12. But cry yet again, in the glooms of midnight darkness, saith the Lord, to all the wicked and rebellious sons of men dwelling upon the earth.

13. Their well cultivated fields have become a desolation, and wild beasts do roam thereon. Their rich and splendid palaces are broken in pieces, and their garments are moth-eaten. Their heaped up stores are destroyed by vermin, and the canker-worm doth consume them daily.

14.. Their fields and their vineyards have ceased to bring forth fruit, for they are trodden by the feet of the unclean, and worked by the hands of the disobedient.

15. O earth, earth, hadst thou but hearkened to the voice of the Lord thy God, the rays of life, light and hope, would have invigorated thy goings, and the cheering and life-giving rays of the morning sun would have smiled upon thy well cultivated fields, and beamed forth upon its wings, from the firmament of heaven, songs of approbation to the tillers thereof.

16. But alas! Alas! briers and thorns beneath, have choked the pleasant herbage of the fields, and in the firmament above, darkness does obscure the cheering rays of the luminous orb; and the twinkling stars, from the glooms of midnight darkness, have withdrawn their shining.

17. And the whole human family upon earth, is left to feel the scourge, and just judgments of an Almighty God, for walking in disobedience to his righteous and holy commands.

18. But unto you who are called, and, by strict and true obedience to my commands, have made yourselves the chosen people of my Zion, wherever, and in whatever part of the earth you may be, bow low before your God, and cry for his mercy and protection.

19. Consider yourselves but as worms of the dust before Him. Pray without ceasing, that your souls may be clothed in a garment of humility, possessing the spirit of the Lamb before all people.

20. Pray that all your fellow mortals on earth may walk worthy to receive, at the hand of their God, his eternal blessings. Keep the sacred oracles of Heaven delivered unto you; Love, and pray for those who appear to be your enemies.

21. Render kindness and love unto all, retaliate upon none, though, being ignorant of their doings, they should seek to distress and afflict your souls, imprison and abuse your bodies, and destroy your property, that which ye have honestly gained by the

meritorious industry of your own hands; yet, render good for evil, and revile not upon those, either in word, thought or deed, who may appear to wish you exterminated from the face of the earth.

22. But in the spirit of the LAMB, walk ye before all people, saith the Lord your God. And when ye are persecuted, by reason of the testimony that I, your God, require you to maintain, or for that life which I require you to live, consider those of my people who have gone before you, in past dispensations, and let your souls break forth in thankfulness, in prayer and humble supplication, upon your bended knees before Me, in the midst of your enemies saith the Lord, that the spirit of the LAMB OF GOD depart not from your souls: for in this spirit you will be protected from all. pollution and defilement.

23. Pray earnestly unto that Almighty God, who hath created of one blood all nations of the earth, that He would stay his hand of desolating judgments therefrom, that all might have space to repent, and turn to the one true and living God, who giveth grace to the humble, and to the contrite heart draweth near.

24. Pray that his blessings and protection may distill as the dews of Heaven from on high, upon the inhabitants of earth.

25. Bend your knees in supplication and prayer, all ye inhabitants of Zion, in behalf of your fellow creatures; that the true wisdom of an ALMIGHTY GOD may rest in the hearts of the rulers of the earth; that they may frame their laws in true justice, and enforce them in equity.

26. Mourn and lament, and pray for your fellow mortals, when they are suffering under the heavy hand of adversity. Hear the cries of the poor and distressed, that when ye are in distress, and under affliction, God may hear your prayers and supplication.

27. Hearken to my voice, saith the Lord; cease not to go forth in solemn praises to my name, your God and Creator, in thankfulness for that privilege which, in the order of my divine goodness, I have granted you to gain your souls' salvation while upon the earth. Though you should be cast into prisons and dungeons, yet, cease not to glorify my name, and pray for your persecutors, and be kind unto those who treat you ill.

28. Yea, saith the spirit of God, pray earnestly, without ceasing, that freedom of conscience may be granted throughout the earth, that every human creature may worship their God and Creator, in

sincerity of heart, according to the best light and understanding given them.

29. Pray that the whole human family may receive blessings at the hand of their God; Bless, and curse not, saith the Lord. Vengeance belongeth unto Me, not unto man; therefore, be ye always clothed with the spirit of CHRIST, the LAMB of God, who taketh away the sin of the world.

30. In Me, saith the Lord, ye shall find rest to your souls; for him whom I love, I chasten, that he may walk in the way of my love, and depart not therefrom. Therefore, O ye children of Zion, be wise in all your goings forth; be harmless and innocent in all your doings, Amen.

[blocks in formation]

1. Give ear and attention, all ye inhabitants of Zion, and hail, all ye people from distant lands, who have come to visit her, saith the Lord. The day of her visitation, in mercy from on high, hath arriven.

2. The rays of morning light beam forth in smiles of pleasantness upon her; the sparkling orbs, from the canopy of Heaven, drop down their twinkling rays of light, in streams of consolation. The morning sun ariseth in effulgent glory bright, and spreadeth

his wings to the four winds, and gracefully hovereth over Zion's habitations.

3. The gloomy curtains of despair are withdrawn, the loathsome mist of darkness is dispelled, by the light-giving rays from the ethereal worlds on high.

4. Hark! hark! O ye Seraphs, and all ye stationed Archers round her lovely borders. All animated creation breathes forth songs of peace to Zion, and good will to the inhabitants of earth. The glorious orb of light hath cast his silvery curtains around her habitations.

5. Arise, arise, O Zion, the days of thy sorrow are fulfilled, and the hours of thy mourning accomplished. Thou hast humbled thyself to the dust, and laid low in sack-cloth and ashes. Thou hast drank the bitter cup of adversity, and eaten, in obedience, the gall of bitterness. Thou hast appeased the anger of thy God for thy many transgressions, for thou didst suffer the full measure given unto thee.

6. Cast off thy garments of mourning, and attire thyself in the beautiful robes of joy and gladness; go forth in the dances of them that make merry, and rejoice in the God of thy salvation; for his anger is turned away, and his loving kindness doth now extend throughout the whole creation.

7. Sound forth his joyful songs of praise, all ye his chosen people; make a joyful noise before Him, and chant his holy name in your songs of adoration.

8. Praise him, all ye people, praise him when you walk his holy land; praise him while you sleep beneath the arm of his protection.

9. And all ye fowls in heaven, beat your wings in joyful praises to his name; and let the beasts who tread and graze on earth beneath, bleat forth praises to the same.

10. O thou Zion of my delight, saith the Lord, arise and stand upon thy feet, for I have shod them with grace and truth, and they will now walk in my paths, for they are ways of pleasantness, and all my paths are peace. For I will hold you as the apple of mine eye, and as the objects of my greatest delight. Yea, saith the Lord, I will be unto you a God, and ye shall be unto Me a people in whom I can take great delight.

11. Cry aloud, O thou watchman of the morning, cry aloud The Watch in Zion; for the Heavens smile upon her; in beautiful garments is she arrayed, and decked with precious ornaments. The

Sun of righteousness hath shone upon her, and clothed her in a robe of perfect beauty; and hath placed an ensign of safety upon her breast, which she shall show to all nations.

12. Come, come, saith the Lord, all ye from distant lands, and isles at sea; come, come saith your God, to the banquet I have prepared for you; for in my Zion I take delight, and glorious shall be her name throughout the land.

13. I will lay all nations low before thee, and in humility and meekness shalt thou ever come before Me, saith thy God.

14. Rejoice with exceeding great joy ye heavens; break forth into singing ye mountains; ye hills and ye vallies leap with a gladdened heart, and clap your hands for joy; for his anger is turned away, and in mercy he hath looked on Zion. In thee there shall be no more sorrow, no more sighing, no more sickness, death or pain; but thy spirit shall be wholly absorbed in doing the will of thy God; and thy body shall be wholly delighted in supporting the same. Thus shalt thou spend thy days on earth, rejoicing in the God of thy immortality, whose hand doth now cover and shield thee from all harm without and within.

15. Free salvation hath the Lord your God proclaimed to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people. He that feareth the Lord and worketh righteousness, by keeping his commandments unbroken, the same is, and forever shall be, accepted of Me, saith God, let him be of whatever kindred, nation, clime or people he may.

16. For I am a God of justice, and not of partiality; and he that strippeth, and maketh the sacrifice, by running the appointed race, shall surely obtain the prize of salvation.

17. The offers of my gospel are not decreed for any individual nation, kindred, tongue or people; but whosoever will, let him come and partake of the waters of life freely.

18. Here the thirsty soul may drink to thirst no more. Here the wandering soul who is sick of sin, may find a place of rest. Here the widow and fatherless children, shall find there is a Zion of God upon earth, wherein dwelleth the image of his kindness, charity and goodness.

19. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou city of peace, and Zion of my likeness, saith God, rejoice, and be comforted from thy sorrows; for thou now dwellest in the midst of one eternal day, whose glory divine and resplendent brightness shall never be withdrawn. the bowers of peace and under the arbors of safety, thou shalt eat


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