2. God come to visit the earth.

3. The manner of his coming.

23. Of beginning the soul's travel in eternity under adverse circumstances.

5. Mankind questioned, relative to re- 24. Easier for souls to destroy their evil

[blocks in formation]

22. Ministering spirits sent forth to offer 30. The state of those who refuse to do such souls the gospel. the will of God.

1. Hearken, O ye people, and understand, all ye nations of the earth. I AM, before Me none were, and after Me, none can exist.

2. The God, before whose bar of judgment ye must all shortly appear, hath now, in this last age of the world, condescended, in his eternal goodness, to stoop from the throne of his Almighty power on high, and come down to warn the inhabitants of earth With thousands of holy Angels upon his right and upon his left, doth he approach the habitations of man. And how doth he come? crieth a mighty Angel that goeth before him, that the people may hear.

3. With a balance of true justice in his right hand, and a sword of his judgment in his left; and on his right, doth a holy Angel bear the sceptre of his mercy, and on his left, a mighty Angel of power doth bear the besom of destruction.

4 Yet, saith the Lord, I send forth unto you my solemn warnings in a still small voice, in language plain, simple and familiar, that a child may understand. Will you hearken any the less on that


5. Would you be more ready to receive it, were the earth rocking under your feet, and opening her mouth ready to swallow you down?

6. Would you be more ready to receive it, should I, without giving you the offer of repentance, send a pestilence through your land, that should sweep three fourths of its inhabitants therefrom?

Would you be more ready to receive it, should I cause a dearth throughout the earth, and destroy both man and beast thereon?

7. Or would you be more ready to receive it, should I, in my wrath, take from the earth what little peace there is thereon, and suffer the sword to be unsheathed, through every nation and kingdom?

8. Or will you, in mercy, receive it at my hand, before my awful judgments roll on you? My times are not man's time, remember; but the time of times shall not pass in vain over this earth, or those who dwell upon it.

9. But I will now show unto you, the rewards of those who sincerely spend their lives to Me, while in time, such as enter under the law of grace, and walk uprightly therein to the end of their days.

10. When once a soul has heard the sound of the everlasting and true gospel, (remember there is but one true gospel,) they no longer can be considered in a state of ignorance; but they must either harden their hearts to disbelieve and reject it, or else they must follow the best light in their own souls in obeying it.

11. But let it forever be remembered, by all the human race, that they who go through time and commit the least sin, are always the most bright and glorious in the eternal world, and come the nearest to God, their Creator; for every sinful act makes a stain, and deep impression of guilt upon the soul, which can never be eradicated, but through confession and true repentance.

12. And none have found any way or power, by which they can keep from sinning, only such as have, in full purpose of heart, embraced the one only true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, in his first, and in his second appearing, which, if lived up to, completes the work of redemption in the soul.

13. Such as embrace this gospel in their childhood, and by that means, learn to love the way of purity in the days of their innocence, and continue faithfully to bear the blessed cross of Christ, to the end of their days, offer unto Me, their God and Creator, the first fruits of their lives.

14. And such souls are prepared, at any time, to enter eternity, and stand before my holy bar of judgment, justified by their God; and there is no power that can condemn them; and in this state, they are prepared immediately to enter a travel in eternity, progressing from one degree of glory to another, continually rejoicing in that God of their salvation who called them while upon earth, before they had

sunk their souls in sin and wickedness, and become hardened against God, their Creator.

15. Such are crowned with eternal crowns of glory, having palms placed in their hands; and such are made kings and priests unto Me, for they are worthy. They lived in a sinful world, but they defled not themselves with her sins, that they might not partake of her plagues.

16. And now, they are prepared to stand in truth with the Lamb on Mount Zion; therefore I will clothe them in white, and gird on them the breast-plate of righteousness, for they have no need to taste the second death.

17. But such as pass a long life in every kind of wicked and sinful indulgence, to which their natures are prone, often feel a stroke of reproof from the monitions of conscience, while passing through time, which awakens in their souls, at times, solemn feelings of reflection and sorrow, for the time that is past and gone, which they have spent in wickedness, against the laws of their Maker. And in this state, many form strong resolutions of mind, that they will mend their lives; but when temptations again appear, their resolutions are gone, and so they again become an easy prey to nature's vilest passions.

18. And, as they approach the close of life, they feel an awful horror and condemnation, thrilling through their souls; a dread of death, judgment and eternity now stares them in the face.

19. They know they are unprepared to meet their God, for they have gone far aside, from doing the best they knew; they now try to pacify their own feelings, by that doctrine which they have so often heard advanced, while passing through life; That if they will, before they breathe their last, only confess themselves to be sinners, by calling on my name; by the merits of Christ, the Savior, all their sins shall be pardoned.

20. But how awfully mistaken on this point, do they find themselves, when they enter eternity! Though many times, my Holy Spirit, saith the Lord, suffereth such souls to wander, and grope in darkness, for hundreds of years, before they are called to judgment; yet no enjoyment do they find; but are similar, in situation, to a man lost in a dense wilderness, among wild beasts. And when their time comes to be called to judgment, they find, that upon my eternal record every deed of their lives is recorded; the good upon the right, and the bad upon the left.

21. And these are weighed in the balance of my eternal justice, which finds them greatly wanting; and their doom is sealed in the flames of hell, with the devil and his angels, till they have paid the utmost farthing, by suffering the demands of justice.

22. I now send forth ministering spirits, to offer them this self same gospel which is offered unto you, O ye children of men. They thankfully embrace the least offer of mercy which I now show unto them; and they now have to begin, exactly in the same way that they would, had they begun in their childhood, or in any period of their lives while on earth, to embrace this gospel of Christ's second coming, without sin unto salvation.

23. After losing their time on earth, as to gaining any treasure for their souls, and all this time in eternity, enduring all the heartrending sufferings they have had to pass through, as their due and just reward, they now have to begin, and travel out of the nature of that loss, with all its increased strength, which is added many fold by indulgence, just the same as they would have had to do, had they begun in the early part of their lives. If they had done this, they would have saved all the time lost in eternity, and their souls from the deep impressions of guilt, darkness and disgrace, and of a sinstained life, saith the Lord; and been preserved from all the sufferings therewith connected.

24. And be it known unto all people, that it is much easier for them to find a fruitful travel in this world, by yielding obedience to the cross of Christ, while they have strength and activity, of both soul and body, than it is for them to find it in eternity; for there they must pass from prison to prison, from one degree of sufferings to another, seeking the mercy of God.

25. And for those who have once tasted the true gospel of Christ, and the good word of God, and of the powers of the world to come, and then turn back to serve their own corrupt natures, it would have been better for them never to have been born; for such crucify unto themselves the son of God afresh.

26. But such as do not feel themselves called upon by the awakening flames of conviction, in their own consciences, to obey the law of gospel purity, must return to the moral law of nature, saith the Lord, or they cannot escape the heavy hand of my awful judgments.

27. I have not sent forth this roll of solemn truth and warning, to threaten, or terrify the inhabitants of earth; neither have I sent

it forth for naught, or to be disregarded, trampled upon, and treated with scorn and contempt by any, either Monarchs, Kings or Princes; but those of you who believe it not, let it alone, and both time and eternity will convince you, from what source it was sent forth.

28. You shall be fully convinced, in the event, that it is not the invention of the people called Shakers, whose religion is so universally despised throughout the earth, nor the invention of man or of woman; but in obedience to my imperative command, and that alone, was it sent forth unto you.

29. For the [inspired] mortal instrument, whose hand I required to pen the words of this roll and book, to the inhabitants of the earth, would sooner have laid down his life, than been compelled to draft what the Angel read, for mortal eyes to view, could he have been accepted of Me, his God and Creator, in so doing.

30. But mortals are but worms of the dust; and whosoever shall refuse to do my will, (when I make it known plainly before them, with indisputable evidence,) are banished from my presence, to suffer in torment and anguish of soul.

31. But if they trust in Me, and obey my voice, let the inhabitants of the earth to whom these warnings are sent, do as they may, they clear their own souls, saith the Lord.

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