Richard Bury, minister of Christ church, Philadelphia, who has recently church, Duanesburgh, Schenectady been constituted a patron by the female county; and the Rev. Seth W. Beards- auxiliary society of that church. ley, minister of Christ church, Sacket's Harbour, Jefferson county. Morning

Omission rectified. prayer was conducted, and the candi- Through inadvertence, in the list of dates presented, by the Rev. Thomas trustees of the general theological semi. Breintnall, rector of Zion church,

New. nary, in page 56 of the journal of the late

general convention, the names of Thomas York; and the sermon and address de- L. Ogden and Isaac Lawrence, of New. livered by the Rev. Henry U. Onder- York, were omitted. donk, M. D. rector of St. Ann's church, Brooklyn, King's county, New-York.

For the Christian Journal. On Tuesday the 4th inst. (Nov.1823)

SCRIPTURE HYMNS. in Christ church, Middletown, Connecticut, the following young gentlemen Version of Luke xiij. 24-28. were admitted to the holy order of dea- Seek, my soul, the narrow gate, cons, by the Right Rev.Bishop Brownell, Enter ere it be too late ; viz. Charles I. Todd, Enoch Hunting

Many ask to enter there

When too late to offer prayer. ton, jun. Ashbel Steel, and Edward Ives: and the Rev. Ransom Warner,

When the Lord of heaven shall rise,

Shut the portal of the skies, and the Rev. James Keeler, were ad- And the wicked cry without, mitted to the holy order of priests. He shall say, "I know you not.** Prayers by the Rev. R. Ives, of Che

Mournfully will they exclaim, shire; sermon by the Rey. Mr. Cros- Lord, we have profess’d thy name,

We have eat with thee, and heard well, of New-Haven.

Heav'nly teaching in thy word:

Vain, alas, will be their plea,
New Church,

Workers of iniquity;
The corner-stone of the first episco- Sad their everlasting lot,
pal church in Worcester county, Massa-

Christ will say, “I know you not."

JEDUTHUN, chusetts, was recently laid in Leicester. The address was made by the Rev. Dr.

Version of Jeremiah iv. 19-26. Jarvis, of Boston; and prayer conducted by the Rev. Calvin Wolcott, rector

My heart, O God, melts with dismay,

Sad visions of the judgment day of St. Andrew's church, Hanover.

My soul with terror fill;
Methinks I hear thy trumpet's doom

Destructions on destruction come;
Accession to Missionary Funds.

I see thy standard still. A lady in Virginia, lately deceased,

My foolish people have not known

Their God; their God will them disown; has left a tract of land to the Domestic

Thus spoke the angry

threat; and Foreign Missionary Society of the In evil only are they wise, Episcopal Church--the amount and

But virtue's knowledge they despise,

And now I bring their fate. value of which is yet unknown.-Phi. Recorder. We heartily recommend

Lo! at these words, the earth I view'd

At once it void and formless stood; this society to the notice of every mem. The heav'ns their light had lost : ber of our communion, and hope it may Then, as the dismal scene I trace, participate largely in the bequests of

Lo! mountains tremble in their place,

And all the hills are toss'd. the wealthy. In another way also the friends of missions may add greatly to

I look'd; earth was of men bereft,

The air and land were desert left, its funds--the laudable practice of con- The cities fell to dust : stituting clergymen directors, managers Dissolving nature thus confess'd for life, or patrons of societies, may be

Its Maker's presence and behest,

His anger fierce and just. pursued in this with great credit to the constitutors and incalculable benefit to

My heart still melteth with dismay,

These visions of the judgment day the dispersed flock of the church. The

Still on my mem'ry flow : example, as we learn from a late Re Oh then! when sounds the trumpet's doom, corder, has been set in the case of the

May I be taken to my home,

Safe from eternal wne! Rev. Levi S. Ives, rector of Trinity


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Through the politeness of the proprie. tor the Publishers of the Christian Journal are enabled to insert in this number the annexed plate, representing the mummy now exhibiting in this city. The description is copied from the papers of the day,

We present our readers with a représentation stereotyped for the Minerva, of the top or front of the sarcophagus or coffin in which the Egyptian mummy was enclosed, presented to the Boston Medical Col. lege by Messrs. Van Lennep & Co. of Smyrna, and now exhibiting at the lyceum of natural history in this city. Having had the curiosity to examine this rare specimen of Egyptian art and mythology, we were agreeably surprised to find that it presented none of those disgusting features, which accompany specimens of preserved human bodies that are to be seen in some of our museums. The present mummy is the only entire one ever exhi. bited in the United States, and it may be viewed by the most delicate female without exciting the smallest disagreeable feeling. We had intended giving a particular account of this interesting object, both as a matter of curiosity and of science; we have been spared the labour attending this by the able description given of it in the third number of the “Boston Journal of Philosophy and the Arts,” from the pen of Dr. John C. Warren, professor of anatomy and surgery in Harvard university, This gentleman has devoted his attention to the operation of embalming in ancient and modern times, and besides the able article appearing in the Boston Journal, we understand that he is about to publish a separate work on that curious art. The following is the explanation which he gives of the characters on the top of the sarcophagus, of which the annexed plate is a correct representation.

“ The mummy presented by Mr. Van Lennep to the Massachusetts General Hospital, was enclosed in a large deal box. On opening this, the outer coffin, or sarcopha. gus appeared, as represented in the plate. it is a wooden box, seven feet long, and of a breadth proportioned to the length, like the proportions of the human body. The upper part of it is carved, in a very striking and peculiar style, to represent a human head; and, it appears from the authors who have described the customs of the Egyptians, it was intended to be a like. ness of the deceased person. The head is covered with a striped cloth or turban, on the upper part of which is painted & globe. The face has the character which has generally been considered as belonging to the Egyptians. The skin is of a reddish colour, the eyes black, the nose broad, but not badly proportioned, mouth well formed. The face is broad and short; it has a very agreeable expression approach.

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ing to a smile. The shoulders are invest. ment than a kirtle, is supposed to be that ed with a highly ornamented mantle, on of the deceased, coming from judgment, the fore part of which the turban is seen under the protection of a divinity who has depending: Below the mantle, in the mid. hold of his hand, and seems to have taken dle is seen the winged globe, by some con- him 'under his protection, in order to presidered as the sign for eternity: by others, sent him to the assembly of deities. At as the emblem of Agathodæmod or Chnu. the head of these is a serpent, supposed phis of the Greek authors, the oldest re. by some to have been regarded as the good presentation of the divine power admit. angel by the Egyptians. Next follows the ted by the Egyptians ;—and it may there- great Osiris, the principal deity of the fore be believed to be significant of the Egyptians, designated by his mitre, and immortality of the soul of the deceased, or his staff or sceptre, the emblem of power ; else to be the symbol of the divine protec. he has the attitude of receiving the new tion. On each side of the globe are seen comer presented to him. After Osiris hieroglyphics. In the second compart- are seen five other personages, bearing the ment or tablets below the globe, we have heads of a dog, a baboon, a hawk, a wolf, the representation of a most singular group, respectively, supposed to be representaexhibiting the last judgment of the de- tions of the important divinities, Anubis, ceased and his reception by various divi. Macedo, and others. These paintings nities. According to Diodorus the bodies therefore confirm the account of the judg. of every person, from the king down, under- ment after death, transmitted to us by Di. went this ceremony. Two and forty judges odorus Siculus. were collected on the banks of the canal, “ The third tablet consists of hierogly. where the relations appeared ; and a boat phic writing, arranged in columns, extend. being prepared, before the body was put in ing from above downward, as was the manit, any one might bring forward accusations ner of the Egyptians. against the deceased, which, being ex- “ The fourth represents the hearse bear. amined by the judges, if found to be true, ing the coffin of the deceased. The hearse prevented the body from possessing the was the form of a quadruped, perhaps a honours of a public funeral; but if they lion; a style of furniture very much af. were thought false, the accusers were se. fected by the Egyptians. The coffin is verely punished; then the relations finish. represented as carved at the head. Below ed their mourning, pronounced the praises the hearse are four vessels containing re. of the deceased, and declared him about sinous and odoriferous substances, employto enjoy a happy eternity with the pious ed in embalming. At the head and foot in the regions of Hades. In the rolls found are seen the tutelary hawk, or vulture, with mummies, on the coffins and in the with stretched out wings, as if to protect tombs, this judgment is almost always the hearse, and between them is an eye pictured by the figure of a balance in the with a tear, the symbol for mourning. form of a cross, near which two persona. “ The 5th tablet consists of hieroglyphics. ges are standing, and apparently weighing “ The sixth, placed on the projecting the merits of the deceased: seeming to offi- foot of the coffin, exhibits a series of red ciate as his good and evil genius, each wish. and white stripes, twenty in number, which ing to draw the scale to his own side. Fi. may be supposed to indicate the age of nally the scale of the good genius prepon. the deceased : on the base, supporting derates; judgment is given in favour of the these, stands the tutelary hawk, surrounddead person, and he is then to be introduced by hieroglyphics, and among them is ed to the company of the gods. As a preli. distinguished the eye with a tear." minary to this honour, he is invested with Dr. Warren goes on in the same intersome of the insignia of Osiris, if a male, and esting style to describe the other parts of of Isis, if a female.

the coffin, and to give a particular account ." In this tablet, we notice six persona- of the mummy; but our limits will not ges on the left, who are looking to the permit of our making further extracts. right, and two persons on the right, look. The rarity and attraction of the object ex. . ing to the left. Beside the last of these, hibited, will, we have no doubt, induce that is, on the extreme right, is seen the the curious, and men of science, to satisfy balance in the form of a cross, with a Cer- themselves by personal examination. They berus as the evil genius sitting on its left, ' will then have a more perfect idea of the and a hieroglyphic representation of the subject than they can derive from any writfriendly divin

ght. The Cer. ten description. We are satisfied that the berus is seen on the left; but on the right time spent in viewing this unique exhibiof the balance appears the friendly divinity tion, will be doubly

compensated by the in person, bearing the head of a wolf. The rational gratification it is calculated to af. figure next the balance without any gar. ford.-N. Y. Minerva.

To correspondents.--Melancthon will appear in our next; also several other articles prepared for this number. The convention sermon, and the ordination sermon delivered at Milton, will be inserted as our limits shall permit.---Favoirs not acknowledged will hereafter be noticed.

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For the Christian Journal.

by fire of the former edifice of this name Bishop Hoburt's Address to the Convention

was mentioned in my last address. The of the Diocese of New York; read at a

present church is erected on the same meeting of said Convention, in Trinity foundation, and is a very neat brick build. Church, New York, on Wednesday, Octo

ing: The prudence of the vestry in insurber 22, 1823.

ing the old church, has enabled tbem, thus

speedily, to repair the loss. On Wednes. Brethren of the Clergy and Laity,

day, January 15th, in St. John's chapel, in Tue frequent recurrence, during the last this city, I admitted to the order of priest.. spring and summer, of the sickness which hood, the Rev. Benjamin Dorr, deacon, so seriously interrupted the discharge of minister of Trinity church, Lansingburgh, my official duties during the preceding Rensselaer county, and Grace church, year, has prevented much attention to Waterford, Saratoga county. On Friday, them through the past season. The state the 31st of January, I visited Binghamton, of my health is considered by my physi- Broome county, and consecrated an una cians and friends to require a sea voyage, commonly neat and commodious edifice in and a complete relaxation from official that village, being the second which has cares, by a residence abroad. The pro- been erected by that congregation within vision made by the vestry of the church the space of a few years. At the same time of which I am rector, and the kind libe- Burton H. Hecox was admitted to the orrality of several of my friends, have ena. der of deacons. bled me to carry this design into effect, On Quinquagesima Sunday, February in a manner highly satisfactory and grati. 9th, at an ordination held in Christ church, fying to myself. And I wish to be permit. in this city, John Sellon was admitted to ted, in this way, to express my grateful the order of deacons, and now officiates in acknowledgments.

a congregation worshipping in the same I have to notice the following official edifice; the former congregation having acts ;

removed to a spacious and commodious On Thursday, the 17th of last October, edifice, erected by them with great enterthe day following the adjournment of the prise and zeal, in Anthony-street. It was last convention, I held a confirmation in consecrated by the name of Christ church, St. Paul's church, Troy, Rensselaer county; on Easter-Even, March 29th. and on the following Sunday, the 20th af On Wednesday, May 14th, in St. Paul's ter Trinity, I administered the same ordi. chapel, in this city, I admitted Augustus nance in St. Peter's church, Albany. On L. Converse to the order of deacons. Friday, October 25th, in St. John's cha- I was prevented by sickness from attend. pel, in this city, the Rev. Lawson Carter, ing the meeting of the General Convention deacon, missionary at Ogdensburgh, St. of our church, at Philadelphia, in May Lawrence county, and parts adjacent, was last, and from uniting with my brethren admitted to the holy order of priests. On in the interesting and gratifying act of adthe 25th Sunday after Trinity, November mitting to the episcopacy the Rev. John 24th, in Trinity church, in this city, I ad. S. Ravenscroft, the first hishop of the mitted Seth W. Beardsley to the order of church in North-Carolina. I cordially chedeacons. He is now the minister of Christ rish the general expectation of great usechurch, Sacket's Harbour, Jefferson county. fulness to that diocese from his superinOn the 4th Sunday in Advent, December tendence. 22., in St. Ann's church, Brooklyn, King's On the first Sunday after Trinity, June county, I admitted to the order of priests, Ist, in St. Luke's church, in this city, I ad. the Rev. James P. F. Clarke, deacon. This mitted Orsamus Smith to the holy order gentleman has removed from the churches of deacons. On Tuesday, June 17th, I con. al Delhi and Waterville, Delaware county, secrated to the service of Almighty God, and is now the rector of St. John's church, St. Thomas's church, Mamaroneck, WestCanandaigua, Ontario county. On Tuesday, chester county; and on Friday, July 4th, December 31st, I consecrated to the ser- laid the corner stone of the new church in vice of Almighty God St. Philip's church, New-Rochelle, in the same county. in this city, belonging to a parish compos- In the month of July I made a partial ed of coloured persons. The destruction visitation of the diocese; officiating at


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Hudson on the 9th, and confirmed 24; at ed by an instrument, executed by me, in Cattskill on the 10th, A. M. and confirm- the words following: ed 19, and at Athens, P. M. and confirm. ed 30; at Greenville on the 11th, and con- By John Henry Hobart, Bishop of the Pre firmed 6; at Rensselaerville on the 12th, testant Episcopal Church in the state of and confirmed 8; and at Windham on the New York 13th, and confirmed 23.

“The Rev. Timothy Clowes, LL. D. kar. Shortly after my return to this city, a

ing, in reference to the sentence of susrenewed attack of sickness prevented me

pension by me duly pronounced on him, from the discharge of my duty as a trus.

on the 21st of October, 1817, made full tee and professor in the general theolo- and satisfactory acknowledgment, wheregical seminary, at a meeting of the trus- hy ecclesiastical discipline, and the hotees, and an examination of the students,

nour of the ministry, are sustained, I do in July. But I heard, with great pleasure, hereby revoke the said sentence of suspenof the approbation of the trustees, and sion, and I do declare that it is revoked, particularly of our venerable presiding bic and that the said Rev. Timothy Clowes, shop, of the proficiency of the students, LL. D. is restored to the exercise of the and of the general affairs of the seminary functions of the office of a presbyter of this On Wednesday, August 6th, at an ordi.

church. nation held in Trinity church, in this city,

“ In testimony whereof I have here. I admitted Cornelius R. Duffie to the or

unto set my hand and seal, this 23d der of deacons, and the Rev. George W..

day of September, in the year of our Doane, deacon,officiating in Trinity church,

Lord 1823, and in the 13th year of New York, to that of priests.

my consecration." From an earnest wish to accomplish a more extended visitation of the diocese, The following clíanges in the diocese and with a view to acquire strength for are also to be noticed :that purpose, I took a journey into Cana. The Rev. Amos G. Baldwin has resigned da, in the month of August, officiating, on his mission at Sandy-Hill, Washington my way, at Plattsburgh, Clinton county, county, Stillwater, Saratoga county, and and proceeded as far as Quebec, where I parts adjacent; and has been employed, * received every possible attention from the great part of the year, in a journey into Right Rev. the bishop of Quebec and his the western states, as agent for the Doclergy, and from the laity of the church mestic and Foreign Missionary Society of in that city. BU on my return, before I the Pro ant Episcopal Church in the reached my own diocese, a third attack of United States. The Rev. David Brown has sickness rendered it necessary that I should removed from Hyde Park, Dutchess county, reach home as speedily as possible. and is now missionary at Fredonia, Chatau.

Since this time, the only events have to que county, and parts adjacent. The Rev. record are the following:

Nathaniel F. Bruce, M. D. has resigned On Friday, September 19th, F conse- the charge of St. Paul's church, Red-Hook, crated St. Ceorge's church, Hempstead, Dutchess county, and removed to the WestQueen's county. This building bas been Indies. The Rev. Nathaniel Huse has reerected near the site of the former church, signed the charge of St. Paul's church, which was built about eighty years ago, Paris, Oneida county, in which the Rev. and the decayed state of which rendered Algernon S. Hollister, deacon, missionary, it necessary to take it down. The present supplies occasional service; and is conchurch is of larger dimensions than the fined to St. Luke's church, Richfield, Otse. former, very neat in its style, and commo. go county. The Rev. Levi S. Ives, deacon, dious in its arrangements, and reflects has resigned his mission at Batavia, Genegreat credit on the rector and parish, by see county, and parts adjacent, and remov. whose exertions and liberality its erection ed to Pennsylvania, The Rev.Lucius Smith has been accomplished.

has succeeded to that mission, having reOn the 17th Sunday after Trinity, Sep. signed the rectorship of St. Peter's church, tember 21st, I held an ordination in St. Auburn, Cayuga county. The Rev. Richard, Paul's chapel, in this city, and admitted Bury, deacon, officiates in Christ church, to the holy order of deacons, Edward K. Duanesburgh, Schenectady county. The Fowler, Henry N. Hotchkiss, and Richard Rev. Witliam L. Johnson, deacon, has reSalmon; and to that of priests, the Rev. moved to New-Jersey; also the Rev. Jolm Phineas L. Whipple, deacon, missionary at Grigg; the latter having resigned the recFairfield, Herkimer county, and parts ad. torship of St.John's church, Phillipsburgh, jacent. Mr. Fowler will immediately com. Westchester county. The Rev. Milton mence his ministerial labours in St. John's Wilcox, deacon, has left the diocese. The church, Huntington, Suffolk county, where Rev. Palmer lyer, deacon, bas resigned his he had, for some time, been very usefully mission at Manlius, Onondaga county, and engaged as a lay reader.

parts adjacent. The Rev. William S. Irv. The sentence of suspension on the Rev. ing, deacon, has been compelled, by ill Timothy Clowes, LL. D. has been remove health, to relinquish his ministrations in

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