The dates of the original editions of

Milton's Profe Works.

1641, Of Reformation in England. 1641, Of Prelatical Episcopacy. 1641, Of Church Government. 1641, Animadversions upon the Remon. . strants defence against Smec

tymnus. 1642, An Apology for Smectymnus.1644; Areopagitica. 1644, The Doctrine and Discipline of

Divorce. 1644, The Doctrine, &c. of Divorce

much augmented, a second

edition. 1645, The same. . . L II

1644, The

1644, The Judgement of Martin Bucer,

concerning divorce. 1644, Of Education. 1673, Of Education, written above twen

iy years since; printed at the

end of his Poems, octavo. 1645, Tetrachordon, 1645, Colafterion. 1649, Observations on the articles of

peace. 1649, EIKONOKAAETHE. 1690, The same, octavo, Amsterdam. 1650, The same, a second edition, much

enlarged. 1652, EIKONOKAAETHE. Traduite

de l'Anglois sur la féconde et plus ample edition; et revûë par l'auteur, . a Londres, par

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Guill. Dugard, imprimeur du

Conseil d'Etat, l'an. 1652,12mno. 1649, The Tenure of Kings. - The same, a second edition. 1650, The same, a second edition, with

some additions. 1651, Pro Populo Anglicano defensio. 1651, The same in folio, editio emen

datior. 1651, The fame in 12mo. 1651, Pro Populo Anglicano defenfio,

Antw. 1652, The same. 1652, Defenfio fecunda, Hagæ-comi

tum, 12mo. 1654, The fame. 1652, Joannis Philippi Angli responfio, 12mo, Londini.

1692, The

1692, The Defence of the People of :: England, translated by Mr.

Washington of the Temple,

octavo. 1655, Pro fe defenfio, Hagæ-comitum,

12mo. 1655, Scriptum Dom. Protectoris Rei

· publicæ Angliæ, &c. 1659, Literæ, Senatus Anglicani necnon

Croniwelli, &c. nomine, con

fcriptæ, 12mo. 1659, Confiderations to remove hirelings

out of the Church, 12mo. 1659, A letter concerning the Common

wealth, 12mo. 1659, The Brief Delineation of a Free

Commonwealth. 1659, A ready and easy way to establish a Commonwealth.

1659, A


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1659, A treatise of Civil Power, 12mo. 1658, The Cabinet Council, containing

the chief arts of empire, by the ever renowned 'knight Sir Walter Raleigh. Published by John Milton, Esq. printed by J. New

comb, in twelves. 1660, Accedence commenced Grammar,

12mo. 1669, The same. 1660, Brief notes upon a fermon. 1661, Aphorisms of State, a Tract of Sir

Walter Raleigh's, 8vo. 1670, The history of Britain. 1671, The same. 1672, Artis Logicæ Institutio, 12mo. 1673, Editio fecunda, 12mo. 1673, Of true Religion, 12mo.

1674, Epis

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