his strength ye shall be supported; and in the sincerity of your hearts, his Almighty power shall sustain you.

82. Your implements of war and destruction shall no more be stained in human blood, but shall be changed into implements to till your land to produce your daily bread. Your hands shall be cleansed, and your garments washed from the stains of human blood, no more to be defiled therewith.

83. Your fleets at sea shall not float to distant lands, to butcher and destroy the objects of my creation; but they shall guard upon the rolling deep against all unlawful prizes by any of the out-lawed race of man.*

84. And your standing armies shall be released to cultivate the soil, and earn their bread by daily toil.

85. Yet, laws of justice shall pervade, both by sea and land;

And I, your God, will this support by my Almighty hand. 86. And they that were clothed in darkness, and bound in the prisons of death, are now arrayed in beautiful garments, shining with honor and glory, glowing with brightest gems of true obedience to the voice of the Lord their God, who called in love, and they hearkened in mercy; whose paths have now become the paths of peace, and whose ways can now be termed the ways of true pleasantness; whose feet no more pursue the paths of death to shed innocent blood, or walk the winding course, that leadeth to the house of her who keepeth open doors, for common prostitution.

87. Now, such as once did spend their strength and lives to gratify the vilest passions of a depraved nature, are turned to spend their days in moral deeds of virtue.

88. Such as once their persons did adorn, and decorate with gayety to attract, for filthy lucre, do now, in modest plainness, adorned with goodly virtue, pursue the even tenor of their way, in laudable pursuits.

89. Now, he that once thought himself a potentate on earth, to rule as with a rod of iron, over his fellow beings; who deigned not to speak, nor in any way to associate as a fellow being, with any, save those whom he considered equal with himself in opulence and splendor, doth now come down upon a level with the humble

* This law is designed for people in the state of nature, and is necessary to protect the innocent from lawless violence. But where the dominion of Christ is established in souls, and where the law of grace reigns, the law of nature is thereby superseded.

* A

peasant, and pursue, in quietness, the common grades of life, along the paths of true contentment.

90. He that did once make it his greatest study to practice fraud upon his fellow beings, that he might be possessed of that to which he had no right, doth now make restitution, and mend his froward life, by daily pursuing habits of industry and virtue; having the principles of honesty, daily his pursuit.

91. The once lion-hearted-like and ferocious spirit in man, that delighted to hear the thundering cannons roar, and did glory in deeds of blood and the destruction of human life, and in making thousands of widows and fatherless children to suffer for the want of bread, and drag out a disconsolate and wretched life, doth now shudder at the very thought of the deeds in which he once gloried, and for which his nation's voice of approbation did loudly resound in acclamations of honor to his name: but now, of such awful deeds no one can bear the thought.

92. Thy fields, that once were covered with the slain who fell in battle, and whose ground was drenched in human blood, have now become the habitations of peace, cultivated by the hands of true peace-makers, bearing the ensign of love and good will to all mankind.

93. And in your cities which were destroyed by fire and sword, shall a plant of true righteousness spring up, and it shall grow and flourish, and beam forth its rays of light, as the morning sun, when glowing in its effulgent brightness.

94. Therefore, fear God and keep his commandments, all ye inhabitants of earth, that his out-stretched arm of mercy may go with you through time, and support you in eternity. His laws of nature keep, and they will protect you in that state, until He sendeth forth further word to you, which will be in his own way, time and season. Mortal clay knoweth not from whence it will proceed.

95. The state herein described, saith the Archer's voice, are promises from on High, and will surely come to pass upon that nation and people who will humble themselves before the Lord their God, and heed his warning voice herein contained. Amen.



[blocks in formation]

1. Prophecy aloud unto the nations of the earth, and declare my judgments unto them, O thou Prophet of my name, saith the Lord; through thy Archer proclaim unto them.

2. Truly hath the God of Heaven declared a controversy upon earth; a controversy with all nations and kingdoms, and a controversy throughout his Zion.

3. O thou Harlot and abomination of the earth, that spreadest thy iniquities over many waters, and coverest the face of the earth with thy lewdness; Thou hast heard the warning voice of Almighty God, but hearkened not; neither would, so much as for a moment, incline thine ear or open thine heart to understand.

4. Had one fifth part of the warnings which have been given unto thee, been given unto Sodom and Gomorrah, they would have lain low in humility before God, that his awful judgments might have been stayed from their city, and their lives prolonged on the earth.

5. Therefore great must be thy punishment; the cup of trouble and affliction which thou hast filled to others, shall be filled to thee double. The abominations and pollutions with which thou hast covered the earth, shall sink with thee, as thy companions, into the lowest depths of Hell.

6. Desolation shall stand in thy gate, and destruction shall stare thee in thy face. The cries and shrieks of the tormented in hell,

shall be thy continual food; for thou repentest not at my warning, and I no longer hearken to thy cry, saith the Lord.

7. O thou high and self-exalted kingdom, who hath gloried in thy deeds of blood, and vaunted thyself in horrid deeds of cruelty; who trusted in thy own arm of flesh for strength, and heeded not my warning voice; who hath enriched thy coffers with gold and silver, at the expense of others' rights and comforts;

8. Thou shalt drink the full draught of my judgments. Though thou art exalted in the highest pitch of grandeur, yet, I will surely bring thee to the lowest depths of ruin.

9. I called thee in mercy, but thou wouldst not hearken. I sent messengers unto thee, to warn thee of thy danger, but thou didst deride, mock, and shamefully entreat them. The time that I did give thee to prepare, in low humility, for my coming, thou didst put far in the future tense.

10. The sun shall be darkened over thy head, and the earth shall roar in convulsions under thy feet; until she shall swallow down, and devour without mercy, many portions of thy wicked and exalted stations.

11. The high and the low, the rich and the poor, shall fall in one common grave of ruin. And upon your fleets at sea will I pour forth my fury, which shall dash them one against another, until they are buried in the bosom of the deep.

12. I will also suffer, saith the Lord, nations and kingdoms to destroy one another. I will take peace from the earth; and pestilence, sword and famine, shall consume the inhabitants thereof.

13. For my controversy on earth is great, and I shall not withdraw my Almighty hand, until I have accomplished the work which I purpose.

14. Monarchs shall be confounded; kings seized with consternation, and the rulers among the people, be silent through fear; For all surrounding objects are overspread with silent gloom, And seem to speak forth loudly, the end to which they are doomed. 15. Your God is a God of justice, of truth and righteousness; and his work of judgment, in his own time and season, He will accomplish.

16. Give ear unto my voice, all ye people dwelling on the earth. Why have ye chosen the way of death, misery, torment and destruction, instead of the way of life and peace?

17. The way that seemeth right unto man, or most agreeable to

his natural feelings, is sure to end in destruction and death, and in the banishment of the soul far from the presence of his God.

18. In mercy, saith the Lord, I sent unto her inhabitants the morning watch-word of my coming; not from the starry regions above, but in a low, humble manner, quite out of sight of the great and the high; and with this, my word, the most solemn warnings, that desolation would follow their refusal, should they not hearken to the voice of Him who came forth from the Eternal Father.

19. But all these entreaties prevailed to effect nought but madness and derision; laughing to scorn my sacred name, and the means by which I made known my will to them.

20. Yet, in my tender mercies did I send forth my work the second time on earth, and gave unto man a clear understanding, that it was my last display of grace to him; yet, he believed Me not, for my manner of coming did not agree with his own exalted ideas.

21. And now again doth the Lord your God declare unto all nations, without reserve, that if ye would of his mercies receive, ye must hearken to his voice.

22. For the time is' come that the earth and her inhabitants, are ripened for harvest; her cup of wickedness and abomination is filled to overflowing.

23. But, as a God of mercy, love, righteousness and truth, I send my solemn watch-words of warning throughout the habitable earth, that he that will hear, may hear; and he that will forbear, may forbear.

24. For I will surely meet all nations in their own paths; and nought shall turn my justice, to the right or to the left.

25. Come gather near unto your God, O ye inhabitants of earth, put away the heart that is hardened in sin and wickedness; put away your dead and stupid luke-warm feelings; seek after God, with all your soul, might, mind and strength.

26. He is found of them that seek Him early, who are willing to sacrifice all the pleasures of time, to obtain his favor and mercy. But such as are wholly absorbed in the cares of this world, they will seek when it is too late.

27. They who feel they have no need to labor for repentance, stand on the pinnacle of destruction, and they know it not.

28. They who feel that they can be saved from desolation by the merits of Christ, without exerting themselves to do, daily, the

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