29. According as you believe and obey, or disbelieve and disobey, the words contained in this Sacred Roll [and Book,] so shall the sincerity of your cries and lamentations, in the day that you are constrained to pour them forth for my mercy, be regarded or disregarded by your God.

39. And according to the zeal, enterprise and sincerity of such as are required to correctly translate and circulate this Book through different nations and languages, so shall their days of my notice, in peace and blessing, be prolonged.

31. It is my requirement, saith the Lord, that in two years from the commencement of the year One thousand eight hundred and forty four, copies of this, MY SOLEMN WARNING, be circulated throughout all professed christendom on the face of the whole earth; and as far among the heathen nations, as missions for civilization and for instruction have been extended.

32. And so far as the inhabitants of the earth regard, in truth, the sacred requirements contained in the holy scriptures, and in this my Sacred Roll, now sent forth directly from my eternal throne, in the age and day in which they live, so far are they justified in my sight.

33. And by laboring, as fast as possible, to settle all feelings of collision, both in their own realms and kingdoms, [and with other nations,] without hostilities being commenced, or blood being shed, and to cease learning the arts of war, and cultivate the principles of peace, they will, so far, stay the heavy judgments which are already poured out without mixture, into the cup of the wrath of my indignation, to be sent forth upon the earth.

34. But this effort to do away the cause of war, and establish conciliatory measures, that justice, in all cases, may be done, and the effusion of blood, and the destruction of human life be prevented, I require, saith the Lord, should be made by nations, as well as by individuals.

35. And so far as mankind turn their attention to cultivate the soil and procure their subsistence by their own honest industry; so far will they evidently feel, as nations, the blessings of an overruling providence smiling upon them.

36. But let all nations and kingdoms remember, saith the God of Heaven, that they have advanced in wickedness, against the laws of their God and Creator, on to the very last stage in which his Almighty hand, in offers of mercy, can be extended towards them.

37. And if they refuse, as nations, to hearken and take warning, sure destruction is their certain and final doom. Herein is contained my word, the only true God, the ALMIGHTY POWER of Heaven and earth, the Over-ruling and Great first Cause of all created things. The GOD who was, the GOD who is, through endless worlds made known.

38. Therefore, unto that God give thanks, whose omniscient eye is not confined to certain limits of time and space.

39. Trouble ye not the little few from whence this, my word, at my command, has now come forth: for I, the God of all, have commanded their seclusion, as a body, for a short season, from all public gaze and throng; that I may scourge them in my mercy, and teach them how, in tribulation's vale, to walk softly before Me their God.

40. Trouble ye not the mortal hand, or Instrument of flesh and blood, through whom I caused my holy and mighty Angel of eternal light, power and truth, to move and guide the pen in truth to write this, my Holy and Sacred Roll, for mortal eyes to view; for he is but mortal flesh and blood, like unto each one of you.

41. No honor there belongs, but that of obeying Me, the Lord his God, regardless of all other personal views or consequences. Holy and sacred things I do require, saith the Lord, to be kept holy and sacred, practiced in both heart and hand; and not to be made the daily subject of comment, yet still unheeded.

42. But when souls converse together on sacred subjects, let them be sincere in heart, possessing a degree of fear and reverence to that God by whom they were created, and before whose eternal throne of judgment and true justice, each soul must soon appear.

43. And thus endeth the Roll, sent forth from Me, the God of Heaven and earth, consigned to all possessing mortal clay, saith the AL FINO of all creation, the Beginning and the Ending; even so, eternally it shall stand, Amen.





We require, saith the holy Angel, the first and second watc to be sounded in the ears of the watchmen of the flock. Go call the Shepherds, that they may hear; for my God hath commanded me words to speak, his truths to declare, to cry aloud, and spare not; for she that did glow in mirthful beauty, is now arrayed in mourning.

Therefore, thou Prophet of the Lord, cause four of thy Archers to speak thy word, this night; but command the other two to withhold, and speak not, until the time shall be fulfilled. And these shall be the hours in which ye shall cry aloud, The watch; first, between the hours of seven and eight; second, between the hours of nine and ten; third, at the hour of twelve; fourth, between the hours of three and four.




1. The Lord questioneth the Shepherds | 8. Warnings to Zion.

of Israel.


Of the Lord's Vineyard.

6. God's hand upon earth in judgment. 15. 7. God's word to his Archers.

Of man's insignificance.

1. Shall I gather and gather, gather and gather again, and then scatter in Israel, and rend in Jacob, saith the Lord? Shall I plant a goodly vineyard, and cause careful husbandmen to dress the same, that I may receive mine own with usury, and then suffer thieves and robbers to break in and abuse my husbandmen, and take to themselves the first ripe fruits, and destroy and trample the residue under their feet?

2. Shall I grant that Israel may flourish, and Jacob prosper, and then suffer the destroyer to break down the walls of their city, and lay waste their pleasant places? Shall I suffer the little ones to be chased by their enemies, and scattered upon the mountains, as sheep having no shepherd?

3. Or shall I again, saith the Lord, send my beloved Son, to gather them under the shadow of his wings and seat them in the low and pleasant vales of humility? Yea, saith the God of Heaven, over mine own will I stretch forth my arm of protection, to save the offspring of my delight.

4. But hearken, saith the Lord: Where are the credentials of your office, or the signets of your calling? Where are the marks from Wisdom's hand, that prove you objects of my name? Have not I promised that my judgments should be to the line, and my righteousness to the plummet? Have I not given strength to the weak, that they might become strong to rejoice in the God of their salvation?

5. And again; Have I not strengthened the feeble and tottering knee, that it might bow and bend as a suppliant willow, in my holy Sanctuary? Have I not called you all, saith the Lord, to drink at one fountain and bathe in one stream, and to refine by one fire, un

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