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with the institution. Since the com- day afternoons, from February to May: mencement of the school in September, these children, ten in number, recited 1822, one hundred and forty-one chil: 1602 verses of scripture. Much praise

. dren have been admitted, viz. 76 boys

is due to this individual for her exemand 65 girls; of which number 18 have plary conduct and diligent attention to left the village, 15 from various causes the spiritual wants of this necessitous have been withdrawn, one has been re- part of our community. An attempt moved by death, and 107 still remain will be made to continue the branch on the register. Of these, 54 may be school under the charge of its former said to be regular in attendance, ten are teacher. connected with the branch school, and Among the donations made to the the remainder are absentees, for whose school, the presentation of 12 Prayer absence no other reasons can be given, Books from the Auxiliary Bible and than the want of inclination in the scho- Common Prayer Book Society is aclars, and the inefficiency of parental knowledged and remembered with graauthority to compel their attendance. titude; and the thanks of the Sunday The average number

present through school society are tendered to those the year is forty.

gentlemen for the same. I have not been gratified by seeing

You have thus, presented to you a so large a number present at school brief account of the labours of the past through the summer, as I expected : year. It has been with us but as the my own inability to attend to its duties day of small things,” but cannot on was a serious injury to it; but if a res that account be disregarded without gular system of visiting the absentees slighting the injunctions of holy writ. ' could be kept up, I am confident the To those whose affections are engrossed school would appear in a more flourish- by the objects of time and sense, whose ing condition. I cannot devote so much portion is in this world, the simple nartime to the performance of this import- rative will pass unheeded; but to the ant duty as it demands, or the appeal Christian who regards the eternal welwould not be made for the assistance of fare of the rising generation, it will be others.

viewed as a pledge of the approach of We have had to mourn the departure that happy period, when the knowledge of one of the lambs of our little fold; of the Lord shall cover the earth as the but there is reason to believe that our waters cover the mighty deep when loss is her eternal gain, and that she has the kingdoms of this world shall become joined that blessed company which sur- the kingdoms of our Lord and of his rounds the throne of God and the Lamb. Christ;" for he considers that the ob

Since the commencement 9429 verses ject the Sunday school has in view is to of scripture have been recited by the be an instrument in the hands of God, scholars from memory: the amount is of promoting the salvation of that imgreater, but in consequence of my ab- mortal spirit, “ compared with whose sence from the school in May and June, worth the sun is a bauble, and time it. no account of the recitations was kept self but the twinkling of an eye;" to during those months: also 250 verses bring children to a knowledge of that of hymns from the Book of Common God, whom truly to know is everlasting. Prayer: and several scholars have been life, that they may be prepared for that through both the scripture catechism“ inheritance which is incorruptible and the enlarged one.

and undefiled, that fadeth not away, re-, Six Bibles, 17 Testaments, and 10 served in heaven for” them that love Prayer Books, with a considerable num- him. Is it considered an object of much ber of tracts, have been given to the importance to warn the sinner of more scholars during the past year.

mature years of his danger, while in a Some of the children having been state of enmity against God? and shall prevented during the winter from at- no kind hand be stretched out to lead tending school, one of the ladies con- children to that all-gracious Redeemer, nected with the society undertook to

who purchased them by his blood, and teach them at her own house on Satur- who has given the charge to his disci

Voj. VII.

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ples," Suffer little children to come unto period. In compliance with a resolume, and forbid them not, for of such is tion of the board, passed at their last the kingdom of heaven"

annual meeting, 1000 copies of the conThe church, valuing as she does the stitution of the society have been printeverlasting welfare of all her members, ed under the direction of the secretary, views the younger part of her fold with about 300 of which have been circulatthe most earnest solicitude, and has ed in the different counties composing made the most ample provision for their our union. · Since the last anniversary, instruction. The Sunday school is 38 Bibles and 424 Prayer Books have viewed by her as one of the outer courts been distributed; making the whole in which her tender charge are to be amount of distribution since July, 1820, fitted for her instruction, and finally for when the society was formed, 1162 vothe church in heaven.

lumes, and leaving for distribution from If the brief review of our labours in the purchases of the last year, 32 Bibles this sacred cause shall be the means of and 176 Prayer Books. The board has stimulating any of our brethren to more seen Alt to extend the assistance of the active exertions, or draw any one into society to other counties besides those the cause, who has hitherto stood afar, in union with us. Books have been sold off, our time will not have been spent" at a reduced price, or distributed this in vain...

year, in the counties of Cayuga, OnonRespectfully submitted on behalf of daga, Madison, Oneida, Otsego, Tompthe school, J. L. HARRISON, superint. kins, Jefferson, Oswego,and Herkimer.

New-Rochelle, September 29, 1823. The disproportion in distributions of Rev. Lewis P. BAYARD, president Bibles and Prayer Books can occasion of the Sunday school society of

no surprise to those who are in the Trinity church, New-Rochelle. least degree acquainted with the wants

of the western part of this state. Owing

to the zealous exertions of other insti. Bible and Common Prayer Book Sa tutions, in holding forth the word of

ciety of the central Part of the State life, there is here felt a less want of Bii of New York.

bles than of Prayer Books. The board The third anniversary of the Bible has always stood ready to distribute one and Common Prayer Book Society of or both volumes, as need required, or the central Part of the State of New- occasion was given, within the sphere York, was celebrated on Wednesday the of its exertions. It has thus far distri24th of September, at St. Paul's church, buted more copies of the Prayer Book in the village of Oxford, Chenango than of the Bible, simply because the county. Morning prayer was conduct- demand for the former, especially on ed by the Rev. Henry Anthon, rector the part of the members of our own of Trinity church, Utica; and a sermon household, who have the first claim on adapted to the occasion delivered by our bounty and assistance, has been the Rev. Lucius Smith, rector of St. greater and more pressing. At the last James's church, Batavia, Genesee coun- annual meeting of the society, the forty. After the celebration of divine ser- mation of auxiliary associations in the vice the society met, and the president different counties in union with the soof the society, the Hon. M. S. Miller, ciety, was recommended. Shortly after being absent, the first vice-president, that meeting the board received the the Rev. L. Smith, took the chair. gratifying intelligence of the formation

The following report of the proceed- of the Female Bible and Prayer Book ings of the board of managers for the Society of Zion Church, Butternutts, past year was laid before the society. Otsego county, auxiliary to this society.

“ The third year since the formation From this source the třeasurer has reof the Bible and Common Prayer Book ceived $43 25, and will soon receive Society of the central Part of the State an additional sum of between 20 and 30 of New-York being closed, the board of dollars; a fair proof of the value and managers beg leave to make a brief re- efficiency of its aid, and a noble example port of their proceedings during that for the imitation of the sister churches.



It is hoped it may rouse the zeal and zies Rayner was elected secretary, and emulation of those members of the so, John Lawrence Lewis, Esq. assistant, ciety in particular, who have done no- secretary thing since the last anniversary to pro- The Rev. B. G. Noble, from the commote the interesting and important ob- mittee on the constitution, reported, jects for which we associated, and to that certificates of its adoption had which we pledged our support. The been received from 48 parishes. board have the satisfaction to state, that Agreeably to the 45th canon of the a'grant of 8 500 has been made to this General Convention, the Right Rev. T. society,“ in aid of its permanent fund, C. Brownell delivered his annual adon condition that the same sum be dress.* raised, for the same object, by the so- The fifth annual Report of the Baard ciety.” An opportunity is now afford- of Direction of the Society for the ed us, of establishing the society on a Promotion of Christian Knowledge. firm foundation; and the board confi- The board of direction of the Society dently trust that the members will cor- for the Promotion of Christian Knowdially cooperate with them in securing ledge beg leave to report : this munificent grant, and in effecting That since the last annual meeting so desirable an object. On the whole, of the convention, their funds have been the past year cannot be reviewed by us, exclusively devoted to the support of without our feeling abundant cause of missionaries in such parts of the diocese thankfulness to the Great Head of the

as seemed to require the aid of their lachurch, for his favour towards the so- bours. These have been employed ciety's designs. Your board would ein- chiefly in the eastern and western secbrace the opportunity, of calling on all tions of the state, and have been' althe members of our association, to ready successful in reviving, parishes charge on their consciences the duty of which were in a state of temporary devigorous and unremitted efforts-to pression, and in gathering new congreunite in gratitude to Him, who hath re- gations where none had hitherto been deemed us by his own most precious formed. With a view of extending the blood, and in humbly and earnestly im- benefits of their labours, the board ploring his grace and blessing.

think it advisable still to confine their “Respectfully submitted, appropriations to missionary objects,

6. |1. ANTHON, sec'ry. unless it be a small sum for Prayer The officers and managers for the Books, to be put into the hands of the ensuing year were then elected. missionaries for the use of new or des

Resolved, on motion, that the next titute congregations. It will appear by annual meeting of the society be holden the report of the treasurer, herewith at'srinity church, Utica, Oneida county, presented, that the contributions for the

The board of managers have ap- society have been more general than at pointed an agent to visit the different any former period, and that much aid counties in union with the society, for has been received from the auxiliary the purpose of collecting the funds ne- societies which have been forined in cessary to secure the grant of $ 500, many parishes.—While the board exmentioned in the above report. press the ardent hope, that these con

tributions may continue to increase, they From the Churchman's Magazine.

would earnestly urge a farther extension Abstract of the Journals of the Cone of the auxiliary societies; for to these,

vention of the Protestant Episcopal composed in many cases of the young Church of the diocese of Connecticut, and active members of the church, they held at Meriden, June 4th, 1823. confidently believe they may look for

The convention was attended by the a steady and regular income, which, in Right Rev. Dr. Brownell, about forty time, will be sufficient to meet the imclergymen, and 45 lay delegates.

portant objects of the institution. The Rev. B. G. Noble declined being The subject of the constitution was considered a candidate for reelection to the office of $ecretary. The Rev. Men- *See Christian Journal for August, p. 249.

referred to the Rev. Dr. Bronson, and Croswell, were appointed the standing the Rev. B. G. Noble.

committee for the ensuing year. The consideration of the canons re- No report was received from the ported in 1821, was deferred until the treasurer of the Society for the Promonext convention.

tion of Christian Knowledge; but it is The committee appointed to provide understood that the disposable fund for

funds for printing the journals of the the ensuing year is about $600.
State and GeneralConventions, made
the following report:

Bishop Ravenscroft's Pastoral Letter. That they find the sum to be raised, is about $200, and that no measure

To the Clergy and Laity of the Proseemed to them so equitable as that of

testant Episcopal Church in the dioassessing each parish, according to its cese of North-Carolina. ability, to be estimated by the salary

Raleigh, July 12, 1823. given to its rector or minister. . They


am, my brethren, of therefore recommend, that each parish extending to all parts of the diocese, as be assessed at the rate of fifty cents on early as possible, the ministration of every $100, which said parish pays its that sacred character, with which, at rector, and that the clergyman, or in case your call, I have been invested, I am of vacancy, the wardens of each parish, nevertheless constrained, by various but be requested to transmit to a treasurer, imperious circumstances, to put off, for to be appointed by this convention, the a short season, the continuation of my sums thus assessed on their respective present journey. parishes.

It is my purpose, however, with the The committee appointed to settle with divine permission, to return as early in

the parishes in the diocese which the month of August as my other affairs had not paid their assessment

for the will permit, and extend my visit to the bishop's fund,

western part of the state,so as to embrace Report, That in pursuance of the au- as many of the congregations in that thority given them at the last conven- quarter as possible, together with such tion, to appoint an agent to visit the pa- others in the south-western section as rishes, and to make a settlement of the the necessary preparations for my rearrearages of said assessments, they moval to this place, as my permanent appointed the Rev. Stephen Jewett to residence, will permit. attend to the business. Discretionary Myanxiety for a personal knowledge orders were given to the agent, to of you, my brethren, is very great.make an equitable settlement under the My sense of the awful responsibility of present circumstances of the parishes, my station, precludes all minor conside and he has been indefatigable in his ne- rations of personal ease or interest; and gociations, by letters and repeated vi- the pressing demands of the churches sits. The result of his exertions, and stimulate me to every exertion for those of the committee, is as follows: the general satisfaction, and for the adIn notes from several parishes, $215; vancement of our Zion. Under the in cash, $647. The whole amounts united influence of these motives, you to the sum of 8862, which will be ac- may rest assured of my most speedy counted for with the treasurer of the bi- and zealous cooperation in every meashop's fund. The agent is in a train of sure calculated to promote the great, negociation with several of the remain because eternal, interests committed to ing parishes, and with the approbation our trust. Considered in this light, the of the convention, the committee will cause, in defence of which we are set, continue their exertions to complete the is divested of every character of a party settlement.-Respectfully submitted. question, or of an interest separate from Philo SHELTON,

thegreat interest of the present and everASHBEL BALDWIN, Committee. lasting welfare of all our kind-while it S. W. JOHNSON,

is not divested of the influence and effect The Rev. T. Bronson, D.D. the Rev. of those outward institutions which, as Asa Cornwall, and the Rev. Harry. they are coeval with Christian hope, so


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are they, by divine appointment, the Convention of New York. ground on which we must rest for assur- The thirty-seventh convention of the ance in the entertainment of it.

diocese of New-York met in Trinity Invested with this heavenly charac- church, in this city, on Tuesday the 21st ter, let us, my brethren, cherish its holy of October, 1823. About 55 clerical, comforts in our hearts, and adorn it in and 60 or 70 lay members attended. In our lives, that we may be a “living the absence of the bishop, the Rev. epistle of Christ, to be read of all men. William Harris, D.D. was chosen preThus shall we 66 adorn the doctrine of sident. Several new churches were God our Saviour,” and best recommend received into union. The missionary our holy religion to the consideration and parochial reports evinced an enand adoption of all around us. Thus couraging progress of the church, and shall the vital interests of the church of of piety within its communion. The Christ be promoted, and the fruit being bishop's address, which he had preunto holiness, the end be everlasting life. pared previously to his departure, was

Such information as may aid in the read; and a resolution passed, expresapplication of my labours to the inte-' sive of the interest taken by the conrests of the church, is respectfully re- vention in the successful issue of the quested from the clergy generally, and design-the recovery of his health

from such of the laity as feel an inter- for which the bishop has gone abroad; est in the spread of pure and undefiled arising out of strong personal respect religion in the waste places of our Zion. and affection, and a high sense of the

I shall fix myself in this city as early value of his services. The business was as I can get possession of the house conducted with much harmony and which I have rented; which will be unanimity; and the convention adsome time in the month of December journed on Wednesday evening the 22d. next.-Direct, for the present, to Boyd- -When the journal is published, our ton, Mecklenburg county, Va. or to Sa- usual abstract will be given: the address lisbury, N. C. to be left till called for. of the bishop will, we expect, appear in Your affectionate friend and pastor, our number for December. John S. RAVENSCROFT,

Ordinations. To the Publishers of the Christian On Sunday the 24th of August,1823, Journal.

in Christ church, Philadelphia, Mr. Gentlemen,

Bowman,of Wilkesbarre,

Pennsylvania, It was my happiness to be one of the was admitted by the Right Rev. Bishop clergy who accompanied our beloved White to the holy order of deacons. diocesan to the ship, on his late depar- And on the 22d Sunday after Trinity, ture for Europe. Although in the ac- Oct. 26, in the same church, the Rev. count of the proceedings on that occa- Thomas Jackson, late a minister of the sion which was published in the New- Presbyterian denomination, was admit-, York Evening Post, and subsequently ted to the like order by the same right in your Journal, it is stated that all the

reverend prelate. episcopal clergy of the city who were not On Friday the 24th of October, 1823, prevented were present,) understand an in Christ church,New-Brunswick, Newerroneous impression has gone abroad Jersey, the Right Rev. Bishop Croes, relative to some of my brethren whose acting for the absent bishop of the dionames do not appear: I deem it a duty cese of New-York, admitted the followwhich I owe to them to declare my ing deacons of that diocese to the holy knowledge of the fact, that every clere order of priests, viz. the Rev. Moses gyman of the city who was not with us, Burt, missionary at Granville, Washingwas prevented either by his own indis- ton county, and parts adjacent; the position, by sickness in his family, or Rev. Algernon S. Hollister, missionary by absence from the city; except one, at Trenton, Oneida county, and parts who arrived at the dock a few minutes adjacent; the Rev. Thomas K. Peck,

a after the steam-boat had left it. missionary at Onondaga, Onondaga

Your's, &c.

county, and parts adjacent; the Rev.


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