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the name of Christ church; and at the visited the Rev. Mr. Nind, the Rer. same time confirmed eighteen persons. Mr. Bowden, and the Rev.Mr. Brady, On the day following I held a confirma- Some other changes have also occurtion in St. Bartholomew's, in the same red. The Rev. Mr. Judah has moved county, when sixteen persons were con- to the diocese of Connecticut, and the firmed. These churches are both un- Rev. Mr. Stratton has extended a porder the care of the Rev. Thomas Allen. tion of his labours to the church in

On the 7th of November I visited the Snow Hill, which Mr. Judah left. The parishes in Harford county, then under Rev. Mr.Wickes has left Princess Ann, the ministry of the Rev. Mr. Jackson and settled in Norfolk, in the diocese In the morning 1 preached in Havre- of Virginia. The Rev. Mr. Weller rede Grace, and confirmed five persons. signed the church in Cambridge, DorThe same day, in the afternoon, I chester county, and succeeds the late preached in St. George's, and confirm- Mr.Nind in St. Stephen's,Cecil county; ed five more.

and Mr. Weller has been succeeded in I held an ordination in St. Peter's, Cambridge by the Rev. Mr. Judd, from Baltimore, on the 14th day of Decem- Connecticut. The Rev. Mr. Hubbard ber, when the Rev. Mr. Aisquith was has moved from St. Michael's, in Talbot admitted to the holy order of ests. I county, to the diocese of New York. also at the same time enrolled Mr.John His station has been filled by the Rev. Claxton, as a candidate for holy orders: Mr. Schroeder, lately ordained. The • In my own parish, in the city of Bal. Rev. Mr. Walker has left Chester-Town. timore, I held a confirmation on the for the diocese of Soutli-Carolina;

and 20th day of December, when twenty- his parish is now occupied by the Rev. two white and two coloured persons Mr. Jackson, formerly of Havre-deVere confirmed.

Grace. The Rev. Mr. Lemmon, from On the 1st of January, 1823, in the Virginia, has lately settled in Hagers. same church, I admitted Mr. Frederick town. The Rev.Mr.Tyng has exchange Schroeder to the holy order of deacons; ed St. John's church, in Georgetown, and on the 3d of February I licensed for Queen Ann parish, in Prince Mr. John Contee to act as a lay-reader George's county, vacated by the rein Queen Ann parish, Prince George's moval of the Rev. Mr. Shaw to the state county, during the vacancy of the pa- of Indiana. The Rev. Mr. Addison has rish. This license, however, has since succeeded Mr. Tyng. The Rev. Mr. been superseded by the appointment of Bausman has left his parish in Calvert the Rev. Mr. Tyng, minister of the pa- county, and settled in the diocese of rish. I ordained the Rev. Charles P. Pennsylvania; from which diocese the M'llvaine a priest, on the 20th day of Rev. Mr Schaeffer has come to St. MarMarch, in my own church. And on the garet's, Westminster, in Anne Arundel 27th of April I held a confirmation in county. The Rev. Lemuel Wilmer is Trinity church, in this city, when forty- settled in Port Tobacco. two were confirmed.

The building and repairing of Thus, since last convention, I have churches has progressed, and is still consecrated one new church; I have progressing in a manner, quite equal to held eight confirmations; I have or what we ought to expect. dained two deacons and six priests : The tund for the support of the epis. and I have also enrolled two candidates copate accumulates slowly. Still, we for holy orders.

have reason to rejoice that a beginning The changes that have taken place has been made, and we may fondly hope among the clergy are calculated to ex- that the munificence of our members cite the most serious reflections, and to will enable the church to place this order impress us more and more with the aw- of the ministry in a condition to perform ful consideration, that we ought at all all their duties with higher effect. times to be ready to yield an account When, by a special General Convenof our stewardship. Not less than three tion, a system was finally settled for the of our clergy, last year, fell victims to education of candidates for holy orders, the disease by which our country was it was hoped, to use the language of out

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enerable presiding bishop, that there be felt, an annual supply of money for would be an undivided wish, and en- the good purposes of the institution. deavour to support, an institution begun And at the present time it might comunder such favourable prospects.”. mence operations under very favourThat this seminary, well supplied with able circumstances. Some money is learned and pious professors, would be now in hand. And the income of a les completely sufficient for the purposes gacy, now amounting to about 1400 of the church, for many years to come; dollars, and which may be considerably that a uniform mode of education, under increased, if the debts be all recovered, the superintendence of the house of left by the late Rev. Mr. Janckson, it bishops, would be the most effectual would be in my power to add annually way to preserve her integrity, to main- to their fund. tain her excellent form of worship, and On the subject of theological educato preserve the unity of her faith; these tion, I was happy to find, that my views are propositions which seem to admit coincided with the views of all my ve of no doubt. And it is surely trie, that nerable brethren of the house of biunity in the Christian church was viewed shops. This appears from two resolu. by our blessed Lord and his apostles, tions passed by that body, upon receiv. as the main principle of her existence. ing

the report of the trustees of the gen Besides, it would be of great advant- neral seminary; which resolutions ! age for the students of theology in every have thought it expedient to engraft in diocese, to finish their education at the to this address. great theological school of the church.

RESOLUTIONS. They would enter upon the duties of their ministry under more favourable

Philadelphia, 27th May, 1825.

Extract froin the minutes of the proceedings circumstances; and to be educated at

of the House of Bishops. the same seminary would unite them in

The house took up the resolutions offered the bonds of affection; while, at the yesterday by the Right Rev Bishop Boven, same time, a laudable and valuable respecting the general theological seminary, emulation would be created among the which upon motion were adopteil, as follows:

Resolved, that this house entertain a gratify sons of the church.

ing sense of the fidelity with which the trustees It has been said, however, and it may and the faculty of the general theological semi. sometimes be the case, that

nary have executed the trust committed to young men

them, and respectively fulfilled the duties of of good talents, and pious dispositions, their appointment; and while they deeply remay be inclined to enter the ministry, gret that no other provision than such as is yet who have not the means of acquiring sign has hitherto been obtained, of the

inadequate to the perinanent success of the do the elementary parts of education, or of members of our church, they still contemplate finishing their studies at the seminary. it with hope, and affectionately commend it to Let a society, then, be formed in

the liberality and patronage of their brethren,

both of the clergy and of the laty, as a means every diocese, for the purpose of sup- of increase to the number of wel qualified mi. plying pecuniary aid 10 young men nisters of the Gospel in this church,

Resolved, further, as the opinion of this house, preparing for holy orders, and all dif

that the general theological seminary, having ficulties of this kind will be removed, been established by the whole boily of this while the union and harmony of the church, in general convention, seems peculiarly church will be preserved.

to demand the concurrent solicitudes and ex

ertions to be concentered on it, of all its memIn two dioceses, Pennsylvania and bers; inasınuch as this institution, when pos. South-Carolina, societies of this kind sessing the combined and efficient support of have been formed, and their efforts the whole church, must be the most effectual have been great. A similar society unity of the church in the bond of peace.

means, under Providence, of perpetuating the exists in this diocese, although its

A true copy. Wm. H. DE LANCEY, sec'ry. operations have been suspended, for reasons that need not be mentioned Having just returned from the genehere. But agreeably to the constitu- ral convention, I have the happiness tion, it can be immediately brought into to inform this body, that the high conoperation, and in all the parishes of the cerns of the church were conducted state auxiliaries may be formed. This with that harmony and Christian temwould yield, in a way that never would per, which will always distinguish thos

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who are sincere friends to our Redeem- convention, that the persons who have er's kingdom, and in whose hearts the subscribed to the diocesan theological Holy Spirit has fixed his residence. In seminary, are released from their oblir. addition to thosearrangements, which gation to pay their subscription. it is necessary to make from time to

The parochial reports furnish thọ time, a most important measure was

--; adopted - I mean, the fixing of a stand following aggregate : Baptisms 1162;

marriages 234; funerals 407; commuard copy of the Holy Scriptures. To

nicants 2417.-There were also remaintain the purity of the word of God ported as collected for the bishop's fund is at all times fundamentally important; $ 409; and for the fund for deputies but there are some circumstances which and incidental expenses $247 414. render it peculiarly necessary at the

It appears from the treasurer's acpresent time --That at this season the Holy Spirit may fill our hearts with count, that the state of the funds of the good counsels, so that from these good to wit: Episcopal fund, including in

convention stands at present as follows, works may proceed, may Almighty terest to the 31st May, 1823, 8848 22. God of his infinite goodness grant.

Deputies' fund, including interest to the On motion, resolved, that the secre

same day, $ 240 04. tary procure a book for the


of Jonas Clapham, esq. was unanirecording the journals of this conven- mously elected treasurer of this convention, and that they be collectively pre- tion for the ensuing year. served therein, as the record of the On motion, resolved, that the next proceedings of the convention in the convention of this diocese be held in diocese of Maryland.

the city of Baltimore. The following gentlemen were ap

Resolved; that the thanks of this pointed the standing coinmittee for the convention be presented to the presiensuing year:- The Rev. Henry L. dent, the secretary, and assistant se

Davis, D.D. the Rev. Edmund D. Bar- cretary, for their services. ry D D. the Rev. Walter D. Addison,

After a concluding prayer, the bithe Rev. William E. Wyatt, D.D. the shop pronounced the Apostolic beneRev. Thomas Bayne, the Rev. George diction, and the convention adjourned Weller, the Rev. William Jackson. sine die.

It appears from the journal of the A report of the trustees of the theo- above convention, that the diocese of logical seminary, established at the last Maryland consists of the bishop, fortyconvention of this diocese, was read. one presbyters, five deacons, and sixty,

It was moved by the Hon. C. Golds- five congregations. borough, and resolved by the convention, that the establishment of the theological seminary, authorized by a vote Protestant Episcopal Female Traca, of the last convention of this diocese,

Society of Baltimore. shall be, and the same is hereby sus- Tue anniversary of this society was pended; and that no resolution, or other celebrated on the 23d of May, 1825, act of the convention, for the revival of when the sixth annual report of the the said seminary, or for the establish- board of managers was made. A copy ment of any other theological seminary has recently been put into our hands, within this diocese, shall be had, or be and we have been gratified in its perudeemed valid and effectual, unless the sal. The managers “ announce, with same shall be adopted at one conven- deep and lively thankfulness to Him tion, published among their proceed- who has been pleased to bless their exings for the consideration of the diocese, ertions in the cause of religion, that the and afterwards ratified and confirmed records of the society exhibit at this by the next annual and regular conven- period, a state of prosperity unequalled tion, after a new election of lay-dele- in the annals of any preceding year. gates.

6 Grateful as is this statement to the Resolved, that it is the sense of this feelings of the conductors of this iosti

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October, 1829.]. Report of the Female Tract Society of Baltimore, 293 tution-encouraging as it is to their the organization of three auxiliary sqzeal-stimulating them as it does to cieties-two female juvenile societies, greater activity-to renewed diligence; one in Trinity, and the other in St. they are nevertheless compelled to de- Paul's parish, and one female auxiliary clare, that the annual subscriptions are in Talbot county. Since the last res greatly inadequate to the purposes of port, the board with real pleasure comthe society. It will scarcely be credit- municate to their members the addition ed, that among the numerous and re- of two more.-one a niale juvenile son spectable episcopal congregations of ciety in this city, and the other a few this city, they have but two hundred male society in Prince George's county. and fifty-nine subscribers. Since the 66 While the board acknowledge with last year thirty-two have withdrawn gratitude, the assistance they have retheir names.

ceived from all their auxiliaries, it is “ The managers doubt not that many but justice to mention with peculiar are only waiting to be solicited to-fur- distinction, the zeal and activity of their nish readily the trifle which is asked. 'youthful coadjutors; for, while the maBut why is this? Is it not the Lord's nagers of the parent society lament work? Is not his glory the object of their unsuccessful efforts to increase the society? The salvation of his crea- their subscriptions, this young and intures, and the improvement of their teresting portion of Christ's flock vomoral condition, their dearest wish? luntarily come forward to assist his And the extension of Christ's kingdoin cause, by contributing a part of their upon earth their ultimate design ? And own weekly allowance.

What a reshould it not rather be imagined, that proach to those who have withheld the followers of the Redeemer would be their assistance! The number of sub. desirous to claim as a privilege the scribers to St. Paul's Juvenile Society, right of being associated with them, two hundred and nine-to Trinity, two than coldly wait to be importuned for hundred and sixteen—and to the Male their reluctant contributions ? The mą- Juvenile Society, seventy: in all more nagers hope they do not deceive them- than double the number of adult subselves in believing, that there will be scribers. Their subscription amounts found in their respective congregations to but fifty cents, and yet they have many

rich to cast in of their abund- furnished nearly half the funds of the ance-many a poor, and humble, and society since their institution ! It is pious widow, to cast her mite into the also due to the managers of the juvenile treasury of the Lord. After defraying societies to say, that the committee apthe expense of printing the report, their pointed to attend their monthly meetlittle treasury will be nearly exhausted; ings make a very favourable report of but they hope in faith and confidence, the order and regularity of their prothat this will be the auspicious moment, ceedings. The zeal, and even judgment when added means will give them ad- of these youthful labourers in the Lord's ded opportunities of usefulness. vineyard, is astonishing; and the board

« The board of managers have been consider their conduct and promises of enabled, during the last year, to publish future and increasing usefulness, a great a tract monthly, which in a former re- cause of thankfulness to Him, who has port they announced to be their intcn- put it into their hearts to enlist thus tion, whenever they should have funds early under his banner. sufficient for that purpose. When it is “ The managers, as a means of inconsidered, that from the increasing de- creasing the interest of their subscribers, mands for their publications, they have during the last two years have charged considerably enlarged their editions, themselves with the care of supplying and that the length of the tracts always them with each number, in regular order averages

pages, it will be matter as it has been published. Each member of surprise that, with so few subscri- is of course provided with the means of bers, they have effected so desirable an judging of the fidelity with which the object


duties of the board are performed; each 56 The last annual report announced one has an opportunity of testing the


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merits of the publications selected. The monitors," as one of their reports red managers persuade themselves that marks, “ that come monthly from the much benest has arisen from this mea- press, to enforce the principles of vire sure: they persuade theinselves that tue and morality, or to establish and this is all that is necessary to awaken illustrate the sublime doctrines of the the interest, and secure the good offices Gospel of grace.”

" of their members, and they pledge We cannot conclude without noticing themselves that no exertions on their the addresses above mentioned. Alpart shall be wanting, to employ to the though coming from an “ association of greatest advantage all the funds which school boys," they breathe a spirit of may be intrusted to their management. thought and of fervent piety, creditable

66 The steam boats have been regi- to mature age. Warm and animated, farly supplied with tracts, for the benefit their young hearts send forth their efof travellers. The captain of the boat fusions in language correct, chaste, United States having suggested to the and irresistible. Who can doubt that managers, that, by placing a box on their juvenile attempts will gain the board, some donations might be procur, approbation of God?" Or that," while ed in aid of the funds, the experiment the learned labours of the sage, and the has been made, and has succeeded be- ingenious speculations of the philosoyond their expectations. The managers pher, must often fail to improve and gratefully acknowledge the benevolent sanctify the soul, the Christian doctrines exertions of the captain in their favour, contained in a small and cheap tract, to which they attribute a great part of may be the means of conducting the their success. With such encourage traveller “to piety here, and to inde ment, they are preparing boxes for a scribable happiness hereafter ?” similar purpose, for all the different steam boats belonging to Baltimore. " A list of distribution is added, to

For the Christian Journal, enable the members to trace more distinctly the operations of the society, and Messrs. Swords, in order to excite more effectually their I READ' with much pleasure the reinterest, by presenting to their view at marks of your correspondent N. S. in one glance the extent of benefit furnish- your number for August, on the rubric ed through their means.”

respecting the occasional prayers and

thanksgivings in the Common Prayer The number of tracts printed since Book.” I have ever agreed with him the last report of the board is twelve, in the construction of the rubric, which and five thousand copies of each, mak- he so clearly establishes as the correct ing in all sixty thousand, besides one one. I will take the liberty of offering thousand copies of the fifth report. another reason for supposing that conThe number distributed is reported to struction to have been in the view of be 32,013.

the church. In the service for AshTo this report are appended the con- Wednesday, the church provides prostitution, bye laws, and first annual re- per special prayers; and in that for port of the Juvenile Male Auxiliary Thanksgiving-Day, a proper special Tract Society of Baltimore, with ad- thanksgiving. The former are directed dresses from its members; the consti- to " be said immediately before the gen tution, bye laws, and first annual report neral thanksgiving," and the latter af. of the Juvenile Female Auxiliary Tract ter the general thanksgiving." This, I Society of St. Paul's church, Baltimore; take it, is a clear expression of the and the same of the Juvenile Female sense of our church as to the proper Auxiliary Tract Society of Trinity location of occasional prayers and church, Baltimore: all evincing a spirit thanksgivings, and a proof that she did and zeal very flattering to the pious ex- not design any departure from the rule ertions of the young members of our and custom of the church of England communion, and promising to do much in this particular.

K. good by the circulation of those little

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