(parish of Tri- male 2407





In the business of religious instruc- St. John's chapel

; 2 male

, tion this is peculiarly proper. The in

female 213

453 struction must obviously be imparted nity church) according to some system. To subject Zion church,

male 1802

320 it, then, to any influence, control, super

female 140 S intendence, responsibility or connexion, St. Luke's church,

male 115

215 which does not keep in view the true

female 100 evangelical unity which is derived from St. Paul's chapel,

male 61 being one in doctrine, ministry, sacra- (parish of Tri


female 100 ments, and worship, is to remove all nity church, security for the soundness and purity St. Mark's church, female 57


107 of the religion which will be thereby taught.


Christ church, · It appears to the board that Sunday

female 40$

94 scholars are catechumens, for whose in- Grace church, female

55 struction the pastors of the church avail Associate male school of Trinity themselves of the aid of those who may

and Grace churches,

50 offer their services. Their pious atten- Trinity church, female

43 tion to this work, therefore, must, of St. Philip's church male

42 course, be considered as under the di- (coloured) Š female 20 rection of their respective pastors. And it is obviously wrong that they should

Total, male 772 be under any other direction, responsi

Total, female 768 bility, or superintendence, than of their own church. The pastors, again, where

Grand total, 1540 the proximity of their respective cures renders it convenient, in connexion The reports received from these sewith parishioners duly appointed, form veral schools, enable us to give of them an union for the more harmonious and respectively the following more partieffective prosecution of this important cular account:work, subjecting the whole to the gene

From the report of the superintenral superintendence of their common dents and secretary of the male departhead, the bishop of the diocess. This ment of the school of St. John's chapel, is the simple principle upon which our we make the following extracts :society is founded. It is an institution of the church, recognizing, and held to- It will be proper, in order to afford a correct gether by, the evangelicat and primitive view of our school, since the last anniversary, to

state the monthly and yearly average, which bond of Christian unity, and designed has been as follows, viz. April, 152; May, 135; as instrumental in that promotion of the June, 139; July, 132, August, 142; Septera glory of God, and the spiritual and ber, 11.5; October, 101, November, 98; De

cember, 104;

January, 101; February, 125 ; eternal good of men, for which the March, 141. The yearly average has been 128 ; church was established.

the highest number of boys present at any time It is, therefore, not only because they was 10€.

The above view gives a general decrease in have enlisted so successfully in the good the

number of our attending scholars from that work of Sunday school instruction, but of the preceding year. It will be proper to ad atso because they afford the additional

vert to the causes that have produced this dem

crease. We attribute them to the erection of encouragement of their respectable ex

the Episcopal Charity School in our vicinity; to ample and influence in favour of the the fever of last summer; to the erection of St.

Luke's church; and to the circumstance of seprinciple of our establishment, that we

veral of oar teachers having left us during the svelcome our brethren of Christ church prevalence of the fever. The details of which, and St. Luke's, and wish them good as furnished in a report to the board of directors luck in the name of the Lord.

of our school, go to state, that 25 boys have left The schools in our union, agreeably dates of whose discharge we have. That; dur

us, and been entered in the charity school, the to the reports received from them, and ing the fever, there were about 20 families that ranked, as usual, according to their removed to the country. That St. Luke's number of scholars respectively, pre- from us on account of their contiguity to it, the

church Sunday School received several boys sent the following aggregate :

discharge of whom, on this account, we cheerSince the last anniversary, the school has our city last sumn •1', and in consequence like- continued to prosper, and the blessing of Heawise of several having left us to attend the Epis- ven bas descended on those engaged in this copal Charity School, our number las suffered laudable employment. Warmly attached to some diminution.

fully granted. That several of our teachers were obliged to add, that, since oör last report, we absent during the late epidemic, whose classes have been deprived, by sickness, of the assistwere, in consequence, much disorganized. ance of our superintendent. To her watchful

We are, however, happy to state, that, at ness and Christian care, her assiduous and nepresent, under a new system of reward, our ver-tiring attention, under Providence, may be school is in a more thriving condition than at attributed, in a great degree, the improvement any former period. We allude to the abolition of our scholars. of the blue and red tickets, and to the substitu- The school is, at present, so far as relates to tion of certificates in their stead. These are improvement, perhaps in a more flourishing statedly distributed by a committee of the board condition than at any former period. By the of directors to those who deserve them, in

newed exertions of the young ladies, the the presence of the school. And if we consider scholars have advanced far beyond our most the importance of giving some exterior to the sanguine expectations. There is less of fluctuaactual value of the rewards, or, in other terms,

tion in attendance, which must necessarily rea certain formality in their distribution, to sult in more profit to our pupils. Their behaheighten their relative value in the minds of viour in school, and during divine service, is orthe scholars, it must be apparent, that, in insti- derly and devout. tutions of this kind, as well as in those of a more

The coloured department consists of more secular construction, the mode of distributing than one quarter of the scholars; 25 of whom the rewards adds much to their actual value. are adults. This is a peculiarly interesting

We have recently founded a library for the portion of the school; for here are many who, use of the school, the utility of which, it is pre- when they joined us, could not read, but who sumed, needs no comments.

now are able to peruse their Bible; and whe Our method of instruction with those who but for the instruction here received, might are sufficiently advanced, is, first, the Scripture have held on their darkened way, strangers to Catechism; after which, the one broken into that Gospel that is able to make them wise unshort questions; and, lastly, the Church Cate- to salvation. chism. All of which many of the scholars have

One death has occurred in this departmentcommitted to memory.

that of one of our first scholars. She commenced Premising that we are utterly averse to what with the alphabet, and had advanced so far as to is so often held up as a decided proof of the

be conversant with her Bible. She gave evithriving state of a Sunday School, namely, the dence of her conversion, and attributed it, une quantity of verses recited by the scholars, we der the Divine blessing, to the instruction she are happy to state, that, since the adoption of received in the Sunday School. Her evidence the present system of rewarı, there has been of justification was founded on the Redeemer's a competition among the boys within about four atonement, and she longed to depart, and be months, which has produced the recitation of with him. She expressed much gratitude to rising 7000 verses from Scripture and the Scrip- her teachers for their care of her, and for the ture Catechism.

instruction she had received. Here we are led to remark on the peculiar, adaptation to our Sunday Schools of the Serip- Of the male department of the school sure Catechism recently published by the bi- of Zion church, we have received the shop. The answers, which are from Scripture, are admirably calculated to impress the sound following report: ness of her doctrines on the mirds, not only of those who belong to our church, but also of

The school is now under the care of two su. those who, though dissonant to us, yet suffer perintendents and twelve teachers, and contheir children to remain in our school. The sists of 180 scholars;

100 of which are regular answers are not only from Scripture, but re

in their attendance. The remainder are irreguferences are given to the book, chapter, and lar, owing to various causes. The teachers in verse, in which they are to be found.

general are very assiduous in their exertions for On our register there are 240 boys. The the promotion of both the religious and moral school is under the care of two superintendents, instruction of their pupils; and to them must a secretary, and thirteen teachers.

be ascribed the credit that is due for raising

Zion's School, from 25 regular attendants, in Of the female department of this consequence of the epickemic which visited our school, we have received the following city last summer, to the situation in which it particulars :

From the report of the superintenFrom the report of the ladies engaged in the female school, it appears that there are at pre

dents of the female department of this sent 136 white, and 77 coloured scholars ; mak- school, we give the following extracts : ing, together, 213 in their department. In consequence of the calamitous visitation of

their church, they have continued, under the The classes are under the care of 18 ladies, smiles of their heavenly Father, to discharge whose zeal and affectionate exertions add a the all-important duty which has devolved uplustre to their characters; and for whom, in this on them, of bringing up the children intrustlabour of love, there will remain, in the hearts ed to their care, in the “ nurture and admo. of those committed to their charge, a lasting nition of the Lord,” and in a knowledge of remembrance of their goodness.

the principles of that church to which they It is with the deepest regret that we are have the happiness to belong. Yet while they

rejoice in this, they grieve to recollect that the duty of visiting absent scholars, by the suone of their number, who, at the last annivers' perintendent and teachers, during the inclement sery, entered the temple of God to join in the season of the year. It is therefore very gratifytribute of praise to the Father of Mercies, is ing, that the rapid increase of the school is the How vo more. The late prevailing fever mark- result of voluntary application for admission by ed our youthful friend as a victim. She died the scholars themselves. The returning mild as she lived, zealously devoted to the church ness of the weather, and increasing length of which the Redeemer established, and looking the days, will, however, again call for their atfor salvation through his atoning blood. Hei tention to this important branch of duty, upon dass, thus left without a teacher, has lieen sup- which depends much of the utility of Sunday plied by another, in whose attachment to the Schools; and the hope is entertained, that not church we have the fuHest confidence, and on only those who are irregulur, but many who whose zeal for the Redeemer's kingdom we had withdrawn during the summer'months, will may safely rely.

be prevailed upon to return, and by their future In consequence of the alarm occasioned by attention, evince their sense of the benefits that the fever, the superintendents thought it pru. will result to themselves by so doing. dent to close the school on the 1st of Septem- The superintendent takes great pleasure in ber, and it was not reopened until the 10th day acknowledging the receipt of 20 Bibles and 30 of November. This for a while retarded their Common Prayer Books, from the managers of progress; but they are once more in the path the Auxiliary New-York Bible and Common of usefulness, and trust they will not be found Prayer Book Society; as also of a number of loiterers on the road.

books and tracts for distribution a3 premiums, Since the organization of our school, 693 from the agent of the Tract and Sunday School scholars have been admitted ; and, during the Sucieties. year past, 113; of which number 23 are co- A public examination of the scholars of both boured. Many of them are found deserving the sexes, took place on the 31st December last, in entire approbation of their teachers. They have St. Luke's church, the classes examined by a general acquaintance with the Catechism, and the rector, and 20 Bibles, 12 Testaments, and appear to profit by the books loaned them from a nuruber of reading books, were awarded to the library. Many of them have recited the those who had distinguished themselves by their greater part of the hymns contained in the good conduct, attention to their studies, and Prayer cook, and from 4 to 600 verses in the progress in their catechism. New Testament. One, in the seventh year of For their own improvement, as well as to her age, has reeited the Church Catechism, 21'excite emulation among the scholars, as a spur chapters in the New Testament, the collects, to industry, and to promote good behaviour epistles, and.gospels, together with all the hymns during divine service, the board of teachers and several psalms in the Prayer Book.

have, by their individual monthly contributions, The number of regular scholars is 140. aided by the efficient co-operation of the ladies

We have to lament the loss of one interesting attached to the female school, and by donations scholar by death, whose exemplary behaviour from several generous individuals, sucoeeded in in school, and during divine service in church, forming a library, which consists of 100 vowas worthy of imitation.

lames of pious and historical books, and which The school is divided into fourteen classes— has thus far been attended with beneficial coneleven white and three coloured which are

sequences. under the care of two superintendents and The school having become too large to teach fifteen teachers.

in the gallery of the church, the superintendent Of the male department of the school

was induced to make application to the trustees

of the New-York Free School, for the use of a of St. Luke's church, we have received room in the school-house opposite the church, the following account:

and the spacious room on the basement floor,

furnished with desks and benches, was assigned This school was organized on Sunday, the to him, and the key put into his possession. 230 June, 1822, with 57 scholars, in charge of The superintendent avails himself of this opa superintendent, secretary, and five teachers, portunity, and takes great pleasure in bearing and continued to increase in numbers until the testimony to the zeal and industry of the young month of August, wlien inany scholars became gentlemen associated with him in the discharge irregular in their attendance, and others with- of their arduous duties; some of whom residing drew from the school altogether, their parents in town, most of necessity subject themselves to taking little or no interest in enforcing their at. much inconvenience to enable them to be at tendance; so that, until the month of Novem- Greenwich twice a-day, at the early hour at ber, the average number of regular attendants which school commences; and when it is condid not exceed 35: since that period, the school sidered that there are but eight teachers to athas increased in numbers, at a rate beyond the tend to so large a school, and whose nuinbers most sanguine expectations. Total number ad- are weekly augmenting, their ardour in the initted since its organization, 165, of which 11 good cause will be properly appreciated. are coloured. Whole number withdrawn, or The superintendent has commenced an exdischarged by request of parents, 47. Present periment of teaching upon Dr. Bell's system, in number of scholars, 115. Average number of doing which he is aided by some of the larger regular attendants, 77. Irregular', 38. Divided boys who belong to the New-York Free School, into classes as follows: Testament and large some of whom acting as monitors in that school, C-techism, 50; Scripture Instruction and Serip. are familiar with some of its details, and will be tuire Catechism, 25; spelling and reading, 13; employed as such in this, and thus lighten the alphabet and monosyllables, 27. Total, 115. labour of the teachers, the want of a sufficient

The distance of the village from their places number of whom is a cause of general com. of business, made it necessary to dispense with plaint. The introduction of this system will, in

Vol. VII.


a great measuře, do away that complaint ; and of love. And it is with peculiar gratification although the superintendent's own knowledge that the superintendent reports, that, since he of the system is as yet imperfect, he hopes that has taken charge of the school, four of the forthe success of the attempt will at least keep mer teachers, who had resigned, have again pace with his own improvement, and ultimately come forward, and, with renewed exertions, produce the happiest resulls.

evince their sense of the obligations that rest In conclusion, the superintendent is not with- upon them. The local situation of the school out hopes that this school, although not a year prevents it from being a large one. But the in existence, lias, by the Divine blessing, contri- children manifest in general great improve buted something towards promoting the objects ment, and afford the highest gratification to of the society, the improvement of the scholars their teachers, and amply compensate for the being such as does honour to themselves, and time and attention so cheerfully and unremitreflects credit upon their teachers.

tingly devoted to their welfare. To mention

many particulars is unnecessary. The followThe following account of the female ing are selected. A class of four boys, that, in department of St. Luke's school has December last, were spelling in one and two been received:

syllables, now read in the Prayer Book cor

rectly. In consequence of the indisposition of The school at present consists of 100 scho

one of the teachers for a few weeks, the sillars, 80 white, and 20 coloured ; 50 of whom

perintendent had charge of his class: a boy in attend regularly. It is chivided into seven classes,

that class, about 12 years old, in addition to long each one under the care of a teacher and assist- tasks in spelling, reading, and Scripture Instrucant. And, taking into view the short period the tion, committed to memory 18 pages of the school has been established, their improrement

Church Catechism broke into short Queshas been very evident.

tions and Answers, in one week; and, it is worMost of the children in the first class have thy of remark, that the boy's avocations on gone through the Scripture Catechism, and are

week days prevent him from receiving any far advanced in the Church Catechism. One

other instruction, little girl, under 12 years of age, has committed

The superintendent gratefully acknowledges to memory the whole of "Matthew," and se

a donation of 30 Prayer Books, received from veral chapters in “Mark”—and many others

the Auxiliary New-York Bible and Common in the sume class have learned from five to ten Prayer Book Society; also 150 tracts, hom the chapters in Matthew.

Protestant Episcopal Tract Society. The children in the lower classes are going attendance, and in the discharge of the duties

The directors generally are prompt in their through the Scripture Catechism the second uime, and read well in the Test:ment.

assigned to them; and the zeal manifested by Of the coloured class, from 10 to 15 attend

several of the gentlemen is worthy of imitation. regularly. They are in general attentive to their lessons, and appear desirous of improving.

Of the female department of the same Many of them read so well as to enable them school, the following report has been to study the Catechism.

made: A library has lately been attached to the school, in union with the male department, Since the last anniversary, 80 new scholars from which the children are supplied with have been admitted; 60 white, and 20 coloured. books to read at home, which, it is hoped, may Previously to the month of August last, the have a beneficial influence upon them; inspir. regular number of scholars Auctuated between ing them with love and gratitude, not only to 60 and 70. On the 18th of that month, it was their earthly teachers, but to their “Father in judged expedient by the superintendent to close heaven."

ihe school for a tine, in consequence of the The superintendent of the male de- opened again until the 10th of November.-

state of the city at that period. It was not partment of the school of St. Paul's This, had there been no other obstacle, would chapel reports as follows:

have been a sufficient cause why so few attended

during the month of November. At this time On taking charge of the school, in June last, many of the parents were thrown entirely out he found the number of scholars, who attended of employ, and were not in cireumstances to regularly, did not exceed 20; and the whole clothe their children, in that inclement season, number on the register 28. The school, from sufficiently to attend school. Several lost their that time, increased, until the 25th of August, parents by the prevailing epidemic, and were when it was found necessary to close it on ae- obliged to go to the Almshouse for an asylum, count of the then prevailing fever. When the having no friends. Notwithstanding these obschool was reopened, on the second Sunday in stacles, the school, on the 220 of December, November, a very sensible diminution was per- was increased to 60 scholars, and the number ceived in its numbers, by reason of many of the attending has continued to vary between 70 and children changing their places of residence for 80 up to the present time. others that were unknown, and of several hav- Two little girls, aged 12 years, have each, ing removed into the country. The average num- since January, committed to memory 30 hymns ber for that month was 13; since which time it and psalms, besides their catechism, Scripture hasinereased at almost cach meeting of the school Instruction, and Bible lessons. The present number of regular attendants is T'he coloured elasses consist of 28 scholars ; 48; the whole number on the register 61. The 13 of whom are adults. A child, under 12 yeai's school is divided into nine classes, with a teacher of age, since the 23d of February, has committo each class, and a secretary to the school, ted' to memory ten lessons in ihe catechism, who, by their strict attention to their dutiés, three hymns, eighit pages in the Scripture Inmanifest zeal and perseverance in their labou straction, and the sixth and seventh chapters of

Matthew. Another, under six years of age, encouraging ground of hope in some of the eldsince the 1st of February, has committed to est girls, who seem very desirous to be brought memory four lessons in the Scripture Cate- to the knowledge of the Lord. It is gratifying chism, two in the Catechism broke into short to mention, that one of them, who has not yet Questions and Answers, and four pages in the attained her twelfth year, has been rewarded Scripture Instruction.

for her assiduity and attention by the charge of Upon taking a review of the reports of the a class, which she manages to instruct, without teachers, there is every reason to conclude, losing the benefit of being instructed; and a that, with the countenance and protection of its more attentive and indefatigable teacher could patrous and benefactors, under Divine Provi- not be desired. dence, it will continue to increase in numbers, in strength, and in usefulness.

The superintendent of the male deThe children continue to behave with the partment of the school of Christ church same decent deportment as has been formerly makes the following report :remarked; and although the change of teachers has in some instances influenced their attendance, a little persuasion has generally l'e

In making this my first report to the society conciled them to the change.

concerning the school of Christ church, it may

not be amiss to state, that it was opened on the The male department of the school

26th March, 1816, under the patronage of the

New-York Sunday School Union Society; in of St. Mark's church, according to the union with which it continued until the close of report received, consists

The last year, when those engaged in its ma

nagement, under a sense of duty, resolved to Of 50 scholars, of whom about 40 attend re- connect it with that to which I now report. gularly. Of these, seventeen read in the New I'rom that time the following is the view of its Testament; two in the Scripture Instruction ; condition : five spell words of three syllables, and are be- The school is under the direction of two su. ginning to read; ten spell words of one syllable; perintendents, by one of whom the duty of secreand four are learning the alphabet. Seven re- tary is performed; one visitor, and seven teachgularly recite the catechism along with the chil. ers, of whom two entered the schooi as scholars. dren of the congregation.

The names remaining on the register are 54. The superintendent mentions with pleasure, Of these, 37 are white, and 17 are coloured. that the behaviour of the boys during service The average number present every Sunday is has very much improved since the last report. 30; and it gives'me pleasure to add, that such

A benevolent individual of the congregation as do attend are generally regular and punchas given six complete suits of clothing to as tual. They are divided into seven classes, the many of the most necessitous of the scholars, studies of two of which are the alphabet and and twelve pair of shoes; and others have been spelling ; and those of the remainder are spellpartially furnished with wearing apparel, by a ing, reading, and committing to memory parts society consisting principally of ladies belonging of the Holy Scriptures, in which last exercisc to St. Mark's church.

some of the scholars exhibit remarkable diliThe school still labours under the want of gence and strength of memory. The number wo or three active and efficient teachers. of verses committed since in union with the

Protestant Episcopal Sunday School Society, The superintendent of the female de- is 1695, of which one scholar has learnt 1094. partment of the same school reports as

Most of those who are able to read have Prayer

Books, and some have Bibles as the rewards of follows:

diligence. They attend church, and are there The superintendent of the female depart. under the direction of two teachers, who prement of St. Mark's feels more than ordinary

serve order and instruct them in the service. pleasure in presenting this her annual report; ing of the school subsequent to the fever, of

The expectation indulged, after the reopeninasmuch as it hath pleased the Author and Giver of all good not only to enlarge the school speedily removing to the new church, preventayer wlich he has called her to preside, but to

ed us from making that exertion to procure send forth more help meet to assist her in the

scholars which was necessary to make this re work of faith. The gratifying success that has

port as gratifying to the friends of the school as atteuled our labours for sonte months past, they could wish. We are sensible that from proves them riot to have been in 'vain in the

our present location much will be expecten; Lord, and encourages us to seek the continu

and hope that no just expectation will be (liance of his favour and assistance.

appointed. I would acknowledge with gratiWithin the last three years there have been

tude, the receipt of several liberal donations admitted in this school 155 scholars; 57 of that

from the Protestant Episcopal Sunday School number have been admitted since the last an

Society, niversary. It at present consists of 57 mem- The female department of this school, bers, 47 of whom are regular attendants, divided into seven classes, under the care of as many having but just separated itself from teachers, two of whom, with a sle:elfastness thạt the general union, and been connected cannot be too highly commended, have been with us, has 'not rendered any particuZealous and faithful labourers in this their honourable vocation, ever since the iustitution of lar report. We learn, however, that it the school.

contains about 40 scholars, and doubt The improvement of our little flock, gené. not that its removal to a part of the rally, is highly satisfactory; and we cannot but tunk some good seed has been sown, which, in city, much more favourable than its late due season, will spring up. Indeed we have an location to Sunday school instruction ;

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