But they shall hear my word in different parts of the earth, sent forth through the mouths of babes and sucklings. And the tongues of the dumb shall be loosed, to warn the people to turn from the error of their doings, and repent before the Lord their God, that his rolling judgments sweep them not from the earth.

And awful signs shall appear in the firmament of heaven, that shall cause the heart of man to faint; and his strength shall fail because of the judgments which my Almighty hand hath sent forth upon the earth. For she groaneth beneath her present weight of sin and wickedness; and crieth unto Me for vengeance to recompense unto the inhabitants thereof, who, by their own disobedience, have brought this curse upon her.

Therefore, have I, the God of Heaven, in mercy and loving kindness, seen fit to reveal, in these last days, my word and will unto my chosen witnesses. And this short roll of my word, saith the Lord of hosts, I command my witnesses to put up in the yard of my Holy Sanctuary; that all such of the children of men, as may pass this street, upon the side of my Holy Mountain, may read and understand the same.

But touch it not, saith the Lord of hosts; for I have placed four of my holy Angels, to guard my sacred word. And let him that readeth understand; and judge not my word, judge not my work; for my doings are marvelous in the sight of men; and who can comprehend my ways, saith the GREAT I AM.

I have commanded my chosen people, who dwell upon this Mount, to bow down in low humility before Me, and separate themselves more from the children of this world; and worship Me, the coming season, in a retired situation, humbly supplicating the mercy of the Lord their God, both for themselves, and the rest of the inhabitants of the earth.

Therefore, trouble ye not my chosen ones; for I have called them, saith the Lord, and they shall not appear in pomp and splendor; but they shall be clothed in meekness, and humility of soul; clad in the spirit of the LAMB, and the garment of the SAVIOR. For my people are inoffensive, and will sooner suffer, even unto death, than resist unto blood. Therefore, in blessing I will bless and in troubling I shall trouble, saith the Lord of hosts.


To one of his holy and mighty Angels of Light, Power and Truth, as He was about to send him with a sacred and solemn Roll of his word, in mercy to the

inhabitants of a perishing earth, and languishing world.

Draw near before my throne, O ye mighty and holy Angels, and all ye Seraphs, spread your wings and lie low in breathless silence, while I sound forth my word and will to this Holy Angel, whom I have commissioned to take this Roll, which I have written with my own hand, and place it safely upon the central dwelling, in the heart of my Zion on earth; and there it shall remain, until the time shall come, that I, in my own wisdom, shall send him forth to read the same for mortal hand to write.

Have ye not beheld my doings, O ye holy and mighty Angels that surround my throne, how that my hand of charity and mercy, hath, in all ages of the world, preceded the hand of my judgment?

Have I not always verified unto you, the truth of that declaration which I sent forth by the mouths of my Prophets in early days, that I delighted not in the death of the wicked, but I would, that all turn and repent, in the day that my hand of charity, and loving kindness, was stretched out towards them? "Truth, O thou mighty God of Heaven, reply the Angels."

And have ye not furthermore seen, how that I, myself, in the everlasting attributes of my goodness, did stoop, and come down from my throne, and visit the earth on Sinai's top? And did I not there, on the Mount, engrave my law on two tables of stone, for the children of Israel, (a people whom I did call with my own voice,) and give them into the hands of my servant Moses, to establish the same among the people; warning him to use all his influence and power, to have these divine commands kept unbroken?

And at the same time, did I not acquaint him of the judgment that would invariably follow their disobedience, should the people persist in so doing?

And cannot all ye holy Angels bear witness that I have, from the day that I created and placed man upon the earth, held forth clearly and plainly to his view, both the good and comforting rewards of obedience, and the painful and distressing rewards of disobedience?

And can ye not also bear witness, that I have made use of every means, to bring my creature man into the path of obedience, even to the destroying of his whole race from the face of the earth, save a few chosen ones, who, by their faithful obedience, merited my mercy and protection? "Truth, truth, O righteous God, we bear thee witness from the foundation of the world, to the present day."

And can ye not furthermore bear witness, that I, in mercy and loving kindness, did send my only begotten Son on earth, to open the way of peace and salvation to a lost and degenerate world, and that too, after they had broken my commandments, and trampled my laws under their feet; and had turned and bowed their hearts to serve and worship other gods, that would please their own lusts? and that, with their eyes open, knowing that they were violating the most sacred laws of Heaven, that had been sent forth for their protection?

And nought would they learn from the judgments, which my Almighty hand, from time to time sent forth, to restrain their wicked, idolatrous hearts; but as a body of human beings, (whom I had created after my own image, with immortal souls, and rational faculties, with power to exercise them for their own best good and comfort,) they would, and did, madly pursue their own course to their utter destruction; by denying and crucifying my only begotten Son, whom I had sent forth, in the sublime order of my glory, clothed with power divine, sufficient to insure salvation to the whole human family, had they but hearkened to his voice and kept his commandments.

And furthermore, O ye my holy Angels, can ye not bear Me witness, that I did promise through the mouths of my faithful servants, the Prophets, that in the latter days, I would set up a kingdom which should never be destroyed? And that a stone from the mountain, cut out without hands, should grow, and fill the whole earth; and that the seed of the woman should bruise the serpent's head?

And did I not say, by the mouths of the Prophets, that in the last days, the mountain of the house of the Lord should be established in the top of the mountains, and exalted above the hills, and that many nations should flow unto it? That the law should go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem? "Surely we, thy holy Angels, bear thee witness, that all is true, O thou Everlasting Source of all goodness."

Then, O thou mighty and proclaiming Angel, take to thyself other Angels, and go to the Zion on earth, where, by my Almighty Power, the windows and doors of Heaven have been opened for several years past, that the indwellers thereof might converse with mortals on earth, or with such a portion of them as had forsaken all for the gospel's sake, in a more remarkable degree of nearness and freedom, than was ever before suffered, since the earth, by my hand was created.

There, take to thyself a servant of my name, an instrument whom I have chosen for this purpose, and prepare him, through deep tribulation, and anguish of soul, to write correctly, the words of this Roll, as thou shalt read them unto him.

But before this shall take place, thou shalt show forth strange and striking signs unto the people, which shall appear both awful and sublime. For in this Roll to the children of men, have I declared the Daughter of Zion, in her proper lot and place, as well as the Son.


To the inspired writer, who had been at the Angel's service, many days previ ous to the writing of this Roll, in showing forth signs, both strange, and in a great measure unaccounted for by mortals; yet evidently showing that heavy tribulation for the people of God, was even at their doors.

O thou child of mortality, in whose body life and breath is, but in whose power it is not, why dost thou seek to evade the sufferings and distress, which the Lord thy God hath meted out for thee, that thou mayest be prepared to do his will, though thy mortal life should be sacrificed as the consequence, and thy blood should be required by the hands of persecutors, to seal the truth of the words which, by his Almighty Power, thy mortal hand hath been moved to write?

I say unto thee, fear not mortals, nor the face of mortal man, who is able to destroy the body only; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Bow down thine heart, O thou instrument in mortal clay, and suffer thy soul to drink in tribulation, as a thirsty ox drinketh in the crystal water. Have not all thy Heavenly Parents bestowed their strength, love and blessing upon thee, that thou mightest take thy life in thy hand, and put thy trust in God? Hast thou ever been forsaken by the spirit of God, when thou didst go forth, in obedience, to do his will? "Nay, nay, never, never, O holy Angel."

Then, make haste, get thee up from thy slumbers, thou child of sorrow, no more be faint hearted or dismayed, because of the word of thy God unto thee, that thou shouldst end thy days under excruciating sufferings; for none can find complete happiness, until they have suffered the final destruction of all the life that is natural and carnal.

But rejoice in that God who hath called thee to suffer, that his word, pure and uncorrupted, may be brought forth to the children of men, according to his divine purpose: for to this end hath He called thee, and unless thou resignest to his will, thy soul will

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