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The various thoughts of men concerning the doctrine proposed to consideration.

The great concernment of it (however stated) on all hands confessed. Some

special causes pressing to the present handling of it. The fearful backslid-

ing of many in these days. The great offence given, and taken thereby :

with the provision made for its removal. The nature of that offence and

temptation thence arising considered. Answer to some arguings of Mr. G.

c. 9. from thence against the truth proposed. The use of trials and shakings:

grounds of believers' assurance that they are so. The same farther argued

and debated. Of the testimony of a man's own conscience concerning his

uprightness, and what is required thereunto. 1 John iii. 7. considered. Of

the rule of self-judging, with principles of settlement for true believers, not-

withstanding the apostacies of eminent professors. Corrupt teachings ren-

dering the handling of this doctrine necessary: its enemies of old and of late.

The particular undertaking of Mr. G. proposed to consideration. An en-

trance into the stating of the question. The terms of the question explained :

of holiness in its several acceptations. Created holiness, original or adven-

titious. Complete or inchoate. Typical by dedications, real by purifica-

tion. Holiness evangelical, either so indeed, or by estimation. Real holi-

ness, partial or universal. The partakers of the first, or temporary believers,

not true believers : maintained against Mr. G. Ground of judging professors

to be true believers. Matt. vii. 20. considered; what is the rule of judging

men therein given. What knowledge of the faith of others is to be obtained.

What is meant by perseverance: how in Scripture it is expressed. The

grounds of it pointed at. What is intended by falling away; whether it be

possible the Spirit of grace may be lost; the habit of it, and how. The

state of the controversy, as laid down by Mr. G. The vanity thereof disco-

vered. His judgment about believers' falling away examined; what princi-

ples and means of perseverance he grants to them. The enemies of our per-

severance. Indwelling sin in particular considered. No possibility of pre-

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