up with high hopes of living to be brave men, and worthy patriots, dear to God, and famous to all'ages. That they may despise and scorn all their childish, and ill-taught qualities, to delight in manly, and liberall exercises : which he who hath the art, and proper eloquence to catch them with, what with mild and effectuall perswafions, and whạt with the intimation of some fear, if need be, but chiefly by his own example, might in a short space gain them to an incredible diligence and courage : infusing into their young brests such an ingenuous and noble ardor, as would not fail to make many of them renowned and matchlesse men. At the same time, some other hour of the day, might be taught


] them the rules of Arithmetick, and foon after the elements of geometry even playing, as the old manner was. After evening repast, till bed time their thoughts will be beít taken up in the easie grounds of religion, and the story of scripture. The next step would be to the Authors of Agriculture, Cato, Varro, and Colummella, for the matter is most easie, and if the language be difficult, so much the better, it is not a dificultie above their yeers. And here will be an occasion of inciting and inabling them hereafter to improve the tillage of their country, to recover the bad foil, and to remedy the wast that is made of good; for this was one of Hercules praises. Ere halfe these Authors be read; which will soon be with

N 2


plying hard, and dayly, they cannot choose but be masters of any ordinary prose. So that it will be then seasonable for them to learn in any modern Author, the use of the globes, and all the maps first with the old names; and then with the new : or they might be then capable to read any compendious method of naturall philosophy. And at the same time might be entring into the Greek tongue, after the same manner as was before prescrib'd in the Latin; whereby the difficulties of grammar being soon overcome, all the Historicall Physiology of Aristotle and Theophrastus are open before them, and as I may say, under contribution. The like accesse will be to Vitruvius, to Senecas naturall quef

tions, to Mela, Celsus, Pliny, or Solinus. And having thus past the principles of Arithmetic, Geometry, Astrononny, and Geography, with a general compact of Phyficks, they may descend in Mathe-' maticks to the instrumentall science of Trigonometry, and fri m thence to Fortification, Architecture, Enginry, or Navigation. And in naturall Philofophy they may proceed leisurly from the History of Meteors, minerals, plants, and living creatures: as farre as anatomy. Then also in course might be read to them out of fome not tedious writer the institution of Phyfick; that they may know the tempers, the humors, the seasons, and how to manage a crudity: which he who can wisely and timely doe, is not N 3



only a great Physician to himselfe, and to his friends, but also may at some time or other, fave an Army by this frugall, and expençelefse meanes only ; and not let the healthy and stout bodies of young men rot away under him for want of this discipline, which is a great pitty, and no leffe a shame to the commander. To set forward all these proceedings in nature and mathematicks, what hinders, but that they may procure, as oft as shall be needfull, the helpfull experiences of Hunters, fowlers, Fishermen, Shepherds, Gardeners, Apothecaries; and in the other sciences, Architeets, Engineers, Mariners, Anatomists; who doubtleffe would be ready fome for reward, and some to favour such a ho


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