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New-Rochelle Bible and Prayer Book So. 294

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Romans xiv. 23.

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For the Christian Journal.

in order, for thou shalt die and not A Sermon, preached on the re-opening live. Then Hezekiah prayed unto the

of the Churches in the city of New Lord and wept sore. In the cutting off York, after the late visitation of the of my days, he said, I shall go to the eity by malignant fever, by the Rev. gates of the grave. I shall behold man William Berrian, an Assistant Mi

no more, with the inhabitants of the rtister of Trinity Church.

world. Mine age is departed and re

moved from me as a shepherd's tent. Lord: I have heard thy speech, and He will cut me off with pining sick. was afraid-in wrath remember

ess. Then came the word of the Lord mercy. HABAKKUK iij. 2.

to Isaiah, saying, Go and say to Heze

kiah, thus saith the Lord, the God of DaIn the calamities which fall upon us vid thy father, I have heard thy prayer, as a community, or in the visitations I have seen thy tears, behold I will add which afflict us as individuals, we can- unto thy days fifteen years." Then Hem not forbear from acknowledging the zekiah exclaimed, “In love to my soul agency of a higher power. The thought- thou hast delivered it from the pit of ful and reflecting perceive this agency corruption, for, thou hast cast all my in all the operations of nature, and all sins behind thy back. For the grave the incidents of human life: the care- cannot praise thee; death cannot celeless and ungodly, only in those which brate thee. The living, the living, he are violent and painful. Then, indeed, shall praise thee, as I do this day; the each one of us hears the speech of the father to the children shall make Lord—the declaration of his will in re- known thy truth.” Thus in wrath gard to his judgments. We tremble at God remembereth mercy; and his con the effects of his anger. We strive to duct towards cities and nations is a avert them by repentance. We beseech counterpart to his dealings with indihim in wrath to remember mercy. And viduals. lie, whose ears are ever open to the It is to be presumed, that, at this cries of the contrite, hearkeneth to our time, no subject can be more in har• prayers.

A voice comes from the mony with your feelings; and if I were mercy-seat to revive the spirit of the io suffer the present occasion of imhumble. Their hearts are filled with

provement to pass by, I should not disjoy, and their tongues break forth in charge my own. Fire and sword, pespraise. “ Behold, saith the Lord to tilence and famine, are the scourges of

Thab, I will bring evil upon thee, and God. In the former he acts by the inwill take away thy posterity. And it strumentality of man, in the latter by came to pass when Ahab heard those himself. When the fire blasts, and the words, that he rent his clothes, and put sword destroys, his purposes are not so sackcloth upon his flesh, and fasted. visible; but when in famine be withAnd the word of the Lord came to Eli- holds his goodness, and his creatures jab the Tishbite, saying, Seest thou how wither away, or in pestilence the angel Ahab humbleth himself before me ? of destruction goes before him, we see Because he humbleth himself before me, God above, his power, and his designs. I will not in his days bring the threat- His judgments are sent upon earth that ened evil upon his house.” When He. the people may learn righteousness, zekiah was sick unto death, Isaiah, the and he suspends them to animate obeprophet, said unto him, “Set thy house dience by gratitude. Vol. VII.


My brethren, as believers in the Di- arise out of our vices, or have any convine Word, we cannot doubt that all gruity with them; if they follow closely the extraordinary visitations of Provi- upon crinte, poisoning the stings of condence are intended to remind us of our science, and covering us with confusion; sins, and excite us to repentance, or to if they are the just and merited rétribupurify and exalt our virtues.

tion of our deeds; then, reasoning from Nor can we doubt that every merci- the analogy of Scripture, and the naful deliverance from them, is designed tural feelings of the heart, we may ako to quicken the other motives to our mo- least apprehend that these evils are the ral and religious improvement, and to special marks of the Lord's displeasure. draw us to God by the cords of love. When our lives are merely wicked in

In regard to the afflictions of indivi- an ordinary degree, without any strikduals, it is, perhaps, neither safe nor true ing and heinous offences, we may res to supposes that they are usually sent gard our calamities as the consequence upon them by a special judgment of of sin in general, which brought sorrow God, and for the punishment of partis and death into the world. Thus much cular transgressions. This persuasion, is evident from our Saviour's remarks which is apt to disquiet the scrupulous on the Galileans. They did not suffer and timid, should be indulged in with because they were greater sinners than caution by the afflicted themselves, and other men; but, had they been without never entertained or expressed by sin, like man in his first estate, they others. “ Suppose ýe that those Gali- would not have suffered at all. Except leans, whose blood Pilate mingled with ye repent, ye skall all likewise perish. their sacrifices, were sinners above all As, therefore, the Jews, whom Christ the Galileans because they suffered such was addressing, would be destroyed if things ? I tell you nay, but except ye they did not sincerely turn unto God, repenty ye shall likewise perish. Or so the destruction of the Galileans was those eighteen upon whom the tower in in some way connected with their guilt, Siloan fell and slew them, think ye that as partakers of the general corruption they were sinners above all men that and wickedness of our nature, and their dwelt in Jerusalem? I tell you nay, impenitence, as obstinate and perseverbut except ye repent ye shall all like ing sinners. Wise perish." From these words of our One thing, however, is established Lord we may justly infer, that, in ordi- here beyond contradiction, that the denary cases, the afilietive dispensations sign of all these visitations is to alarm of Providence are not to be considered the careless and ungodly, and to lead as the punishment of personal transgres them to repentance and newness of life. sions. The same inference may be But the pure and holy, who endeavour gathered from other parts of Scripture. to keep a conscience void of offence, « There is one event to the righteous have no reason to consider their afilica and the wicked. God maketh his sun tions in any other light, than as the to rise on the evil and on the good, and trials of their faith, and the chastisesendeth rain on the just and the uujust.” ments of love. The same observations And, as this is not the place for the may be applied to cities and nations. strict and final settlement of men's lots, A community, or people, have a chabut a day is appointed in wlrich the racter of their own in their social capaworld will be judged in righteousness, city, as well as each individual comprethe tares and wheat are often suffered hended in them. They are distinguished to grow up together. Still, however, by the prevalence of impiety, licentiousthere are many instances recorded in ness, and crime, or by the predominance Scripture of punishments being inflicted of religion and virtue. If, in this chaon men for particular sins. They were racter, they are sunk in ungodliness and denounced by the prophets, and exe. vice, and the cities and countries around cuted directly by the power of God. them are corrupted by their example; And though we have now no mode of or if, by the lustre of their piety and ascertaining the precise cause of our the purity of their manners, they gloevils, yet

, if they are such as naturally rify God and sanctify his people, is it

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unreasonable to

suppose that the moral sword is upon the inhabitants of Babye Governor of the universe will deal with lon, upon her princes and apon her wise them collectively according to their men. A sword is upon her mighty men, deeds ? We may not always be able to and they shall be dismayed. A sword discover this righteous dealing in the is upon her horses and her chariots, history of cities and nations, though the and upon all the mingled people that careful observer will find many facts are within her, and they shall become which furnish a strong presumption of as women. A drought is upon her wait.

But in a subject so much above us, ters, and they shall be dried up, for it God has not left us entirely to our own is the land of graven images, and they reasonings. « Son of man, when the mad


their idols. There land sinneth against me by trespassing fore the wild beasts of the desert, with grievously, then wil! I stretch out my the wild beasts of the islands, shall hand upon it, and will break the staff dwell there, and the owls shall dwell of the bread thereof, and will send fa- therein, and it shall be no more inhamine upon it, and will cut off man and bited for ever, neither shall it be dwelt beast from it. But at what instant 1 in froin generation to generation.” Such shall speak concerning a nation, and is the record of God's dealings with concerning a kingdom to pluck up, and cities and nations in former days. Such to pull down, and to destroy it, if that na- are the threatenings and promises which tion, against whom I have pronounced, were then held out; and though the turn from their evil, I will repent of the children of Israel were the Lord's pecu. evil that I thought to do unto them." liar care, and his righteous providence “ Know that the Lord thy God," saith frequently extended itself, on their ac Moses to the children of Israel, is the count, to the surrounding people with faithful God which keepeth covenant whom they were connected, yet the gei and mercy with them that love him to neral reasons for his conduct can never a thousand generations. He will set cease. But even in cases where public them on high above all nations of the calamities cannot be regarded as the earth. Blessed shall they be in the city punishment of special and extraordiand in the field, blessed in the fruit of nary guilt, we must at least acknowledge their body and the fruit of their ground, them to be sent for the wholesome purblessed in their basket and their store, poses of moral discipline. blessed in their going out and coming

In what way God interferes with huin. The heaven shall give rain in his sea- man designs, so as to make the schemes son, and the Lord shall bless all the work of the ambitious, and the cruelties of of their hand.” But hearken to the ter. the blood-thirsty subservient to his rible words of God's wrath against a righteous purposes; in what way he proud and sinful city. "Lo, I will raise bows the heart of a nation as the heart and cause to came up against Babylon, of one man, and works all things acan assembly of great nations from the cording to the counsel of his own will, north country. They shall hold the bow our, faculties are not large enough to and the lance, they are cruel and will discover. But the intellect which is too not show mercy, their voice shall roar feeble to comprehend this mysterious like the sea. Put yourselves in array fact, should not have the presumption

. against Babylon, all ye that bend the to deny it. ' How also wind and storm, bow shoot at her, spare no arrows, for pestilence and famine, and other inshe hath sinned against the Lord. Shout struments of his Providence, which seeng against her round about her founda- to depend in some measure upon fixed tions are fallen, her walls are thrown laws, nevertheless fulfil his word, we down, for it is the vengeance of the are again at a loss to determine. We Lord; take vengeance upon her, as she do not know enough of these things to hath done, do unto her. "Cut off the reason about them with certainty. In sower from Babylon, and him that the operations of nature there are, unhandleth the sickle in the time of har- doubtedly, secret principles of action, vest. Open her storehouses, cast her an unseen control, which exerts a perup as heaps, and destroy her utterly. A petual influence on the course of human


events. Such is the untaught persuasion stroying angel. He passeth on unseen of the heart; such the opinion of all -men are blasted by the breath of his ages; such the clear, constant, reite- mouth, the dead are under his feet, and rated declaration of the word of God. desolation is behind him. The end of What we cannot, therefore, fully un- our days, which, under other circumderstand, we believe and adore.

stances, is usually met with a decent But if the visitations of Providence

composure, and often with joy and triare intended to remind us of our iniqui- umph, is here regarded with weakness ties, and to purify our virtues, ought not and terror. We pass almost instantaneour deliverance from them to quicken ously from the fulness of health to morthe other motives to our moral and re- tal sickness. In a few days, and even ligious improvement, and to draw us to a few hours, we run through all the God by the cords of love?

changes which bring down our strength I will not, at this time, my brethren, to the grave. We are agitated both by enter into any general considerations the violence of the disease, and by the which would be proper enough on ano. hurry and confusion of all within and ther. From the subject which proba- without us. Our neighbours and friends bly now occupies your minds, and the stand afar off. The strong ties of nafeeling which is uppermost in your ture alone keep a few around us, who, hearts, you foresee the course of my distracted with anxiety for us and themmarks. The compassion of the Lord selves, minister to our wants with fear faileth not, and his mercies are renewed and trembling. Recovery so doubtful to us every morning. But we have as to fill us with despair; the grave eajust received one of the greatest which ger for its prey; a hurried burial, with his goodness can bestow. The pestilence scarcely a mourner in the streets; the that walketh in darkness hath stopped survivers sickening, perhaps, and alits deadly march, and the sickness that ready numbering themselves with the cloudeth the noon-day with sadness, dead; these are the terrific circumdestroyeth no more. With a few la

stances of that noisome pestilence from mented exceptions no evil hath happen. which we have just been delivered. ed unto us, neither hath any plague That it did not spread so rapidly as to ravaged our dwellings. Is it because anticipate flight, so irregularly as to we have called upon the Lord that he bafile precaution, so generally as to hath heard us, because we have turned cover the city with mourning; that from our evil ways, in consequence

has been remembered in judghis wrath, that he hath remembered ment ; that we are nearly all once more mercy? Is it because he hath set his assembled in this house to turn suppli, Love upon us, that he hath delivered us cation into praise; are so many subfrom trouble, and showed us his salva- jects of thankfulness to God, and contion? We know not what share our gratulation among ourselves. Brethren, conduct may have had in appeasing the what must be our thoughtlessness, if anger of the Lord, and restraining the we do not view this solemn visitation in effects of his displeasure. But we can a religious light? Have we improved all perceive, and believers at least will it by self-examination, sanctified it by feel, the affecting and overwhelming repentance and newness of life, and nature of his mercy. There is some- made it instrumental to the purification thing inexpressibly awful in the pesti- of our virtues, and to the increase of lence from which we have escaped. In our eternal glory? Do we feel that contemplating its progress, the myste- gratitude for our deliverance which berious horror comes upon us, which fell comes the greatness of the gift, and the upon Job in his vision, and made all compassion of the Giver? Let us not his bones to shake. A spirit passed be- despise the goodness, and forbearance, fore his face, the hair of his flesh stood and long suffering of our God. Let up. It stood still, but he could not dis- us not abuse the benefits procured for cern the form thereof, an image was us by the inerits and intercession of his before his eyes, and there was silence.” Son. Woe be to us, if when stricken So fearful is the presence of this de we have not grieved, and when con

of mercy

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