause it is a place never before visited, thy harvest. Good accounts have been neither by myself nor any of our cler- received from Cincinnati. The labours gy. To lovers of primitive truth, how of a pious minister seem much blessed;


and the number of the faithful is gra- From the report of the Rev. Samuel dually increasing.

Johnston, minister of Christ church, On the whole, considering our infant Cincinnati, we select the following restate, the great difficulties we have to mark:-" I must here bear my testiencounter, in being so scattered and so mony to the advantages of a conformity, poor, we have, in the events of last year, as far as circumstances will permit, to in the patient sufferings of our clergy, the festivals and fasts of the church. and in the perseverance of our people, Such is their beautiful order, and pious received such evident tokens of the di- tendency, that they are seldom celeyine goodness and mercy, that we have brated without producing the most fagreat reason to bless God, and take vourable results. I have, therefore, in courage whom the Lord loveth, he compliance with my duty, observed chasteneth; and scourgeth every son them as they occurred, and have also whom he receiveth."

held services on Fridays during Lent, That amidst all our sufferings and and attended church each day in Pasinelancholy forebodings, the good God șion Week." hath remembered mercy; I would in- The following report, from the trusform the members of this convention, tees of the bishop's fund, forwarded that the resolutions entered on the jour- to the convention, was presented and pals of last year, requesting me to pre- read: pare and transmit to the bishops of the The undersigned, two of the trustees respective diocesses in the United States, pf the bishop's fund of the Protestant an address, setting forth the great ne Episcopal Church in the diocess of cessities of the church within the dio Ohio, report cess of Ohio, and soliciting aid and as- That since their appointment, in sistance in procuring missionaries to req 1819, they have not thought it adviseside among them; and also to commu-able, in consequence of the pecuniary nicate the existence of our missionary pressure under which the country has society to the same, and request their been labouring, to address the circular aid in furthering and promoting the aber letter to the wardens and vestrymen of jects thereof, were, according to my abi- the respective parishes in this diocess, Žity, complied with, A copy of the as required by the third resolution on said address is now şubmitted to the that subject of the convention of 1819. convention for their inspection. The In discharging the duty assigned the result of these measures has been such trustees, by the fourth resolution of the as to call forth feelings of unfeigned same convention, they petitioned the gratitude. Most devoutly should we legislature for an act of incorporation in pray God to reward with his choicest the winter of 1819-20, at which time blessings those who have thus been a bill was reported, and postponed to mindful of our wants, and of our deso- the next session of the legislature.

At late condition. "May this instance of the next session of the same body, the bounty to us, in this our greatest need, application was renewed, and a law incite us to double our diligence and ex- passed incorporating “the trustees of ertions to provide for, and feed the lambs the bishop's fund of the Protestant of Christ scattered through our wild Episcopal Church in the diocess of world, and now perishing for lack of Ohio."? spiritual food; and, to this end, may The trustees have held themselves in God bless all our endeavours through readiness to perform the duties required Jesus Christ our Lord.

of them by the second and fifth reso.lie

tions of the convention of 1819, but as The Rev. Intrepid Morse was elected no donations, or conveyances of money, secretary

or other property, have been made to The parochial reports furnish the fol- them by the parishes, or individuals, lowing aggregate : - Baptisms (adults for the use of their trust, they have had 40, infants 253, not specified 17) 310 no drafts upon their judgment or dis-marriages 23--funerals 38-comma- cretion, for its management or distribunicants 469.

tion, for the benefit of the episcopal

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