works which he required, will find that they are trusting in a false hope.

29. They that think these warnings are only words, and will never be fulfilled, will see their great mistake, when it is too late to remedy the evil.

30. They that call upon the name of the Lord, in word and not in deed, are mockers of his eternal goodness. That true repentance which God your Heavenly Father requires, is to cleanse the heart, by ceasing to do ill and learning to do well; by putting away the cause, that the effect may cease: Amen.




[blocks in formation]

1. I now declare unto all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, saith the holy and mighty Angel, that I, in presence of three more holy Angels, (who together with me, have previously been commissioned by God, our Heavenly Father, to read the word which He gave us, for each quarter of the earth,) have strictly attended, according to the appointed times in each day, fourteen days, to read,

correctly, this Sacred Roll, and the book of the three first Witnesses contained therein, with all the prophecies here inserted, for mortal hand to write; whose pen I have guided, and whose hours I have directed, by night and by day, according to the will of my God.

2. The work is now accomplished; and it remains for the inhabitants of earth, to prove, in the sight of their God and his holy Angels, whether they be objects of his mercy, or whether they be the objects of his wrath and heavy judgments, which will lay waste their habitations, and desolate the land.

3. My name, saith the mighty Angel of light, power and truth, I will now make known unto you, in my own language; also the names of the other three, in their own languages.

4. We are four of the holy and mighty Angels of God, sent from before his throne, to pass and re-pass through the four quarters of the earth; and many are the holy Angels that bear us company. And thus we shall visit the earth in partial silence, as this Roll goes forth, until we have marked the door posts of all, as our God hath commanded, who shall humble themselves and repent at his word, by proclaiming a solemn fast, and cease from their awful crimes of wickedness, and turn to Him in righteousness.

5. My name, says the Angel whose quarter is eastward, and stands as first, is HOLY ASSAN' DE LA JAH'. The second, whose part is second, and quarter westward, is MICHAEL VAN' CE VA' NE. The third, whose part is third, and quarter northward, is GA' BRY VEN ́ DO VAS' TER REEN'. The fourth, whose part is fourth, and quarter southward, is VEN DEN' DE PA' ROL JEW' LE JAH'.

6. These are our names, in our own tongues, and we are sent on earth to prepare the way for the Most High; and the whole human family will be convinced of this, before the final event of our mission shall arrive.

7. And although we know, that the words of this book will be considered by many, as being produced in the wildest of enthusiasm, madness, blasphemy and fanaticism; and by others, as solemn, sacred and awful truths; yet do we declare unto all flesh, that this Roll and Book contains the word of the God of Heaven, your Almighty Creator, sent forth, direct from his eternal throne, now, this your day.


8. And by this word shall every soul on earth be judged, in

mercy or in judgment, whether they believe or disbelieve.

not sent forth, by our God to argue with mortals; but to declare his word and his work. And we furthermore declare unto all the inhabitants of earth, that they have no time to lose, in preparing for their God.

9. If there be any who cannot understand to their souls' satisfaction, (though the requirements are plain,) yet, they may apply wheresoever they believe they can be correctly informed.

10. Though our work is swift and mighty, yet in mercy do we go forth; firstly, throughout the earth, and record the hearts, the words, and the doings of the children of men.

11. As a new era from the Lord God of Heaven with all the inhabitants of earth, hath now commenced, and no human wisdom or mortal power, by natural calculation, can tell the order of his work, any further than He sees fit in his own wisdom, to reveal it unto mortals, that they may be prepared, day by day, to do his will and pleasure; and then they are sure that his protection will overshadow them, and they will run and not be weary; yea, they will walk in the commandments of their God, and faint not, saith the Holy Angel.

12. What God now requires of the inhabitants of the earth, is to return immediately to the strictness of the law and order of nature, in all their goings forth. This you can all easily understand; it is that which is required in your Sacred Bibles, and that which is required in this Sacred Roll; that is; Deal justly, love mercy, walk humbly, fear God and keep his commandments; do by others as you would have them do unto you; labor to dwell in peace, and break off as fast as possible, from the practice of going to war, and shedding each other's blood.

13. Indulge not the vile passions of nature, further than is necessary to propagate your own offspring. And cease, says the Angel, from that habit which is accursed in the sight of your God, of keeping houses for debauchery and prostitution.

14. For I, the Angel of the Almighty, will surely mark all such places for utter destruction, if they repent not at the warning of their God, by ceasing from these habits of abomination.

15. Let mortals, before judging or condemning, candidly read this Sacred Book from beginning to end; then pause, and consider whether it contradicts, in any way, the sacred writings of the scripture, or is in any way prejudicial to the principles of your Lord and

Savior, in his first appearing; or in any way tends to operate against the principles of justness, morality, virtue, uprightness and goodness, or the well being of any good and wholesome society.

16. I proclaim to all people, saith the Angel, that this is written as handed unto me from the throne of the Almighty. I have not suffered the inspired writer to have recourse to any books, save the Bible, to transcribe those passages of scripture, word for word, here inserted, as the Lord commanded me to have done, that mankind might see, in substance, what He required of them in past dispensations, and how exceedingly contrary to his requirements they had gone.

17. But I have compelled the Instrument to draft this, word for word, as I read it unto him, as ye would transcribe a writing by the sight of your natural eyes; save the former is brought to the view and hearing of the spirit yet in a mortal body, by the immediate influence and interposition of the Almighty, (through us, his holy Angels;) while the latter is transcribed by the direction of the natural organs of sight only.

18. But the sufferings of soul that God requires instruments to pass through, to prepare them for this holy and sacred calling, of speaking or writing by the immediate influence of direct revelation, is that which no tongue or pen can correctly describe.

19. For they who are called to heavy duties in this line, saith the Angel, are required to feel an inexpressible something, to them the nearest like a consuming fire or breath, which runneth all over and through them, both soul and body, until they have done the duty that God requireth of them [in that line.]

20. But mortals are not allowed to make these things matters of speculation, although they appear to every human being, strange and unaccountable, especially so, at their first acquaintance; and always to those who possess any degree of the fear of God, or the presence of his Angels, strikingly solemn, though many times cheerful.

21. This much, says the Angel, I was required by the Almighty, at this time, to make known to the children of men, respecting this strange, and, (to mortals,) singular manifestation that He has commenced on the earth in these latter days.

22. This is the same spirit, though brought still more familiar and accessible to man, if he truly walks uprightly before his God, that dictated the word, through the mouths of the prophets, in ancient B*

days. And they that are God's people, in deed and in truth, would sooner lay down their lives than violate his will, when made known to them.

23. And they worship Him by assembling themselves together, in whatsoever place He may appoint, regardless of their own personal convenience; whether it be upon the mountains, or in the vallies; in the day, or in the night; and this they will always do, in true sincerity of heart, possessing his holy fear.

24. And all such as attend, whether belonging to the body so assembled, or as spectators, are required by the laws of their God, to attend with sincere hearts, and show respect to his holy worship, though it may look never so strange and singular to them. For stranger still, God's work will appear among the children of men, saith the holy and mighty Angel of God. Again I say, fear the Lord your God.

25. I now require the inspired writer of this Roll and Book, firstly, to sign his name as an Instrument, regardless of all present, or after consequences; and then, he may write a few words, expressing his own feelings, in short, and sign his own name to it, says the Angel.

26. And God does also require, that a goodly number of both male and female instruments, who have had that indisputable evidence of his Almighty and supernatural power, operating directly upon both soul and body, to direct their speech and to guide their pens, that they are ready, if God suffereth it so to be, to seal the truth of what is herein contained, with their own blood, as martyrs to his cause, should also sign their names as witnesses.

27. First, briefly expressing their own feelings, in short, saith the Angel; for to the inhabitants of the earth this will appear extremely strange, and incredible to their understanding, at first. It will feel to many, like mortals blaspheming the name of the Deity; therefore, other witnesses, than the inspired writer, of the reality of this work, and its truth, are necessary.

28. And if mankind will wait a little season, says the Angel, these operations of the spirit of God, will be brought more to their understandings.

Inspired Writer,


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