After the report was accepted, the. to make such collections. It is but reafollowing resolution was adopted :- sonable that the missionary should de

Resolved, that the thanks of this con- rive his support from those who enjoy vention be given to the Rev. Richard his labour of love; whereas at present S. Mason, for the instructive and im- the missionary fund consists almost enpressive discourse delivered by him at tirely of contributions from congregathe opening thereof.

tions and individuals in other parts of

the diocess. The following report was then presented from the Missionary Society:

It is true, that in parts of the coun

try where the interests of our church Report of the Committee from the are weak and incipient, little pecuniary Missionary Society.

aid can be expected; but from the acThe committee to whom it was re- counts which the missionaries have exferred to report on the state of the vis- hibited, of the number and ability of sionary Society, beg leave to present the adherents to our church in the disthe following:

trict assigned them, we have reason to It appears that the board of mana- believe that much more liberal assistgers, during the past year, employed ance might be obtained than has hitherto four missionaries for the term of six been realized. months—The Rev. Mr. Green, in the The disbursements during the year, eastern, and the Rev. Messrs. Miller, including payment of arrears due the Wright, and Davis, in the western part missionaries for the preceding year, of the diocess.

amount to $ 922 37; the receipts durThe Rev. Mr. Green, having paro- ing the same time, inclusive of collecchial charges at Williamsboro' and tions paid into the treasury at this conWarrenton, has been able to give only vention, amount to $ 1,105 34-leavone third of his time to the calls of the ing on hand a balance of $182 97. society, and during that time has la- Respectfully submitted, boured chiefly at Raleigh and Oxford. Wm. Hooper,

Committee. He has occasionally visited Halifax, Wm. M. GREEN, S Milton, and St. Mary's chapel, in Orange, and thinks all of those places Dr. Burgess, from the committee on deserve the attention of the society. the episcopate, presented the following

The missionaries in the western part report:of the diocess report favourably of the The committee, to whom was referprospects of our church in that quarter; red the subject of appointing a bishop, but as yet they have made no collections and of inquiring into the probable prosin aid of the funds of the society. pects of raising a fund for his support,

It was hoped from the assurances the ask leave to report, That they have society received at the last annual meet- taken the above subject into consideraing, that the funds raised by collections tion, and from the flattering representain the congregations where the mission- tions of the different members of the aries were employed, would have been church now in convention, and a resufficient to defray the expenses of the liance upon the liberality of our bremissions; but this expectation has been thren generally, your committee enterdisappointed, and the missionaries for tain no doubt but a sufficient sum may the ensuing year are again earnestly be raised in this diocess, by private desired, previously to their attendance, contribution, for the comfortable supat the next convention, to make, in all port of a bishop; and from the great the congregations where they labour, need there is in our diocess of the lacollections for the missionary fund, and bours of one, and the confident hope to bring forward such collections with that their expectations in being able to them to the convention; and it is hoped support him may be realized, your comthis suggestion will induce influential mittee recommend the adoption of the individuals in the several congregations following resolution :served by our missionaries, to exert Resolved, that in compliance with a themselves in assisting the missionaries resolution of the last convention, this convention do forthwith proceed to the mit to him the testimonials required by election of a bishop for the diocess of the third canon, to enable him to receive North-Carolina. 10

consecration to that holy office, at the All which was adopted.

next General Convention to be held in Resolved, that the place of holding Philadelphia. the next annual convention be at Wil- Resolved, that the annual salary of liamsboro', Granville county.

the bishop elect, until the further order On motion, resolved, that the thanks of the convention, be fixed at the sum of this convention be given to the Rev. of $ 750, to be paid semi-annually, exMr. Empie, for his able discharge of clusively of prochial support; and that the office of president.

the Rev. William M. Green, who hath Resolved, that the convention does been appointed agent to raise a fund hereby recommend to the several con- for that purpose, be requested to remit gregations throughout the state, that such sums as he may from time to time they should annually elect a vestry of receive, to the standing committee for four or more persons, and two church- the time being, who are hereby constiwardens; and, for the sake of unifor- tuted trustees for receiving and disbursmity, does likewise recommend to each ing the same. congregation Easter-Monday as a day Resolved, that the committee be refor such purpose.

quested to invest the surplus of the The clergy having informed the sum, at the end of each year, in some house that they had unanimously no- permanent and productive fund at their minated, according to the 9th article of discretion. the constitution, the Rev. John S. Ra- On motion, resolved, that so much VENSCROFT, Rector of St. James's of the second article of the constitution church, Mecklenburg county, Virginia, of the church in this diocess, as preas a suitable person for the office of bi- scribes the time of the annual meeting shop in this diocess; the convention of the convention to be on the second proceeded to consider the said nomina- Thursday after Easter, be repealed, tion, when it was found to be unani- and that in future the time of meeting mously agreed to by those present. shall be on the third Thursday after

Resolved, that the thanks of this Easter in each and every year. convention be tendered to the inhabit- Resolved, that a committee consiste ants of Salisbury and its vicinity, foring of two clerical and one lay member their kindness in extending to us the of the convention, be appointed to uso of their church, during our present draft an address to the members and session, and likewise for their hospita- friends of the Episcopal Church of this lity to the members of the convention. diocess, setting forth the immediate ne

The committee appointed on the Rev. cessity of creating a fund for an episcoMr. Hooper's motion, presented their pate, informing them of the appointreport, which, after some amendments, ment of a general agent for that purwas adopted.

pose, and earnestly soliciting their ex

ertions in aid of the same; and that Report.

such address, as soon as prepared, be Whereas the Rev. John S. Ravens- printed by the secretary of the Miscroft, rector of St. James's parish, in sionary Society, and forwarded to the the diocess of Virginia, hath been at clergymen of the respective congregathe present convention elected bishop tions in this diocess, and all sạch other of this diocess, according to the form means adopted, as by the committee and manner prescribed in the canons of may be deemed most expedient for the the constitution of the Protestant Epis- free and

general circulation of the same. copal Church in the United States, The Rev. Messrs. Hooper and Miland of the constitution and canons of ler, of the clergy, and the Hon. J. L. the Protestant Episcopal Church in this Taylor, of the laity, were appointed the state ; resolved, that the standing com- committee. mittee be requested to communicate the Resolved, that this convention resame to the bishop elect, and to trans- commend the establishment of Sunday Vol. VII.


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schools to the several parishes in this "On the 23d of July, I attended and aiocess.

presided at the annual meeting of the After prayer, by the president, the trustees of the Theological Seminary convention adjourned sine die.

in New-York; on which occasion it was

matter of great satisfaction to me, to This diocess contains twenty-five witness the progress made at so early a congregations.

period of an institution, which is likely, under the blessing of God, to be the

nursery of a pious, learned, and a zealAbstract of the Proceedings of the ous ministry in our church. This leads

Thirty-ninth Convention of the Dio- me to mention, that in consequence of cess of Pennsylvania, hild in Sz. the exertions of some respectable ladies James's Church, Lancaster, on the of the city of Philadelphia, there has 13th, 14th, and '15th of May, 1823. been established a scholarship in that

institution, by the deposit of $2,500 in The convention was composed of the its treasury. The sum exacted by the Right Rev. Bishop White, fourteen laws of the institution is $2,000; bút presbyters, two deacons, and thirty-four the ladies have exceeded the requisilay delegates, representing twenty-two tion. "They have done me the honour "congregations.

to call the scholarship after my name; The convention having organized on and the appointment of a scholar 'is to the first day, and appointed the Rev. be permanently in the 'ecclesiastical'auWilliam H. De Lancey secretary, ad- thority of this diocess. journed until the second day, when

On the 5th of September, 'I laid the morning prayer was conducted by the cornerstone of a church in the city of Rev. James Abercrombie, D.D. senior Philadelphia, to be called St. Andrew's assistant minister of Christ church, St.

church. Peter's, and St. James's, Philadelphia, On the 15th of the same month, in and a sermon preached by the Rev. 'the forenoon, I preached and confirmed Gregory T. Bedell

, rector of St. An- in St. Mary's church, Chester county; drew's church, Philadelphia. St. Andrew's church, Philadelphia, the same in Bangor church, Lancaster

and, on the afternoon of that'day, I did St. Stephen's church, Philadelphia, and

county. Christ church, Greensburgh, West- On the 27th of the same month, I admoreland county, were received into

mitted to priests' orders, under letters union with this convention.

dimissory from Bishop Bowen, Peter The Right Rev. Bishop White, in Vanpelt, jun. formerly of this diocess. compliance with the 45th canon of the General Convention, read the following corner stone of a small church in a set

On the 17th of October, I laid the address upon the state of the church in tlement called Francisville, at the disthis diocess:

tance of about a mile from the city of Brethren, the Clergy, and Lay

Philadelphia, to the north-west. The

church is to be called after the name of Deputies of this Convention,

St. Matthew. The following communication is On the 29th of October, 'I consemade in compliance with the requisi- crated Emanuel church, in the borough stions of the 45th canon.

of New-Castle, in the state of DelaOn the 5th of May, in the forenoon, ware; on which occasion I preached, I preached and confirmed in An-Saints and administered the Lord's Supper. church, Lower Dublin; and, in the af- On the 22d day of December, in St. "ternoon of that day, I did the same in James's church, in the city of PhiladelTrinity church, Oxford.

phia, I ordained, to the holy order of On the 30th of May, I laid the cor- priests, Joseph Jaquett, of this diocess. ner stone of a church in the city of Phi- On the 28th of February, I conseladelphia, which church was called af. crated St. Stephen's church; the córter the name of the first martyr, St. Ste- ner stone of which had been laid, as alphèn.

ready stated.


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Persons confirmed by me within the state, has been, and is still successfully , year are 210 in number. The dates of employed in raising congregations in confirmations held in the churches un- Greensburg and Kittaning. der my pastoral care have not been 'no- The Rev. Norman Nash, formerly a ticed.

deacon of the diocess of Virginia, has The Rey. Samuel Sitgreaves, jun. been transferred to this diocess. Since who had been ordained in this his na- his settlement in it, he has been emtive state, but had been settled for some ployed principally in efforts for the time in South-Carolina, has returned, erection of St. Matthew's church, and and taken the charge of the episcopal for the organization of a congregation congregation in Wilkesbarre: in which to worship in it: but he has lately vi

. borough there has been lately erected a sited some vacant congregations in handsome and commodious church, ex- Huntingdon county, at which there is ą, pected to be consecrated in the ensuing probability he may be settled. season.

Charles G. Snowden, formerly ą The Rev. Gregory T. Bedell, ori- presbyter of this church, has been disginally of the diocess of New York, placed by me from the ministry, agreeand since of that of North Carolina, ably to the provisions of the 7th canon has become a clergyman of this diocess, of 1820. being engaged for the church of St. An- The same has taken place in referdrew, now, nearly finished, and expect- ence to Manning B. Roche, formerly a ed to be consecrated in the course of presbyter of this church, and rector of the present month.

Trinity Church, Southwark; of which The Rev. James Montgomery has the Rev. George Boyd, rector of St. been elected rector of St. Stephen's John's church, in the Northern Liberchurch, Philadelphia, and has entered ties, has taken the provisional charge. on the duties of his office.

The only person

admitted as a can. The Rev. William H. De Lancey didate during the present year is Wilhas been elected assistant minister of liam Levington, a coloured man. Christ church, St. Peter's, and St. The Society for the Advapcement of James's, in the city of Philadelphia. Christianity in Pennsylvania have con

The Rev. Richard Umpstead Mor- tinued their exertions, which have been gan, who was ordained a deacon during blessed by a considerable degree of the last convention, has taken the usefulness; although not sustained by a charge of St. Paul's church, Chester, patronage adequate to jis importance. and of St. Martin's, Marcus-Hook. There will be submitted to the conven

The Rev. George B. Shaeffer has re- tion a narrative of their proceedings : signed the charge of St. John's church, in which it should be especially noticed, York, having returned to the diocess of that the annual subscription has been Maryland.

lessened, under the expectation that the The Rev. John P. Bausman, jun. , loss from that measure will be more who had been ordained in the diocess than balanced by an increase of the of Maryland, has taken the charge of number of contributors. the congregations of Brownsville and Its auxiliary, the Female Tract SoConnelsville, in Fayette county. ciety, has continued their publications

The Rev. Joseph Spencer, formerly with considerable benefit.' There has of this diocess, but resident for some been lately a suspension of their distriyears past in that of Maryland, has un- butions, in consequence of a fire, which, dertaken the charge of the congregation originating in a neighbouring house, in Carlisle ; being also appointed a pro- consumed that of the bookseller in fessor in Dickerson college, in that bo- whose office the tracts were deposited. rough.

A considerable proportion of the tracts The Rev. Moses P. Bennet, who had were consumed; and as no small numbeen ordained a deacon in Connecti- ber of those rescued from the flames cut, and sent a missionary by the So- were in sheets and scattered, it required ciety for the Advancement of Christi- time to review and to arrange them. anity to the western counties of this The Prayer Book Society has be

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come merged in the Society for the Ad- I have no personal interest in the subvancement of Christianity; to be in ject; but it would be a gratification to future a branch of it, agreeably to a me to foresee, that my successor, deprovision in its constitution. In conse- tached from parochial concerns, will quence of too liberal a distribution gra- have it in his power to bestow all his tuitously, the benefit will be for some labours on the work of the episcopacy; time limited to the furnishing of the and thus be more efficient in the latter book on cheap terms, by means of the line than has been possible in my case stereotype plates.

on account of my parochial engageThe Sunday schools are in success- ments. Having passed my seventyful operation. In my last communica- fifth year, it is what ought to remind tion I mentioned the Sunday School me, that although my health and Society as distinct from the more local strength, under a merciful Providence, associations formed for the giving of are equal to what they have been at instruction in their respective schools; any period of my life, there must, ere the other being designed exclusively for long, be a decline of body, and perhaps the furnishing of books on the cheapest of mind, even in the uncertain event terms, to the schools which have been of there being still a lengthening of my taken into their connexion. It is pro- days. bable that the knowledge of the advant- It has appeared to me, that the instiage of such a connexion has not been tuting of a Theological Seminary has sufficiently diffused.

been met by the general approbation The stock of the corporation for the of the members of our church, and yet support of the widows and children of there does not seem to exist a due condeceased clergymen, has increased to sideration of the expense necessary for the amount of thirty thousand dollars; the conducting of it on a plan adequate the annual produce of which consider- to its importance. In addition to this, ably exceeds the legal demands resting the liberal bequest of a public spirited on it. We have reason to apprehend, member of our church in the state of that the knowledge of the existence of New-York, seems to have been consuch a fund, may create expectations sidered by some as almost sufficient for which cannot be gratified, consistently the satisfying of the call on the generowith fidelity to the trust, of which there sity of the public. This is a mistake, would be a manifest breach, if any por- as must be known by those who are tion of the income should be bestowed conversant in the construction of instion any family of a clergyman, without tutions of the description stated. It its having been purchased for them by is to be hoped that further information his annual contributions.

will produce more correct habits of My confidence is still possessed by thinking on the subject; an issue which the Bible Society of Philadelphia : to may be effected by statements of the which it will be continued so long as clergy, and of influential gentlemen of they shall continue to act on the ground the laity, as opportunities may offer. of their original organization. It has It is a matter known to those who been said, that in some societies, form- are prominent in the concerns of our ed under the profession of the same church in this state, and doubtless the object, of distributing the Bible without same is felt in other sections of the note or comment, other objects have Union, that we receive most pressing been associated; perhaps with a pious entreaties for the extension of benefidesign, but inconsistent with promise cence beyond our respective bounds; pledged, and tending to aggravate, in- especially to the scattered episcopalistead of diminishing the differences ans, who have seated themselves in the subsisting among Christian people. states which have derived their exist,

Every lapse of a year increases my ence from the federal union. There solicitude to hold up, as a very import- is also a sentiment considerably preva. ant object, the creating of a fund for lent, that it has become a Christian the support of a future bishop. I sup- duty to add our efforts to the many repose it to be generally understood, that cently put forth, as well in America as


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