there are yet many ladies in the con- 1. A salutatory address, with a poem gregation who have not become mem- in Latin, “ De summa Cæli regione," bers of this society. It is hoped their by Edmund D. Griffin. 2. English aid will not be withheld when solicited. salutatory address, with an oration on It cannot be that they who are continu- the influence of religion upon individual ally enjoying the favours of the Most and national happiness, by Edward High, whose sanctuary privileges are Anthon.-3. An oration in the Greek great as they are numerous, will refuse language, by Lewis Cruger.-4. An to assist in the extension of those fa- oration on the progress of mathemativours to others, when they reflect that cal science, by *Horatio Allen.-5. thousands of their fellow creatures are An oration on refinement of society, as at this moment sunk in the lowest unfavourable to poetry, by William A. depths of vice and immorality, who Lawrence.-6. An oration on the negmight be extricated therefrom by the lect of, and advantages derived from, assistance of those who are abundantly the cultivation of intellect, by * Adolblessed with the blessings of the God plus N. Gouverneur.-7. An oration of heaven. The mind revolts from the on the life and character of Napoleon idea that numberless immortal souls Buonaparte, by James E. S. Hosack.should be left to perish, and not an ef- 8. An oration on the moral and politifort made to save them.

cal influence of history, by Charles J. Who will refuse their cooperation in Smith.-9. An oration on the social a work like this? A brighter reward feelings, by Edward M. Clark.-10. A awaits those favoured beings whom Je- disputation on the question, “Is the hovah permits to be the instruments of prevalence of luxury beneficial to socipromoting his cause, than worlds could ety?” *affirmative, James H. Titus; ever bestow. It is sufficient to excite *negative, John D. Ogden.-11. An the noblest feelings of the soul to think, oration on the invasion of Spain, by that by your exertions the heavenly Wm. D. Henderson.-12. An oration concave may be made to ring with the on the effects of the influx of foreigners shouts of seraphic legions, upon the on the people of the United States, by conversion of a soul. Trusting that *John T. Ferguson.-13. An oration the advancement of the glory of God, on the progress of religious toleration, and the extension of the limits of that by Grenville A. Sacket.-14. An orachurch, which, planted and fostered by tion on the influence of individual on his care he will never forsake, are the national character, by *Christopher points towards which we aim; and Allen.-15. An oration on the perniknowing that a gracious Being “ will cious effects of great talents on men desnot despise the day of small things;" titute of moral principle, by Noel Rolet us continue our exertions for the bertson.--16. The vision of fancy, a prosperity of Zion, and we have the poem, by *John B. Foulke. 17. An assurance that our “ labour shall not be oration on the rising prospects of Ameriin vain."

ca,by Adam D. Logan.-18. An oration on the influence of republican princi

ples, by Jonathan Lawrence.-19. An Columbia College Coinmencement. oration on the causes of the ruin of re

The Annual Commencement of Co- publican and imperial Rome, by Wm. lumbia College was celebrated on Tues- H. Boyd.-20. An oration on the pleaday, Aug. 5,1823, in Trinity church. sures of anticipation, by Henry A. The day was very fine, the company Heyer.—21. An oration on the Spanumerous and highly respectable, and nish history and character, by Edmund the exercises were well and creditably B. Elmendorf.-22. An oration on inperformed. We annex a list of the tellectual attainments, by Mancius S. names of the young gentlemen who gra- Hutton.-23. An oration on the drama, duated, together with the subjects of by William L. Keese.-24. An oration their orations; and also of those who on the German character, by William received the various honours of the F. Havemeyer.--25. An oration on College.

the Indian character, by John A. Hicks.

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--26. An oration on the influence of that of priests. Morning prayer was literature, by * Andrew K. Robertson. celebrated by the Rev. Benjamin T. -27. The testimonials adjudged at Onderdonk, an assistant minister of the late concluding examination were Trinity church; and an appropriate then announced.--28. Valedictory ad- exhortation delivered by the Rev. Wildress, with an oration on national pride, liam Berrian, an assistant minister of by Smith Pyne.--The degree of bach- the same church. elor of arts was conferred on the beforementioned young gentlemen, and on At the public commencement of the George B. Ogden.

University of Pennsylvania, on the 31st The degree of master of arts was of July, 1823, the degree of D. D. was conferred on Daniel L. M. Peixotto, conferred on the Rev. John Churchill M. D. Wm. Beach Lawrence, Henry Rudd, rector of St. John's church, EliCruger, Wm Mitchell, John L Sukeley, zabeth-Town, New-Jersey. John Mitchell, Wm Betts, Roosevelt Johnson, Abraham Halsey.

The Rev. Dr. Alexander Arbuthnot, The honorary degree of A. M. was dean of St. Coleman's, Cloyne, has been conferred on Samuel Seabury, of promoted to the bishoprick of Killaloe Brooklyn, New-York, and on John and Kilfenora, vacant by the translation Carrol, Esq. of Baltimore.

of the Right Rev. Dr. Mant, to the biThe degree of D. D. was conferred shoprick of Down and Connor. on the Right Rev.John S. Ravenscroft, bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the state of North-Carolina, St. James's Church, Delaware. and on the Rev. Chancey Lee, of Cole- On Thursday, July 31st, 1823, St. brook, in the state of Connecticut.

James's church, near Stanton, DelaThe degree of LL D. was confer- ware, was consecrated to the worship red on the Hon. Ambrose Spencer, late of Almighty God, by the Right Rev. chief justice of the supreme court of the William White, D.D. bishop of the state of New-York; on the Hon. Na- Protestant Episcopal Church in the dithan Sanford, chancellor of the state of ocese of Pennsylvania. The morning New-York; on the Hon. John Savage, service was read by the Rev. Mr. Welchief justice of ihe supreme court of the ler, of the diocese of Maryland, and a state of New-York; and on the Hon. discourse, appropriate to the occasion Edward Livingston, of New-Oileans. was delivered by the Rev. Mr Bedell,

The exercises of the day concluded rector of St. Andrew's church, Philawith prayer by the President.

delphia. - The Rev. Robert Clay, recStudents having an asterisk (*) affix- for of the church, and the Rev. Messrs. ed to their names, were excused from Williston and Brinchley were also predelivering their orations,


It is interesting to remark the proOrdinations.

gress of the church in the state of Dela On the 30th of June, 1823, in Stam- ware. It is not long since the vestry ford, Connecticut, the Rev. Ambrose S. of the church at Newcastle enlarged Todd, deacon, was admitted to the holy their ancient Suilding, and made it a order of priests; and on the 29th of July, beautiful church, which has been finishin Chester, Mr. William Shelton was ed with a very fine clock in the steeples, admitted to the holy order of deacons, the workmanship of Lukens of this city. by the Right Rev. Thomas C. Brown- St. James's church has, for a number ell, bishop of the diocese.

of years, been connected with the At an ordination held in Trinity Church of Newcastle under the pastoChurch, New-York, on Wednesday, ral care of the Rev. Robert Clay. The Aug. 6,1823, by the Right Rev. Bishop old building in which the congregations Hobart, Cornelius R. Duffie was ad- had worshipped having gone much to mitted to the holy order of deacons; decay, the present church has been and the Rev. George W. Doane, dea- built within a very short distance, and con, officiating in Trinity church, to is a building which reflects great

credit on all who have been engaged, ized him, made a rural table under particularly to Mr. Barker, whose zeal the fine spreading oaks, and such of the and persevering industry is beyond company as saw fit to remain, partook praise. It is a stone building, nearly of a substantial dinner which had been square, finished with galleries and every prepared for the occasion- a blessing convenience for the purpose intended. from the throne of grace being asked by An air of great neatness runs through the Bishop, to accompany the reception the whole. The site on which the of the creatures of a bountiful Provla church is built is one of the greatest dence-Philadelphia Recorder. beauty. The building is near one extremity of a ten acre lot (the property of the church) of the most majestic

For the Christian Journal oaks, whose deep rich foliage occasionally hide it from view. There is a re- 1 SCRIPTURE HYMNS. pose and a beauty about the scenery, Version of Job xix. 21, &c. which seem fitted to cherish the feel

Thy hand, O God, hath touch'd my heart, ings of devotion, and the world appears My deep aflictions bear me down, as it were shut out. The grave yard

My besh and spirit feel thy dart, surrounding the old church has many

i sink beneath thy awful frown. a tomb stone which tells the brief story

O then, that all my words of grief of those who an hundred years ago


And tears were written in thy book!

O that my woes without relief come up to that place to worship.

Were graven in the lasting rock! There were many circumstances

For great the hope thy promise gives which rendered the day peculiarly in- To all chastised of thee, O Lord! teresting. The ruins of the old church, I know that my Redeemer lives,

And will his mourning saints reward. which is one of the most ancient which is to be found in this section of the

Though, in the grave's unhallow'd glooma,

Corruption revel on this form, country--a new and handsome build

And all within the festering tomb ing erected by the persevering efforts Be given to th' insatiate worm, of a few staunch friends the venerable Yet shall my flesh behold my God, Bishop of Pennsylvania, whose life has My body glorious shall arise ;

And I shall dwell in his abode, been coeval with the history of the

And ever see him with my eyes. American church-a congregation so

JEDUTHUN large that probably not more than one half were in the interior of the building,

Version of 1 Timothy vi. 11-16. and composed of persons of the first

Do thou, O man of God, respectability-many of the clergy

Flee all the ways of death; from different dioceses, who took part And follow afier righteousness, in the exercises of the occasion-and Patience, and love, and faith. the circumstance of a neat and commo- Fight the good fight of faith dious building, in which the congrega

Šo solemnly profess'd ; tion can worship God after the manner

Lay hold on everlasting life,

'Thou, cali'd among the blest! of their fathers, all unite to impress

Be this thy sacred charge;the mind with feelings of no ordinary As God thou dost revere, description. May the great Head of the

To keep his precepts unrebuked church, to whom this temple is now

Till Christ again appear. dedicated, condescend to bless the un- For in his chosen times

God will reveal his Son; dertaking; and may that Gospel which

The King of kings, and Lord of lords, is the power of God unto salvation, be

Bless'd and supreme alone. there preached, till the people of the

And none but this our God Lord have no more need of earthly tem- Hath immortality; ples, but shall serve God day and night He dwells in light none can approach, in that temple which is in heaven.

Nor mortal ever see. As the congregation had come many To Him then be ascribed, of them from a distance, and as the ex

With highest purest praise,

All honour, majesty, and power, ercises were long, Mr. Barker, with a

Eternal as his days. hospitality which has always character

JEDUTHUN. For the Christian Journal.

property, he could not be dissuaded from The Season of Rest. By u young Ludy of 15. the attempt to prepare himself for the It was night, and all naturc was still,

Gospel ministry. After his steadfast deThe sun had long set in the west;

termination became fully known, some exI said, “I will now fear no ill,

ertions were made to assist him. In the But enjoy this sweet season of rest." spring of 1819, he removed to a neighbour. How like is man's life to a day

ing town, where he was employed by a That in fleeting colours is drest,

destitute congregation as a lay reader. In But which in an hour fades away,

this service lie continued for more than And he slowly sinks into his rest.

two years, diligently engaged in improv.

ing his mind, and in doing good among For the sleep of the grave is profound,

the people. Towards the end of 1821, he By no trouble can we be oppress'd; And we sweetly repose in the ground,

presented himself for deacon's orders; and But is only a season of rest.”

though his literary acquirements were

scanty, yet such were his endowments of For again the bright morn sh:1) appear;

nature and

grace, that there was no hesitaIn that morn shall each Christian be blest, And in worlds where can enter no tear,

tion in admitting him to the sacred office. Never wish for " a season of rest."

Within a few months from the time of his MARY.

ordination, he was settled in the parishes

of Berkshire and Montgomery, in the north For the Christian Journal.

part of the state, and soon assisted in Ur

ganizing another parish in the adjoining To Hope.

lown of Enosburgh. In this situation he Celestial Hope! I keep this mark,

had laboured but little more than a year, Thy day-star cheers my doubtful way;

when, in the height of his activity and useThough oft I wander in the dark, As oft illumed hy thy bright ray.

fulness, and while enjoying the full confi.

dence and affection of the people under In dire affliction's night and storms,

his care, he was suddenly removed from Whren lank despair, with hollow eye,

bis earthly toils to his heavenly rest. On Approaches with unfolding arms,

the 7th of April last, being called to atI Hee his grasp, for thou art nigh.

tend the funeral of a child at some distance Propitious Hope! on thee I rest;

from home, he had occasion to pass a conLed through rough paths by the soft hand, siderable river, which was much raised by Thou dost console my troubled breast,

a recent freshet, and the bridge carried When wayward fortune lifts her wand.

away. With two other men, and a lad of Upon thy anchor firm reclined,

about fourteen, he attempted the passage 1 sink into a calm repose

in a small canoe. As soon as they reached Give all my sorrows to the wind,

the main current of the stream, they were and bid it waft away my woes.

all thrown instantly into the river

The Beyond those hills of towering height,

other two men, with some difficulty, Wbose awful summits meet the sky,

reached the short; aud it appears probable My soul to those blest worlds of light, that Mr. Gray, if he had been unencumBland Hope, on thy soft wings shall fly. bered, might have done the same. But,

as he fell into the water, the boy clasped If life's late evening I should see, And doubt and gloona my bosom rend;

around him, and both soon disappeared. Hope, let me ever rest on thee,

Nearly six weeks after the melancholy Be my consoler and my friend.

event, the body of Mr. Gray was taken up

about two miles down the river; but the When on the bed of death l’m laid, Then let thy glowing lamp burn bright;

body of the lad had not then been found. Support me through the gloomy shade,

Thus a faithful and promising young clerAnd bear me to the realms of light. gyman has been suddenly taken away;

LAURA. three parishes, that had anticipated much

prosperity under his care, are left desti

tute; and, what is above all things affect. Obituary of the Rev. Jordan Gray.

ing, a wife and two children, who had a THE Rev. Jordan Gray, of this diócese, fair prospect of a competent and respect. lately deceased, was born at Arlington, able support, are thrown into complete inVermont. From his youth he was impress- digence, and must depend on friends for ed with a deep sense of the importance of subsistence. The time is short. Let mi. religion. He was a young man of unques. nisters improve the moments as they pass; rionable integrity, and could be charged and let the people profit by the ministry with no vice.--In the autumn of 1817, Mr. of the word, and the means of grace ; for Gray became more deeply engaged in the soon all these privileges will be taken service of his divine Master; and notwith- away, and every one's account will be seal. Standing he had now a family, and but little ed up for judgment.--Gospel Advocate.

To Correspondents.-K. and P. R. came too late for insertion in this number

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Abstract of the Proceedings of the Being, who in a state of humanity

Convention of the Diocese of Mary- atoned for sin, established a church, lanı, held in St. Paul's Church, Bul- and now watches over her concerns. timore, May 28th, 29th, and 30th, Under his all-seeing eye, and in sub1823.

mission to his holy will, our deliberaThe convention was composed of tions are to be conducted. the Right Rev. Bishop Kemp, thirty

Two causes have prevented me from four presbyters, four deacons, and forty- being able to perform the usual portion eight lay-delegates, representing the of episcopal service-the one, was the same number of parishes.

absence of my colleague last year, till It was opened with morning prayer

the season of visitation had passed by the Rev. Jonathan Judd, rector of away: the other, a severe domestic afGreat Choptank, Cambridge, Dorches-fiction, which confined me to my family ter; a sermon by the Rev. Edmund D. for five months. Still I am not sensible Barry, D.D. professor of languages in that any episcopal duties have been the university of Maryland, and princi- omitted or postponed, which were abpal of an academy in Baltimore; and solutely necessary to the welfare of the the administration of the holy commu

church. Immediately after the convennion by the bishop.

tion, on the 9th day of June, I held an The Rev. Wm. E. Wyatt, D.D. was

ordination in St. John's church, in the elected secretary, and the Rev. George city of Washington, when the Rev. Mr. M'Elhiney appointed assistant secre- Aydelott

, the Rev.Mr.Wm.Armstrong,

and the Rev. Mr. Daniel Somers, were tary.

On motion, resolved, that the thanks admitted to the holy order of priests; of the convention be presented to the and Mr. Lemuel Wilmer to the holy Rev. Dr. Barry, for the very excellent order of deacons. And the same day, sermon delivered by him at the open

in the afternoon, I confirmed, in the ing of this convention.

same church, twenty-five persons. I Resolved, that the practice of pre- Christ church, Georgetown, when eigh

also held a confirmation at night, in senting thanks to the clergy for sermons preached at the opening of the conven

teen white persons,

and seventeen black tions of the ProtestantEpiscopalChurch

were confirmed. On the 10th day of

the of Maryland, be discontinued.

same month, I received from the In conformity with the forty-fifth ca- standing committee a testimonial in fanon of the General Convention of 1808,

vour of Mri Silas C. Freeman, and the bishop delivered an address, from placed him on the roll of candidates for which the following is extracted.

holy orders. On the 6th day of Sep

tember, in St. Paul's, Baltimore, I adMy reverend brethren of the clergy, mitted the Rev. Mr. Joseph Spencer to

and gentlemen of the laity, the holy order of priests; and the same Under the good providence of Al- day gave him a letter of dismission to mighty God, we are again permitted to the diocese of Pennsylvania, in as much assemble, to review the condition, and as he had been appointed a professor to consult the interest of our portion of in Carlisle college. the church of Christ. The occasion is- I consecrated to the service of Al full of interest, as well as of awe; par- mighty God, on the 17th day of Septicularly when we consider, that the tember, 1822, a new church, lately built Head of this church is that heavenly in Rockville, Montgomery county, by VOL. VIJ.


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