A new system of geography, tr. [by P. Murdoch].


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Pagina 546 - Conftantine the Great was the capital of all Gaul. In the year 410, it was twice laid wafte, as alfo again in 41 1 and 415. About the year 458, from the Romans it fell under the power of the Franks. Under the Auftrafian...
Pagina 228 - Rba-tia ; but in the fixth century the greateft part of it defcended to the dukes of Bavaria, and this was afterwards reckoned in Noricum ; but over the fouthern part the Longobards at the fame time extended their dominion. The dukes of Bavaria appointed Marggraves here; but Henry the Lyon, duke of Bavaria and Saxony, being.
Pagina 278 - States genera/ poflefs in this country. It yields good arable ground, and abounds in particular in a fine breed of cattle. In the neighbourhood of Limburg are found iron, lead and calamy. The origin of the ancient counts of Limburg is obfcure.
Pagina 309 - Gothic. \ about the latter end of the ninth, or in the beginning of the tenth century, though it did not take place in the other nations of Europe till the twelfth.
Pagina 465 - Smalcaldick league, was put under the ban of the Empire by the Emperor Charles V. and the...
Pagina 218 - Adlerfburg is a market-town of Inner Carniola, fituate at the foot of a high rocky mountain, on which ftands a citadel. About half way up the acclivity of this mountain, is the entrance into a large cavern, that is divided into a great number of fubterraneous paflages. The eye is here delighted with viewing a great number of fparry icicles, formed on the arched roof of this vaft cavern, by the exudations of a lapideous...
Pagina 274 - ... and have an air of antiquity, being high, with courts before and gardens behind. At the head of the Mere is a crucifix of brafs thirty-three feet high. The cathedral dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the ftadt-houfe, and the exchange, are magnificent ftruftures : the latter is the firft building of that kind in Europe, and on its model the exchanges of London and Amflerdam are built.
Pagina 228 - The common people here, exclufive of the fubfiftence which the mines and fait- works yield them, have not much to earn; whence a great part of them feek for fubfiftence out of the country, either by trade or labour.
Pagina 190 - Some affirm that the Emperor Conrad II. undertook this change in the year 1030, conferring that mark on Count Ottocar I. of Steyr ; but others afcribe it to the Emperor Henry IV.
Pagina 345 - Both the /?0»M;z-catholics and Lutherans have a church here in common. During the thirty years war the Swedes fortified this place with a ditch and rampart, but thefe afterwards fell to decay.

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