Mani-málá, or a treatise on gems, Partie 2

The author, 1881

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Page 840 - AD 1415. It is pierced quite through, after the eastern custom, the upper part of the piercing being filled up by a small ruby. Around this ruby, to form the cross, are seventy-five brilliant diamonds.
Page 841 - From the upper part of the arches are suspended four large pendant pear-shaped pearls, with rose diamond caps, containing twelve rose diamonds, and stems containing twenty-four very small rose diamonds. Above the arch stands the mound, containing in the lower hemisphere 304 brilliants, and in the upper 244 brilliants ; the zone and arc being composed of thirty-three rose diamonds.
Page 810 - If a gentleman wants a wife, he wears a ring on the first finger of the left hand ; if he is engaged, he wears it on the second finger ; if married, on the third; and on the fourth if he never intends to be married. When a lady is not engaged, she wears a hoop or diamond on...
Page 839 - The collection is surmounted by the imperial State crown of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. This crown, says Professor Tennant, "was made by Messrs. Rundell and Bridge, in the year 1838, with jewels taken from old crowns, and others furnished by command of Her Majesty. It consists of diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds, set in silver and gold ; it has a crimson velvet cap with erraine border, and is lined with white silk.
Page 841 - ... rose diamonds. From the Maltese crosses issue four imperial arches composed of oak leaves and acorns, the leaves containing...
Page 855 - MahaL a mausoleum of white marble decorated with mosaics, which, for the richness of the material, the chasteness of the design, and the effect...
Page 810 - ... engaged, he wears it on the second finger; if married, on the third ; and on the fourth if he never intends to be married. When a lady is not engaged, she wears a hoop or diamond on her first finger; if engaged, on the second; if married, on the third ; and on the fourth if she intends to die a maid.
Page 1007 - Fidelis, or the Faithful Lapidary; experimentally describing the richest Treasures of Nature, in an Historical Narrative of the several Natures, Virtues, and Qualities of all Precious Stones, with a Discovery of all such as are adulterate and counterfeit.
Page 855 - The materials are lapis lazuli, jasper, heliotrope, or blood-stone, a sort of golden stone (not well understood) with chalcedony, and other agates, cornelians, jade, and various stones of the same description." " A single flower in the screen," says Veysey, " contains a hundred stones, each cut to the exact shape necessary, and highly polished.
Page 840 - Above the band are eight sapphires, surmounted by eight diamonds, between which are eight festoons, consisting of 148 diamonds. " In the front of the crown, and in the centre of a diamond Maltese cross, is the famous ruby, said to have been given to Edward, Prince of Wales, son of Edward III., called the Black Prince, by Don Pedro, King of Castile, after the battle of Najera, near Vittoria, AD 1367.

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