neighbours, men who doe not therefore labour in an honest profession to which learning is indetted, that they should be made other mens vassalls. Another end is thought was aym’d at by some of them in procuring by petition this Order, that having power in their hands, malignant books might the easier fcape abroad, as the event thews. But of these Sophisms and Elenchs of marchandize I skill not : This I know, that errors in a good government and in a bad are equally almost incident; for what Magistrate may not be mis-inform’d, and much the sooner, if liberty of printing be reduc't into the power of a few ; but to redresie willingly and


speedily what hath bin err’d, and in highest autority to esteem a plain advertisement more than others have done a sumptuous bribe, is a virtue (honour'd Lords and Commons) answerable to Your highest actions, and wherof none can participat but greatest and wiseft men.


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