hortations, as well to the sick as the amidst the cares and vexations of this whole, within your cures, as need should mortal life, we suffer them, at any time, require and occasion should be given.” to escape our memory, and thus sin

You did then vow, that, by the grace against God and violate our oaths, as of God, “ you would be diligent in effectually by negligence, as by wilful prayers and in reading the holy scrip- transgression Precious and important tures, and in such studies as help to the as is the treasure of the Christian miknowledge of the same; laying aside the nistry, yet we must ever remember, that study of the world and the Hesh.” we bear about with us “this treasure in

You did then vow, that, the Lord be- earthen vessels;" of whose frailty, esing your helper,“ you would be diligent pecially that of negligence, if we be not to frame and fashion your own selves constantly mindful, we may lose our and families according to the doctrine own souls, and those of many who are of Christ; and to make both yourselves committed to our charge. and them, as mich as in you lieth, Suffer, then, the word of exhortation, wholesome examples and patterns to I beseech you. Let no suspicion of the flock of Christ."

even a remote personality deprive that You did then promise and vow, that, exhortation of its due effect. Keep ever the Lord being your helper, “ you printed on your conscious minds, the would maintain and set forward, as full nature and extent of your ordinamuch as lieth in you, quietness, peace, tion vows. To which end, often peruse and love among all Christian people, them; and as in the presence of the and especially among them that are or heart-searching God, often ask your shall be committed to your charge.own hearts, without partiality or reser

Finally, you did then, under the vation, for the sincerity with which you same solemnities, promise, that, by the are bound to fulfil them. Above all, as grace of God, “ you would reverently the year rolls round and brings to your obey your bishop and other chief minis- enjoyment another anniversary of tbe ters, who, according to the canons of day of your ordination, resolve to dedithe church, may have the charge and cate it in serious meditation on the past, government over you; following, with and holy resolutions for the time to a glad mind and will, their godly ad- come. Wherein you have been remiss, monitions, and submitting yourselves or, at the expense of dury, consulted to their godly judgments.”

personal ease, worldly interest or pasAll this you did promise and vow; sion, there implore, in humble prayer and that each and every part of this and unostentatious fasting, the divine most solemn transaction was on your forgiveness, through Jesus Christ; and part done in sincerity and truth, with- never cease your supplications to this out any reservation, prevarication, or effect, till you feel your prayer answered self-evasion of mind whatsoever, the in the grace of God, giving you holy divine blessing was invoked upon you and steadfast purposes of amendment in these most solemn and pious words for the future. In short, keep your by the bishop:-“ Almighty God, who vows, as Christian ministers, always on hath given you this will to do all these your minds and hearts, and God will things, grant also unto you strength and give you grace to fulfil them, to the power to perform the same; that he edifying of his church, and the saving may accomplish his work which he of your own souls. hath begun in you, through Jesus Christ

Dear brethren of the laity, our Lord.”

These, brethren, are your ministerial In addressing you of this convention, duties, and this a faithful recital of the it is understood that I am addressing obligations which you took upon you, the members and friends of our commuwhen admitted to the dignity of the nion throughout the diocese. priesthood. They are too plain to need Appointed by the providence of God a comment; too solemn to need en

to preside over you in the character of forcing.

a Father to the family of Christ, there The only thing to be feared is, that, would be reason deeply to lament my

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great insensibility, if the relation which point of duty, therefore, I would call I bear to you did not call forth the ten- your attention; for, without it, as you derest solicitude for your welfare; es- perceive, ali the means of grace which pecially that which relates to the salva- you enjoy. will be as if they never tion of your souls. Redeemed by the were. Pray, then, for yourselves,

. blood of Christ, you constitute a charge, or the prayers of others will be lost of all things the most precious, of which, upon you. In secret beg God to give if I am not in some degree sensible, you a sense of your sins, and shew you words would be wanting to shew my your undone condition by nature; or crime. You will therefore believe the the offers of pardon made to you in assurance which I now most solemnly the Gospel, will have no power to exgive you, that to be instrumental in se- cite your love. Commence, and concuring the end of your redemption in tinue, the worship of God in your famithe final salvation of your souls, is my lies; or God will not commence, nor best and highest wish-a wish, which continue, his work of grace to the salby day often rises into prayer, and by vation of yourselves and households. night, in anxious visions, visits my pil- On the morning and evening lesson low. But how to be this instrument, read with solemnity according to the and how to accomplish this wish, forms appointment of the church, never cease my greatest anxiety. The means of to implore the heavenly blessing, that grace are before you, it is true; but God " who hath caused all holy scriphow to persuade you to use them aright qures to be written for our learning, is the difficulty. "The Holy Bible is in would be pleased to direct and sanctify your hands, but who can incline your your hearts, that you may so read, mark, hearts to read it with attention? Ser- learn, and inwardly digest them, that mons are preached in your ears, but by patience and comfort of his holy who shall give them that saving efficacy word, you may embrace and ever hold by which your hearts may be convinced fast the blessed hope of everlasting of sin and converted unto holiness ? life.” When prayers are offered up to The sacraments are often administered God, and his praises celebrated in pubto'many, and before the most of you; lic, never cease, I beseech you, to join, but who shall so bless them, as, on the with your hearts and voices, in the soone hand, to excite you to their constant lemn duty. Be not among those, who, dise, and, on the other, to shield them when appearing before God, refuse from abuse and profanity ? God's pro- to perform the pious part assigned vidence is always before you, in govern- them; or, those that think a cold, outing the world, in giving you fruitful ward conformity is all that is required. seasons, in filling your hearts with food Remember that close attention and unand gladness, in warning you by the feigned devotion are the indispensable death of others, to be mindiul of your requisites to make the beauty of our own; but, who shall awaken-moh! who worship “the beauty of holiness." shall subdue your callous hearts, rightly If you complain of lukewarmness in to improve that providence to the sal- your devotions, let the danger which vation of your souls? As God alone these complaints suggest, prompt you to can do this, to him only can I look for pray God to give you a heart to pray. aid, for power and direction, to make if your sins present themselves in array my labours, and those of my dear bre- against you, and attempt to stifle the thren of the ministry, of any use to you. voice of prayer, fly as those who are

Fruitless, however, will be the perishing, to the bosom of your Saviour, prayers as well as the endeavours of who once bore your sins on the cross, the ministers of Christ, unless you also and now, if you put your trust in him, can be excited to pray for yourselves. is ever ready to relieve from

your Prayer is to the soul what culture is to burden. Ten thousand times better the soil; it fits and prepares it both is the case of him who feels his sins to receive the seed of God's word, and weighing him down to the earth, if they to render the dews and showers of hea- cause him to smite upon his breast and venly grace availing. To this one cry, “God be merciful to me a sinner,"

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than that of him, who, however he may On the Wednesday following, viz. the bóthank God that he is not as other 12th of June, 1823, I admitted the Rev. men are,” yet by his life and conver- Ezra B. Kellogg to the holy order of sation shews that faith and piety are not priests, in St. Paul's church, Chillicothe. his ruling principles. Beg God, then, On the 15th, Saturday, I was at to make you feel your sins—and his Portsmouth, and performed divine sermercy will hear your prayers when vice and preached in the evening, crying for forgiveness. In hearing ser- Next day, Sunday, read morning and mons, never content yourselves with evening prayers, preached two serbarely hearing. As you go along with mons, and confirmed six persons. The the preacher, and approve of what is sacraments of the Lord's supper and said, sincerely though silently offer unto baptism also were administered. God the fervent wish, the devout eja- On the 19th of Jure I was at Chilliculation, that the God of grace would cothe, and performed divine service and bless his word and impress its truth preached in the evening. Sunday, the upon your hearts. The sermon other- 23d, at Worthington, and performed wise, however true and excellent in the ordinary duties. The 28th, on Alitself, will do you little good. All that lum Creek, and performed the burial is said will be meant for others and not service. Sunday, the 30th, I was too for you: your taste may criticise, but much indisposed in bodily health to your hearts will be none the better. leave my dwelling.

Hear, then, the sum of all I would July the 1st, though in ill health, I set say to you. Sincerely say your pray- off for the south. ers to God through Jesus our Lord. July 2d, I preached and performed diBegin to pray, and you will cease to sin:' vine service in Springfield, and the 3d, continue instant, faint not in this holy did the same at Dayton. Sunday the 7tli, duty, and God will own you for his I preached in Cincinnati three times. children, his family and his church here Previously to my visiting the last on earth; and in the world to come, he mentioned place, I had received letters wilt crown you with eternal glory. from the trustees of Cincinnati College, Dear brethren of the clergy and laity.

signifying my election to the presidency:

and now, finding that this appointment Having spoken thus freely and sin- had not only been unanimous, but that cerely, though very briefly, of your du- it was urged on my acceptance with ties, it remains to speak of those which assurances of its heing consistent with God has enabled me to perform since the performance of my episcopal duties, our last meeting. 'In an address of this as far, and perhaps farther, than for the nature, to mention my own embarrass- want of the means of travelling would ments might want decorum, were it not otherwise be permitted, I thought pronecessary to state the cause of neglect- per to-accept it. The kind treatment ing so great a portion of my diocese. I have hitherto experienced, and the

Painful as it has been to my feelings field opened to me by these means, of to leave the north part of the state for being constantly useful to the rising two summers without an episcopal vi- generation, are circumstances which, sitation, yet my health, and the want of though attended with some sacrifices, pecuniary means of travelling, not per- are calculated to afford agreeable prosmitting it, I am sure of your forbear- pects. The measure is at the disposal ance from censure; and I hope, also, of a merciful Providence: I pray

that the Great Head of the church will not it may be for good. record the omission as a sin against me. In returning to my family, then at

On June 9th, the Sunday next sue- Worthington, after spending the Sunceeding the last convention at Worthing- day at Dayton, and performing morning ton, I admitted Messrs. John Hall and and evening service, and preaching Rufus Murray to the holy order of twice, I took Troy and Piqua in my deacons; and on the same day, at the way, where I did the usual duties. same place, I administered the apostolic Here the prospects of the churchi, rite of confirmation to twelve persons. though lately very flattering, are some

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what damped by the unexpected de- enabled me to travel it in two days. parture of the Rev. Spencer Wall. The remainder of the week was spent They seemed, however, not discourag- in assisting the Rev. Mr. Morse in paroed; and look forward with peculiar chial duties. On the evening of the

l solicitude for the services of a pious 10th, divine service was performed by missionary.

Mr. Morse, and a sermion by myself. Sunday 21st, I was at Worthington; Sunday the 11th, still at Steubenville and the 20th at Delaware, performed –morning and evening service. The duty morning and evening. Monday holy communion was administered, 29th, in the afternoon, I read prayers fourteen persons confirmed, and one and preached at Berkshire, besides child baptized. meeting the youth in the evening for Monday 12th, at St. James's, Cross prayer and exhortation.

Creek, the holy sacrament was admiMonday 22d, I pursued my journey, nistered, and five persons confirmed. . through almost an entire woods, to Tuesday 13th, at Mr. Finlay's, 10 Coshocton county. Here, in Perry miles from Cross Creek, confirmed one, township, a few families had associated and administered the communion to together under the direction of the Rev. between 20 and 30 persons. From Mr. Morse, by the name of St. Mat this till Saturday, I spent the time in thew's Church. Their zeal in proceed- St. Clairsville, when divine service was ing immediately, though under straight- held and a sermon preached. ened circumstances, to the erection of Sunday the 18th, I consecrated a a place for public worship, deserves neat and commodious building to the much priase. The building, though service of Almighty God in St. Clairsmade with hewed logs, bids fair to ville, by the name of St. Thomas's unite a considerable degree of neatness Church. It is 50 feet by 40, built of with commodiousness and firmness: brick, and neatly finished. The people when it is considered that it is the effect of St. Clairsville, under the

very of the personal labour of a handful of ble exertions of the Rev. Mr. Armpious men, assisted only by the volun- strong, who, though living in Virginia, tary donation of a few persons in Zanes- officiates by letters missionary among -yille, in the articles of glass and nails, them, deserve much praise for their it will, when finished, furnish a theme zeal and liberality. Few persons have of wonder and praise. God grant that done more with the like means. Would this worthy example may be imitated that their example in this respect were by others in like, and more favourable imitated. This is the second church circumstances.

consecrated in the episcopal commuIn this parish I endeavoured to per- nion west of the mountains. After the form the duty imposed upon me by our service of consecration, the rite of conHeavenly Master, in visiting the sick, firmation was administered to ten, and in prayers, and in preaching the word, the holy communion was celebrated. from the 31st of July till the 4th of Monday the 19th of August, in August, when I administered the company with the Rev. Mr. Armstrong Lord's supper to 17, and confirmed and others, I visited Morristown, 22 persons. Monday the 5th, in com- preached, and baptized one child. The pany with Mr. Trimble, I rode about body of a small church is reared in this 15 miles to Mill Creek township, be- place, which, it is hoped, may be tween the Tuscurawas and Whitewo- finished for consecration this fall. The man rivers. Here, the same day, ac- pious exertions of a few in this place cording to appointment previously sent, and neighbourhood deserve much'comI preached, confirmed 9, and adminis- mendation. I sincerely pray that their tered the holy communion. The same liberality may be returned in heavenly day rode 12 miles to Coshocton village, blessings. held service, and preached in the even- Wednesday 21st, I was in Monroe ing.

county, held divine service, and From Coshocton to Steubenville is preached, at Mr. Bryan's; same even80 miles. Under a burning sun God ing rode through the woods about five


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miles to visit a sick person, and, after and Hamilton, The last mentioned prayers and exhortation, returned to place, 25 miles from Cincinnati, I have Mr. Wendal's.

visited three times this spring; insti. Next day, August 22d, I held divine tuted a parish by the name of St. Matservice, and preached to a congregation thew's, in which are eight communigathered in the woods, and baptized cants, three of whom I confirmed. one child.

Having been called to Zanesville last Viewing the destitirte condition of February, by the very alarming sickthese interesting people, not only in ness of my son, I had the great satisrespect of the means of religion, but faction of administering the holy supthose of common learning, I thought per again to the communicants of that proper to engage Mr. Jno. M. Jones, a parish, all the members of which seem candidate for holy orders, as a lay now doubly dear to me, for their unreader and catechist, to place himself common kindness shown their minister among them, and to teach school. in the time of great distress. From his well known character for Besides my duties to the youth in piety, from conversations had with him college since in Cincinnati, I have deemin person, and more especially from ac- ed it incumbent on me to assist the Rev. counts by letter received from the peo- Mr. Johnston, whenever in my power, ple of his charge, I am fully persuaded in whatever pertaineth to the adminishe has done his duty faithfully, and tration of the word and sacraments. been instrumental of much good to the I cannot close this account of the church of the Redeemer. For this im- year that is past, without thus publicly portant service, I gave him to expect acknowledging the goodness of God in the sum (would it were more) of 50 raising me twice, since I saw you, from dollars per annum, it being understood very great and dangerous sickness. that the principal means of livir.g would When to all expectation brought very be afforded him by the persons among near the eternal world, the Divine Hand whom he officiates. From Monroe was almost visible in detaining me.county I passed directly to Zanesville, That this, my longer continuance

I where, on the 24th, Saturday, there was among you, may be for our mutual service and a sermon.

good in this world, and eternal happiSunday the 25th, assisted by the Rev. ness in the next, I beg you to join P. Chase, jun. divine service was per- your prayers with those of your affece formed, and sermons preached, morn- tionate pastor. ing and evening. The same duties By the foregoing statement, it may were performed on the Saturday fol- be seen that, in this diocese, during the lowing; the remainder of the week last year, there have been confirmed being employed in visiting the members eighty-seven persons. The number of the parish.

baptized, on my private record, is Sunday, 1st of September, still at thirty-six. With the exception of one Zanesville. Two persons were con- or two instances, I have noticed a firmed, and the holy communion ad- considerable increase to the holy comministered sermon and prayers both munion, and a growing zeal for religion. morning and evening. In the evening Many places, however, by reason of the holy sacrament was administered their remote and destitute condition, at the bed-side of a sick person. On are more the subject of our prayers than Monday and Tuesday I returned to my of our congratulations.

I then residence in Worthington.

As president of the missionary soMy time from this period to the pre- ciety, under your particular patronage, sent has been divided between the du- I can state to you that all the means, ties of an ecclesiastical nature, and by writing and entreaty, to such at the those which arose out of the appoint- eastward as I supposed influential in ment to the Presidency of Cincinnati sending proper clergymen to visit and College. In going to and returning build up our vacant parishes, have from the commencement last Septem- been hitherto unavailing. With anber, I officiated at Springfield, Dayton, guish of heart inexpressible, I have been

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