30. But remember that a natural man, while under the influence of nature's darkness, understandeth not the givings of the spirit of God, for they appear like foolishness unto him: for the sinful indulgence and gratification of one's carnal and filthy propensities, out of the proper time and season for the purpose of begetting their own offspring, is one of the most soul-darkening, and sunken practices that man is capable of committing.

31. Even under the law, saith the Lord, if they went forth and defiled themselves contrary to the law, they were required to take an offering, and go to the priests, and there make an atonement for their transgression.

32. And shall my requirement respecting self-denial, and the laws of restriction, in this day, after having sent forth the gospel dispensation, be less effective than under the darkened ages of the Mosaic Law?

33. Shall my Almighty power suffer the children of men to go on from age to age, regardless of every law and restriction which hath been sent forth to the inhabitants of earth, even in the dark and wilderness ages of the world, when light, knowledge and understanding had been, but in a very limited degree, suffered to shine upon them? The voice of my eternal justice declareth, Not so; for I have created man to be an honor and a glory unto Me, his God and Creator; and my purpose, in the ultimate event of my work with man, shall not be disannulled or destroyed. But as yet, few, very few, in any previous age of the world, have answered the purpose

of their creation.

34. And moreover, did not my servant Moses, when I sent him to sanctify and prepare the people to meet Me before the mount, require that none of them should come at their wives, for the space of three days before they were called to appear before Me? Surely he did; and does not this declare it to be the work of uncleanness? Surely it does; and every rational mind knoweth it to be so. Works that are attended with a shame, and require the curtains of darkness to be spread, wherein they are committed, every rational mind knoweth must be impure.



[blocks in formation]

35. A place of rest, and the same charac- 80. The Kingdom of Christ, established

[blocks in formation]

1. Thus saith the Lord, the Holy and Eternal One, Give ear unto my voice, all ye people, and hearken and understand my word,

[blocks in formation]

2. For whom are you looking, to usher in the rays of eternal life, and open the eyes of your souls, that ye may be saved from your sins?

3. Do you look for the Christ of God, the spirit of the Holy Savior, the Lamb who stood upon Mount Zion, with the hundred and forty and four thousand, having their Father's name written in their foreheads, who were virgins, not being defiled with sin?

4. Do you look and seek after a kingdom, of which the sacred volume does predict; which by the spirit of inspiration was told, That a pure and holy kingdom, by my Almighty hand, should, in the latter days, be set up, which should be called the house of the Lord, established in the top of the mountains, and exalted above the hills; of which nations should say, Come, and let us go up to the Mountain of the Lord, and to the house of the God of Jacob; for he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths?

5. Where the Law should go forth of Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem?

6. Where that spirit should be manifested, to rebuke strong nations afar off, and cause them to beat their swords into ploughshares, and their spears into pruning hooks?

7. Where the Lion should lie down with the Lamb, and a little child should lead them?

8. Do you look for the stone, cut out from the mountain without hands, that should grow and fill the whole earth; that smote the great image, and brake it in pieces, and caused it to be carried away of the wind, as the chaff of the summer threshing floor?

9. Do you look for that kingdom that standeth and trusteth in the strength of my power, and not in the arm of flesh; whose life is purity, and whose dwelling resteth in my eternal brightness?

10. Whose subjects are subjects of peace, and whose hands are not stained with human blood, and who walk not after the law of a carnal commandment, but after the law of grace, given in the gospel of Christ?

11. Who worship not the mortal bodies of any, but who worship my Holy Spirit, whether manifested in man, woman or child?

12. Who use the measures of justice, and the weights of exactness, and decide not by the balances of deceit?

13. Who do unto others, as they would that others should do unto them?

14. Who turn not the right of the needy away, nor say to the hungry, cold and naked, Go, be thou fed, warmed and clothed?

15. Who turn not the needy from their doors, nor send the poor and distressed empty away?

16. Who procure not gain without right, nor pervert the laws of truth and justice, for silver or gold?

17. Who open their mouths in true wisdom with their neighbors, and speak words of truth to one another?

18. Whose God requireth that all should labor with their hands; and whose laws of equal justice, mete employment to every age and class, according as they have ability to perform?

19. Who highly prize, and daily do obey the watch-word of the morning from the Queen of Zion; Hands to work and hearts to God, with cheerfulness in your duties?

20. Whose laws and statutes from my eternal throne do emanate; and operate to rule and govern every soul in truth, in justice, and in acts of love and kindness?

21. Where no one is set on high, to sway an earthly sceptre? 22. Where tyrants cannot reign, and despots do not rule?

23. Do you look for that kingdom, where the holy anointing from my Eternal Throne, is placed in earthy vessels, to lead in meekness, and govern by the power of my spirit, against which, in the final result, no stiff nor stubborn will can stand unshaken, nor abide in the kingdom?

24. Where no coercive means are used; but power and force of spirit, given from my Almighty hand, through prayer and supplication are employed?

25. Where seekers after that which is great and high, must rest in hope, and die without obtaining?

26. Where high and exalted feelings, low and humble stations find?

27. Where meekness, virtue, power and wisdom, as the advancing guard do always move along?

28. Where carnal warfares are not known; but spiritual ones, against the wicked foe within, are eternally waged? No quarters given, nor quarters taken, but death complete unto the man of sin, doth crown the victorious conqueror?

29. Do you seek to find that city, where the Lord your God hath placed his name, in peace to dwell, in truth to reign?

30. Where all its inmates dwell as innocent lambs in the fold of their ever watchful Shepherd?

31. Where the bleatings of harmless sheep are heard, but where the howlings of the wild beasts of the forest, who hunt for flesh, and prey upon the same, are not known?

32. Where the gentle breezes blow from my Almighty throne, and waft upon their wings the bread of heaven, and the food of Angels; and where streams of living waters flow in rivulets mild and gentle?

33. Where all the inmates dwell, possessing the whole, yet claiming nothing; and aught of all they do possess, no one calleth it his own; but as children of one family, all live and fare alike? 34. Where the sick are ministered to, those in the decline of life supported, and the feeble and tottering knee, gently led by the hand?

35. Do you, in truth, seek after a place of rest unto your souls, where everlasting joy, peace and true comfort are received, as the reward of a daily cross of true self-denial, not in word alone, but in work perfected?

36. Where the innocency of little children is preserved with the utmost care and carefulness, until they reach maturity?

37. Where all dwell as brethren and sisters, bound in one golden chain of love and union; in clothing, food and convenience, each preferring one another?

38. Where none, by reason of care and trust in them reposed, seek for any thing more pleasant and agreeable, either to eat, to drink or to wear, than those to whom they stand as leaders?

39. Where those who are called to stand in front, rejoice to show they bear the greatest cross of true self-denial?

40. Where the jealous eye of wantonness cannot look upon those of the other sex, nor nature's passions vile be gratified?

41. Where none suffer the sun to go down upon their souls when defiled with sin?

42. Where Achor's valley, daily remaineth the only door of hope for any soul?

43. Where nought is again remembered, when once passed through this door?

44. Where ignorant deeds are lightly passed over; but willful acts of transgression, the laws of conscience do condemn ?

45. Where my Holy Laws and Orders, reign as sacred guides, impelling every heart?

46. Where the unerring lines of truth, are drawn between the flesh and spirit?

47. Where natural affections do abound for all their fellow beings; but where vile affections, for fleshly kin, are banished from the soul?

48. Where fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, children, houses, lands, and their own lives also, are all forsaken to obtain a life in Christ, and the resurrection of the soul from the dead?

49. Do you seek for that kingdom established on earth, but yet is not of the earth?

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