kingdoms of the earth, from the day they crucified my Son, up to the present time.

6. I AM, is GOD; whose power is Almighty, and whose glory and beauty filleth all immensity and space; yet the least creature of my creation, is an object of my particular notice; either in mercy or in judgment. And with Me, time does not exist, for before time was, I AM, existed; and the after Me can never come.

7. JEHOVAH JAH, is my name; through endless worlds I'm known; fulfilling, to the least jot and tittle, that which I have promised through the mouths of my true and faithful servants.

8. All creation, that mortals can comprehend, should pass into oblivion, rather than one word from my mouth should fail of being accomplished, let it be spoken through whatever medium it may; if I have prepared that medium, I have also recorded it on the records of eternity; and all the power that earth and hell possess, can never falsify one word.

9. But times and seasons, I seldom give to any agent, to declare: they are reserved in true wisdom, by the ETERNAL TWAIN, united in one. I am that God that did promise, in ancient days, through the mouths of my faithful servants, that in the latter day, I would set up a kingdom that should never have an end. This I have done; I have begun a kingdom that shall never have an end.

10. I did also promise, that I would fill the whole earth with a stone, from the Mountain, cut out without hands: This I am also doing, in my own time and season. Remember that with Me, one

day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day: yet, the very hairs of your head are all numbered, and the moments of your lives all counted.

11. I did also promise to create a new heaven and a new earth, wherein should dwell righteousness. And I did furthermore declare, that my kingdom was a kingdom of peace; and for this purpose did I send my only begotten Son into the world. I did also promise, that I would cause the loftiness of man to be brought low; and bring into contempt the honorable and great ones of the earth, (or those who felt themselves as such,) that the pride of all flesh might be stained, and my name alone, exalted in that day. This work I am now doing, even in the present time in which you live.

12. I am that God who did promise, through the Lord Jesus Christ, that I would come as a thief in the night; and warned all to be prepared, with lamps well trimmed and burning, having oil in

their vessels, ready to meet the Bridegroom and Bride, and not to be found sleeping, when their Master should return.

13. And lo, I have come, and cried aloud the watch, but few answered; therefore I called the lame, the halt and the blind to my feast, and they that were the children of the kingdom I did cast out, and compelled those from the highways and hedges, to come in and sit at my table, that it might be filled.

14. I am that God who promised, through my blessed Son, that if any would forsake all, for the gospel's sake, take up their cross, and follow Me, they should be blessed while in time, an hundred fold; and in the world to come, with eternal life. And that all such as would lose their life for my sake, should find it; and all such as would save their life should lose it. For the Father and the Son are one, and from the Eternal Essence of my goodness, did I send him forth. [See St. John, Chap. xvii. 11, 21, 22.]

15. I AM, is God of yesterday, to day, and forever; my purposes alter not, neither do they change, with the passing events of time.

16. My attributes of goodness, justice and equity, with an offer of repentance, have always, in the wise dispensations of my providence, preceded, (in kind and merciful offers to the children of men,) the heavy hand of my judgment, that they who would, might turn and be saved.

17. And now, even in this your day, I am that God who does, through means of my own choosing, and vessels of my own preparing, send forth my word of truth, accompanied by a kind and friendly warning, to all nations, kindreds, tongues and people, who dwell upon the face of the whole earth.

18. Not through vessels polished by the arts and sciences, cultivated by man, but through such as are humble and dependent children, who seek to know, and do my will, as the first, and greatest object of their pursuit; who dwell in a humble and secluded position in life; choosing, rather to suffer persecution, tribulation and affliction with my people, than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a


19. Such are the instruments and vessels, through whom the word of my law shall go forth, from the Zion of my likeness, to the ends of the earth. Through such as do, in truth, yield themselves as clay in the hands of the potter; giving all the honor and glory to my name, knowing and feeling themselves nought, but poor frail worms of the dust, whose life and breath is but as a vapor, that vanisheth quickly away.




[blocks in formation]

7. How corrupted, and the following con- 20. Expressions of the hearts of many, sequences.

concerning the judgments of God.

8. Of the original design of God in the 25. Of the call of God to the inhabitants

[blocks in formation]

10. Man protected, had he kept his recti- 26. Of man's obstinacy against God, from

[blocks in formation]

1. When I created the earth, and all that is therein, I created man in a state of free agency, possessing an immortal soul, endowed with reasonable faculties, and also with irrational, or opposite propensities.

2. These irrational, or opposite propensities, could never have gained such an influence over his rational mind, as to have perverted the order of his creation, had he kept my commandments, when first by my hand he was created, and placed in the garden, with full liberty to partake of every flower, and eat of the fruit of every tree, save the one that stood in the midst. This he was not to med

dle with on pain of death.

3. But the irrational and inferior propensities working upon his animal part, seduced him to yield to the pleadings of the weaker vessel, and disobey the righteous command of his Creator God,

4. By giving way to indulge their natures, the seat of which gratification was placed in the midst of their bodies; and this is the tree, standing in the midst, bearing the forbidden fruit, from which they plucked, not for the sake of procreation, but wholly for the sake of gratification.

5. Therefore, the death, of which I had before told them, did now ensue; they could no longer stand before Me in a state of true innocence; for they had basely corrupted that order of nature which I had strictly commanded them to keep, and violate it not.

6. The times and seasons for them to come together merely for the sake of propagating their own species, could have been fulfilled, sufficient to accomplish that end, and [that work] been as justifiable in my sight, as that of eating or drinking; and they could have known no more shame in the transaction.

7. But by yielding to inordinate propensities, the seed of man was basely corrupted; and by that means, the order of nature, which I had established for his protection while in a natural state, was wholly thrown aside, saith the Lord, by the great mass of mankind, until debauchery, bloodshed and violence, did fill the whole earth, save a small remnant, who had descended from him who was begotten strictly after the order of nature, in true obedience to my command.

8. I never intended, saith the Lord, that after having created X man in our own image, to be an honor and glory unto us, by showing forth the image of his Creator, that he should have filled the earth with every species of abomination and violence, and caused it to be covered with bloodshed and carnage: by no means.

9. But I intended it should have been a terrestrial paradise, standing in its natural order uncorrupted, until in my wisdom, I should have seen fit to introduce an order of grace, or a spiritual dispensation, for such portions of its inhabitants as were adequately ripened for the calling.

10. I should have noticed, with my blessing and protection, in the order of my providence, those who had strictly kept the order and law of nature, uncorrupted, as really as those who were called into the order of my grace; or to a work so pure and holy, that it could allow of nothing pertaining to the works of generation;

11. But mankind, from the earliest ages of the world, have never

ceased to pervert the order of nature, and turn it to subserve their own ungoverned and licentious passions, until their loss and darkness have become so great, that the whole earth is corrupted, and fast sinking under a curse, from my all righteous hand.

12. And all the judgments and calamities which I have suffered to come upon the earth in past dispensations and ages, to the present day, as a just recompense for their own doings, have been for the purpose that mankind might learn obedience to my law, by the things which they suffered.

13. Yet, notwithstanding all these solemn warnings, accompanied by awful judgments, if their lives were spared, they have never ceased to harden their hearts, and again provoke my Holy Spirit to anger by their gross wickedness, committed [by many,] with their eyes wide open, knowing that they were disobeying the commands. of the Lord their God.

14. The whole world, and all the inhabitants that have heretofore lived on the earth's face, bear Me witness, that it hath now become ripe, for sore and heavy judgments.

15. Therefore, do I firstly send forth my warning voice in charity, and extend the offer of repentance to all who will accept it; for I delight not in the death of the wicked, saith the Lord.

16. But I would, that ye turn from the evil of your doings, and learn true righteousness; or come so far towards it, as to keep that law of nature which I first established for the protection of man, while yet in a natural state.

17. Hearken, O ye people, and hear my word, saith the Lord your God. Had man kept his rectitude in the order of nature, as I commar.ded him, no innocent blood would ever have been shed by his hand; no wars and fightings would ever have existed among the nations of the earth.

18. But because of their awful wickedness, and of their beastly abominations, I, the Lord God of Heaven and earth, have suffered the sword, with bloodshed and carnage, famine, destruction and pestilence, with sweeping blasts of my fury, in earthquakes and tornadoes, to devastate many parts of the earth, and swallow up in destruction, the living thereon; that others might take warning and behold the doings of an Almighty hand, that no mortal power could


19. [These events were suffered,] that those who beheld the awful calamities, with which their fellow creatures had been visited in a

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