51. Dwell together in peace, and let harmony pervade your meetings. The GREAT I AM visiteth the earth with myriads of his Angels; yet, with your natural eyes you behold them not: but, as you feel the wind, and see it not, so shall our Almighty Power yet be felt.

52. Say not within yourselves, "Our God delayeth his coming, and these pretended words of warning are all false, they are of man's invention:" For upon such, will I break forth as a thief in the night. Therefore prepare, all nations, prepare, all people, for the God of Heaven will weigh you as the small dust of the balance; therefore, prepare, prepare ye for his coming.




[blocks in formation]

1. Listen to my words, and

hearken to my voice, saith the Lord your God, all ye who sell the truth for hire, and turn the scales of justice for money. Can ye, by word, turn falsehood into truth, and truth into falsehood?

2. Do you look at the silver and gold, and then engage to sell the rights of justice for a certain price?

3. Do you, for hire, turn the right of the poor from the bar of equity, and cause the penniless to suffer under the heavy hand of oppression?

4. Are you not called to plead the cause of the widow and fatherless, and use all your influence, that true justice be done between man and man, without regard to gold or silver?

5. Does the popular liar stand justified in my sight, or excused by the usages of men?

6. Does the habit or custom of selling one's self, for a given sum, to pervert the truth, render it less wicked?

7. Do you remember the declarations of my mouth, through my servant John when on earth, That all liars should have their part in the lake that burneth with fire and brimstone?

8. Do you remember, that for every idle word, man must give an account in judgment, unto Me, his God?

9. Does equity balance your accounts, and justice settle your demands?

10. Is the golden rule that your Lord and Savior gave, first and foremost in your hearts;

11. "Do unto others as ye would that others should do unto you?" And [do you] never from this depart?

12. Do you make justice your study, and uprightness your daily companion? Or is deception your study, and false coloring your constant companion?

13. Do the records of truth, rest upon the table of your hearts, supporting the deeds that are past, and resolving the course to pursue in future?

14. And are you prepared for the summons of an eternal change, to appear before the tribunal of the Almighty, and there to receive your reward according to the record of my eternal justice?

15. If ye knew, each day, that it would be the last you would have in time, would you not be in possession, at the return of night, of a different record in your hearts?

16. But remember, saith the Lord, Truth will stand, and justice will not be perverted, in the end.

17. No one can take from him, that which is his just due, nor give unto him, whose right it is not.

18. All classes, all nations and kingdoms of one blood I have created, with immortal and never dying souls, which are all alike accountable to Me who gave them, saith the Lord.

19. Though the path-ways of men through life are very unequal, and the inequality greatly increased by their injustice one with another, yet shall all, in the final event, be arraigned at my bar of eternal justice, to receive their just due, according to the record of their lives, which they lived while upon earth. Here, wealth, riches, grandeur or popularity, turn not the scales of justice.

20. Do ye, while pleading the laws of man, keep in your hearts the law of your God, which is, Deal justly, love mercy, walk humbly? 21. Do you extort from the poor and needy, and spend it yourselves, in rioting, luxury and extravagance? Do you give place in your hearts, for sober, serious, and solemn reflections? Or do you put far away the day of my visitation, saith the Lord?

22. Let all flesh tremble at my word, and bow at my command, saith the God of Heaven; for I will sweep, with the blast of my destruction, from the face of the earth, the hard and impenitent souls.

23. For the earth and the inhabitants thereon, have become sick, and covered with putrefying sores, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet.

24. And all ye physicians of men, how do you deal with your fellow creatures? Do you prolong sickness for money, and protract disease for gain?

25. Do you make just reckoning, and exact no more than your just due? Do you administer relief to the poor, and comfort to the afflicted, though they be penniless and have nought to reward you, but thanks of tongue and blessing of heart? Or do you only prescribe for silver, and administer for gold?

26. Do you pursue the golden rule laid down by Christ, your Lord and Savior, in all cases; Do by others as you would have them do by you in the same condition?

27. Are you guided and dictated by kind, benevolent and humane feelings, towards your fellow creatures; or do rewards control you?

28. Are you prepared to meet, in judgment, the souls of those upon whose bodies you did protract disease, until you acquired all their temporal substance, then did leave them to die at last, and by this means their families were made greatly to suffer, and wholly through your avarice?

29. Remember, the day of truth and justice must come with all. And are you prepared, while in the midst of life, and prospects of

enjoyments great, to be in death summoned by my Almighty power, before my eternal bar of justice, there to receive the just recompense of your labor, and meet the souls of those whom ye did wrong upon the earth, and cause their bodies much distress and pain, for the purpose of getting gain to yourselves? Behold I shall call, and from my call, no man can turn!

30. I am the God, who respecteth not the persons of men; but who visiteth the inhabitants of earth, for the greatness of their abominations; and in mercy to them that will hear, and in judgment to them that will not.

31. Therefore, prepare your hearts, my name in truth to serve, and study first, the duty you owe to Me, your God and Creator; then, the duty you owe to man, your fellow creature. And live each day, as ye would if ye knew it was to be your last: then you will be prepared to do my will, wherever your lot is cast.

32. For behold, the powers of earth shall be shaken, and the heart of man shall be seized with consternation and dismay. Loudly and quickly, would he then call upon my name for mercy! But such as have had warning at my mouth, and have heeded it not, their cries will be in vain.

33. For have I not declared unto all flesh, that my spirit shall not always strive with mortal man to no purpose? Therefore, be ye warned by my words, saith the voice of the Most High.




[blocks in formation]

1. Give ear, all ye people, and understand my words, all ye who walk in paths of life, and grope your way in time's dark vale below, saith the great JEHOVAH;

2. A God, the record of whose word, in dispensations long past, ye have; which record, by my Almighty and over-ruling power, hath been preserved unto the present day, as a couch to the frail, and lamp of true light unto the children of men, that the path before them might be plain, and the way in which they should walk not hedged up; that wickedness might not cover the earth, nor gross darkness the people,

3. Have these purposes, for which my sacred word was given, and preserved among the children of men, been accomplished according to my will? Or hath man perverted the order that was intended he should forever keep, as a safe-guard to his soul through time?

4. Remember, all ye inhabitants in time below, that your God remaineth the same, both in the past, the present, and the future. God is spirit, an eternal and everlasting substance of light, power and truth, filling all immensity and space, through endless worlds unknown; yet, a God that is near, and can be sought unto in mercy and loving kindness, by such as walk in obedience to his commands, and seek after Him with a sincere heart.

5. But where, saith your God, are the ensigns of your creation,


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