The London Magazine, Or, Gentleman's Monthly Intelligencer, Volume 33

R. Baldwin, 1764

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Pagina 121 - ... by leave of the court where such action shall depend at any time before issue joined to pay into court such sum of money as he shall see fit; whereupon such proceedings, orders and judgments shall be had, made and given in and by such court as in other actions where the defendant is allowed to pay money into court.
Pagina 260 - Come hither, all ye empty things, Ye bubbles rais'd by breath of Kings; Who float upon the tide of state, Come hither, and behold your fate. Let pride be taught by this rebuke, How very mean a thing's a Duke; From all his ill-got honours flung, Turn'd to that dirt from whence he sprung.
Pagina 257 - STREPHON'S tongue ; He bleft the fcene, he bleft the hour, While NANCY'S praife he fung. " Let fops with fickle falfhood range The paths of wanton love, While weeping maids lament their change, And fadden every grove : But endlefs bleffings crown the day I faw fair ESHAM'S dale ! And every blefling find its way To NANCY of the Vale. 'Twas 'Twas from AVONA'S banks the maid...
Pagina 96 - Vanuyck's, they would appear to have been painted for that proportion. If his portrait of Cromwell* could be so enlarged, I do not kn w but Vandyck would appear less great by the comparison.
Pagina 189 - ... in culling flowers at the foot of the mount, than to take the trouble of climbing the more arduous fleeps of PARNASSUS. But whenever he was difpofed to rife, his fteps, tho' natural, were noble, and always well fupported.
Pagina 177 - Stanley, in a speech of great length, moved that leave be given to bring in a Bill for the...
Pagina 191 - If mere beauty be aimed at (which however is not their chief excellence) the waving line, with more easy transitions, will become of greater importance. ...Events relating to them may be simulated by numberless little artifices ; but it is ever to be remembered, that high hills and sudden descents are most suitable to castles...
Pagina 231 - They discover art in nature's province. Trees in hedges partake of their artificiality, and become a part of them. There is no more...
Pagina 343 - The amiable and the severe, Mr. Burke's sublime and beautiful, by different proportions, are mixed in every character. Accordingly, as either is predominant, men imprint the passions of love or fear. The best punch depends on a proper mixture of sugar and lemon.

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