the fruit of the vine undisturbed; for there shall be none to make thee afraid. And amen,even so let it be, crieth the fourth Archer.


20. O hear my words, ye leaders and people in Zion. In this manner, though strange and singular to you, was I sent forth this night, by the command of my God, with six archers, obedient to my word; four of whom have cried The Watch aloud, as I was commanded to have them. The other two remain in silence, for their hour is not yet come.

21. They that have ears, and can hear aright, let them wisely use them. They that have a heart to understand the truth, lay it open wide. For I declare unto you, saith the Prophet, in the name of the Lord my God, that these things are sent forth for a weighty and solemn warning, to every age and class; for the time is short that ye will have your slumbers in peace, as ye now do.

22. But the cries of your own little ones, in the silent hours of night, shall resound through your habitations; for God hath yet a controversy in Zion, and He Himself will settle it, in his own time.

23. Let every heart read; spell not, but read, saith the Prophet, and well understand what you read. Archers are used, when sent of God for that purpose, to draw the bow, and let swiftly fly the arrows of destruction.

24. He that hath understanding, let him be wise and use it aright; for the controversy will be great, before it is ended. And he that walketh uprightly, and speaketh his words discreetly, shall not be taken in a snare of his own setting.

25. And all ye inhabitants of Zion, I warn you, I again most solemnly warn you, in the name of my God, to beware at what fountain you drink, and with what spirit you unite. Try every spirit that cometh unto you, by that rule which God hath given you; for never did the Zion of God stand in a more dangerous situation, than in the present moment: for to this point hath He brought her, and through this point will He prove her.

26. Could you behold that which God hath showed unto me, your tongues would stand in breathless silence, and rest would depart from your bodies, while sleep did flee from your eyes.

27. One path, and one only path, hath the Lord your God placed before you: and, O how straight, how straight and narrow is this

path! None can walk, I say none can walk it, save those who lie low in the valley of true tribulation of soul.

28. You will soon be able, my dear gospel friends, saith the Prophet, to humble yourselves before God upon your knees; and it will not become a form, nor a ceremony; but it will be a place of the greatest comfort and consolation that you can find; let not this pass through your ears as empty sounds.

29. For the rolling of the Ar van'se kalon, will surely bring it on O do receive it in mercy, that it may not speedily come in judgment, and scatter your little ones to the four winds.


30. I have not come, saith the Prophet, to prophecy of myself unto you; but I have come at the command of my God, to speak the word He gave me, received through one of his holy Angels, who standeth by my side. Did Zion's children pity themselves, with that true pity that God their Heavenly Father doth, they all would have repented in sack-cloth and ashes, long before this day.

31. But let not the words of your God discourage any soul; but prepare to meet [the Lord] your God, in a garment owned of Him. This, my mission at this time, with six of the Archers, who bend the bow to force the arrow, is a sign both solemn and awful unto you, although ye do but in part understand it; but so far as God will suffer me, I have told you.

32. The foregoing prophecies, saith the Angel, cried at the different watches of the night, by the Archers, at the command of the Prophet Isaiah, you will but in a small measure be able to understand, in the present tense, as the different states of Zion therein represented may be some hundreds of years apart. But you may gather much good, if you will, from the solemn warnings contained in them.

33. So watch, and keep your lamps trimmed and burning, and your garments unspotted, that the Lord, in truth, may find you prepared for his coming.

34. My everlasting love, saith the Prophet, I freely give to all Zion's children. And understand my words; In this love there is no fleshly affections to recommend it, nor yawning looks of filthiness: Amen, and even so let it be.

The word the Father gave me, is finished.

New Lebanon, December 23, 1842.




The following prophecies, saith the Prophet Isaiah, I am commanded, by the God of Heaven, to declare to the nations of the earth, through my other two Archers, who were not permitted to sound when the other four did.

The fore part of the first, will embrace the present condition of the inhabitants of earth, and the last part, the blessings and goodness of the ALMIGHTY, if they hearken to his word.

The second part, the awful calamities, judgments and desolations that are sure to follow, should they refuse to hearken to the voice of the Lord their God, through humility and repentance.

[blocks in formation]

1. O Halen hu'mer, I'se valo! O earth, and all who dwell thereon!

Of abused and degenerated nature.
Of the leading objects of mankind.




Man called from nature's darkness,
and promised a blessing in obedience.
Of the restoration of peace on earth.
Of a dispensation of equity and justice.
Of promised blessings.

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2. Where are your offerings of tithes, mint and cummin?

3. Where is the incense of purity, and where are the oblations of praise?

4. Where is the light of thy brightness and the shining of thy glory?

5. Wast thou never illuminated by the brightest shining orb of Heaven?

6. Was not the lamp of eternal life, filled with the oil of joy and gladness, held forth for thy reception?

7. Was not a table spread by your Heavenly Father's command, and sufficient placed thereon to feed the whole family of man?

8. Were not his watchful words of warning, from age to age sent forth, of what his Almighty hand, in time to come would do? Did not the Lord Almighty Himself, send forth a beloved Son?

9. Did he not hold forth to the whole human family, the sceptre of true righteousness, on just and equal terms?

10. Was not the path clearly shown, wherein their feet must walk? 11. Were not the greatest promises that had ever yet been made to mortals, given by this, the Son of God, who was endowed with power from on high, to fulfill that which he did promise? Did not this, the Living Branch of Eternal Righteousness, promise unto those who would forsake all and follow him, that they should receive an hundred fold in time, and in the world to come Eternal Life?

12. Did he not warn all to fulfill all the weighty requirements of the law, which had been given before him? and that Heaven and earth should pass away before one jot or one tittle should fail?

13. And did he not plainly declare, that he and his Father were one? What plainer language could he use, to show his divine mission into the world?

14. And did he not restore to life, and raise the dead, before their eyes, that all might be convinced that he was sent from the Eternal Power on High?

15. And moreover, Did he not, with a few small loaves and fishes, feed thousands of hungry mortals? And was there not in fragments much remaining, when they had done?

16. Did not he walk on waters deep, and calm the tempestuous wind?

17. And did he not cast out devils, and suffer them into the swine to go? And how oft, by his mighty power, did he heal the sick, whom no physician could restore.

18. And what did all these wonderful miracles do towards convincing the darkened race of man, that he came forth from God, his Heavenly Father? Did they not revile him, and seek his life from day to day?

19. And did they not lay out the work of an Almighty God according to their own plans, and in their own way?

20. And did they not prefer their own wisdom, to that which was sent of God, from on High?

21. How oft would he have gathered the whole house of Israel, under his holy wings, like as a hen gathereth her chickens! And for this purpose, how oft did he exhort them, and kindest language use, that they might be persuaded to turn to God, through repentance and humility, before they had out-stood the day of God's mercy unto them!

22. Why would they not take warning from those who had lived in ages long before? Had they ever known God's promises to fail? 23. Had they not the example of God's wrath and judgment on the wicked inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah, for the hardness of their hearts in refusing to hearken to his word?

24. And furthermore, Did they not have the example of the haughty Ninevites, who, at the warning voice of the Lord, through Jonah, humbled themselves in sack-cloth and ashes, and by this means stayed the Almighty hand of judgment, so long as they walked humbly before Him, notwithstanding, their days had been numbered?

25. And did not the Lord fulfill his word, when they returned to their former wicked lives, by a total destruction of their city? 26. And had they not the example of righteous Noah before them, and the fate of those who mocked and scorned his word? 27. Yet, what lessons from all these awful judgments did they learn?

28. Did they not pursue exactly the same path, in plans of their own devising, instead of heeding the word of the Lord?

29. Did they not pursue their own way, and crucify the Christ of God, and put his followers to death?

30. And were not the judgments that had been foretold, executed upon them accordingly? All truth declares the affirmative. 31. O wretched state of man, that now envelopes the whole earth! who hath, from the earliest ages, sought to withstand his Creator God; who hath refused all offers at his hand of mercy,

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