Popular cyclopaedia of natural science (by W.B. Carpenter).


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Pagina 532 - ... materials in one part of the room (for he generally chose the same place), he proceeded to wall up the space between the feet of a chest of drawers, which stood, at a little distance from it, high enough on its legs to make the bottom a roof for him, using for this purpose dried turf and sticks, which he laid very even, and filling up the interstices with bits of coal, hay, cloth, or anything he could pick up. This last place he seemed to appropriate for his dwelling; the former work seemed to...
Pagina 428 - By experiments of this kind, it has been found that the duration varies in different individuals, and in the same individual at different times, from l-4th to l-10th of a second.
Pagina 421 - One particular only, though it may appear trifling, I will relate. Having often forgot which was the cat and which the dog, he was ashamed to ask, but catching the cat, which he knew by feeling, he was observed to look at her steadfastly, and then setting her down said, so puss, I shall know you another time.
Pagina 18 - Nature ! Healest thy wandering and distempered child: Thou pourest on him thy soft influences, Thy sunny hues, fair forms, and breathing sweets; Thy melodies of woods, and winds, and waters ! Till he relent, and can no more endure To be a jarring and a dissonant thing Amid this general dance and minstrelsy; But, bursting into tears, wins back his way, His angry spirit healed and harmonized By the benignant touch of love and beauty.
Pagina 10 - The nursery was soon entirely vacated, and the services of the nurse and physician no longer needed; and, for more than two years, no case of sickness or death took place.
Pagina 532 - As the work grew high, he supported himself upon his tail, which propped him up admirably ; and he would often, after laying on one of his building materials, sit up over against it, appearing to consider his work, or, as the country people say,
Pagina 10 - It is also stated that, since the new regimen has been fully adopted, there has been a remarkable increase of health, strength, activity, vivacity, cheerfulness, and contentment, among the children. The change of temper is also very great: they have become less turbulent, irritable, peevish, and discontented; and far more manageable, gentle, peaceable, and kind to each other.
Pagina 137 - Now the condition of man may be regarded as intermediate between these two extremes. The construction of his digestive apparatus, as well as his own instinctive propensities, point to a mixed diet as that which is best suited to his wants. It does not appear that a diet composed of ordinary vegetables only, is favourable to the full development of either his bodily or his mental powers ; but this cannot be said in regard to a diet of which bread is the chief ingredient, since the gluten it contains...
Pagina 532 - ... where it wished to place it. The long and large materials were always taken first, and two of the longest were generally laid crosswise, with one of the ends of each touching the wall, and the other ends projecting out into the room.
Pagina 507 - Captain Hancock informs me that the Brazilian Cicadae sing so loud as to be heard at the distance of a mile. This is as if a man of ordinary stature, supposing his powers of voice increased in the ratio of his size, could be heard all over the world. So that Stentor himself becomes a mute when compared with these insects.

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