Sait and scarleffe courage, whịch being temper'd with seasonable lectures and precepts to them of true fortitude, and patience, will turn into a native and heInic valour, and make them hate the cowardise of doing wrong. They must be also practiz'd in all the locks and gripes of wrastling, wherein Englishmen were wont to excell, as need may often be in fight to tugge, to grapple, and to close. And this perhaps will be anough, wherein to prove and heat their single Atrength. The interim of upsweating themselves regularly, and convenient rest before meat may both with profit and delight be taken up in recreating and composing their travail'd spirits with solemn and divine harmonies of mufick heard, or learnt; either while the skilful Organist plies his grave and fancied defcant in lofty fugues, or the whole symphony with artfull and unimaginable touches adorn and grace the well-ftudied cords of some choise composer ; some times the Lute, or soft organ stop waiting on elegant voices either to religious, martiall, or civill ditties; which if wise men & prophets be not extremely out, have a great power over dispositions and manners, to finooth and make them gentle from rustick harshnesse and diftemper'd passions. The like also would not be unexpedient after meat to affift and cherish nature in her first concoction, and send their mindes backe to study in good tune and satisfaction. Where hav


ing follow'd it close under vigilant eyes till about two hours before supper, they are by a sudden alarum or watch word, to be call’d out to their military motions, under skie or covert, according to the season, as was the Romane wont; first on foot, then as their age permits, on horse back, to all the art of cavalry; That having in sport, but with much exactnesse, and dayly muster, serv'd out the rudiments of their Souldiership in all the skill of embattailing, marching, encamping, fortifying, beseiging and battering, with all the helps of ancient and inodern stratagems, Titiks and warlike maxims, they may as it were out of a long warre comie forth renowned and perfect Commanders in the service of 0 2 ..


their country. They would not then, if they were trusted with fair and hopefull armies, suffer them for want of juft and wise discipline to shed away from about them like fick feathers, though they be never so oft suppli’d; they would not suffer their empty and unrecrutible Colonells of twenty men in a company, to quaffe out, or convay into secret hoards, the wages of a délusive lift, and a miserable remnant : yet in the mean while to be overmaster'd with a score or two of drunkards, the only fouldiery teft about them, or else to comply with all rapines and violences. No certainly, if they knew ought:of that knowledge that belongs to good men or good gover-nours, they would not suffer these things.


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But to return to our own institute, ber
fides these constant exercises at home,
there is another opportunity of gaining,
experience to be won from pleasure itselfe
abroad ; In those vernal seasons of the
yeer, when the air is calm and pleasant,
it were an injury and sullennesse against
nature not to go out, and see her riches,
and partake in her rejoycing with heaven-
and earth, I should not therefore be a
perswader to them of studying much
then, after two or three yeer that they
have well laid their grounds, but to ride
out in companies with prudent and staid
guides, to all the quarters of the land ;
learning and observing all places of
ftrength, all commodities of building
and of soil, for towns and tillage, har--


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