the influence of the Holy Ghost, as recorded in our text, as well as those preceeding who walked with God, in love and obedience, and who saw the glory of the only begotten of the Father afar off; and rejoiced in the light of the glory of the Sun of Righteousness, which was to illuminate the earth in a future day. Through him they ended their course with joy, and departed to be with him whom their souls loved.

It does therefore fully appear that the blessed Jesus was not without witnesses from almost the beginning of the world, until his manifestation in the flesh. The career of his apostles from thence to the present time, nor shall be to the consummation of all things, and his coming to judge the world in righteousness,—"many shall wax cold, and fall off

, yet at the coming of the Son of Man shall he find faith on the earth.” From these words we infer that he will always have a name on the earth- a church- a few followers and true witnesses, however corrupt the rest of mankind may be; yea, they shall even be as at the time of Noah, and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. My readers, ye can discern the face of the sky, can ye discern the signs of these present times?

The apostles from an humble occupation, were chosen to be initiated and instructed, to walk with their Lord in the same path of holiness, yet not with the same mountain's burden as the iniquity of the whole world presents to our view, upon their souls. Jesus was truly the Lamb of God; an offering for sinners in one sense of the word, yet not to the extent of the Universalist's creed-good, bad and indiferent, to live with him through eternity; a miscellaneous, and congruous mass, like unto the one which he came to purify and sift; the wheat to be gathered into his garner and the chaff to be burned with fire unquenchable. Has his word then fallen to the ground, or been withdrawn? Impossible! firm as the throne of God they remain. Hear the Saviour, Judge, himself, “ Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away."

These privileged men were constantly about our Lord. When the multitudes had been dismissed and gone to their homes, these were found to tarry in deserts and on mountains, to minister unto their master; listening to his instructive lessons, and drinking deep into the fountain of holiness. They were acquainted with his oppression, trarail and grief; the shaine he endured, his agony in Gethsemane, and his death on Mount Calvary; his burial, the caution taken to prevent his resurrection. - Notwithstanding he arose, they saw him after his resurrection, spake with him, received further instruction from him, were confirmed in their faith, instructed to preach the gospel to all nations, “And lo' I am with you always even unto the end of the world,” was the promise of the blessed Saviour to all his peculiar people, bis true followers. They finally accompanied and surrounded him at Bethany, where they received his blessing and saw him ascending to heaven from out of the midst of them. With the assurance of his return in due time, the apostles returned to Jerusalein glorifying and praising God.

They continued in prayer and watching day and night until pentecost was come, when they were fully ordain. ed by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, the promised comforter, divine guide and instructor; speaking in different languages, all Jesusalem was astonished; some mocked, and accused them of intemperance, but Peter arose with the eleven and boldly vindicated his honor with those of his companions, and showed from scripture that the prophecies were now fulfilling before their eyes, and that Christ whom they had crucified and slew, God had raised from the dead, for he would not suffer his Holy One to see corruption, but exalted him to his own right hand, until he would make all his foes his footstool. Many felt the weight of these words and became concerned about their eternal welfare, inquiring, "what must we do to be saved;" and many were added unto the church, continuing in the apostles doctrine and fellowship, in breaking of bread and prayers; their number increased daily in consequence of their importunity and power to heal the sick, cause the lame to leap for joy, and to praise God.

These holy additions to the church alarmed the powers of hell and darkness, which slew their master, whose words were now fulfilled, " If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you, if they have kept my sayings they will keep yours also.” So it was, they laid hands upon them and put them into the hold until the next day; when the High Priest with all his household were assembled, they were brought before them and questioned concerning the power by which they wrought. Peter, filled with the Holy Ghost, again justified their doings, and that through Jesus of Nazareth whom they crucified, but whom God raised from the dead. The man stood whole before them; it was the impotent man that formerly begged at the beautiful gate of the temple, whom Peter and John had healed, which provoked this ado among the rulers and Satan their master; they however, took knowledge that the apostles had been with Jesus; they were persuaded in their minds that a higher power than that belonging to man operated through them, and confessed to one another that they could not deny but that a notable miracle had been done, and that it spread no further, commanded them to speak to no man in the name of Jesus. The apostles departed unmindful of the threats of their enemies, to obey God rather than these wretched men; they triumphed and rejoiced in their God and Saviour, laboring with more geal in his vineyard and for his glory, signs and wonders following them. The good work of the Lord continued, so that it was sufficient for only the shadow of Peter to pass over the sick to restore them to health; this again inflamed with anger the High Priest and Rulers, seeing such multitudes coming from all cities, bringing their sick with them.They confined the disciples in the common prison, but the Angel of the Lord that night delived them, and told them to "go stand and speak in the temple to the people all the words of lise;" which they did accordingly, and were found there teaching in the morning by their persecutors, after having searched the prison house in vain for them; the captains and officers brought them before their superiors without violence, for they feared the people lest they be stoned by them—they were set before the council and reminded by the High Priest that they were told previously not to speak in that name, and "behold," he exclaimed, "ye have filled Jerusalem with your doctrine, and intend to bring this man's blood upon us.”-Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, “We ought to obey God rather than men." "The God of our fathers raised up Jesus whom ye slew and hanged on a tree. Him hath God exalted with his right hand to be a Prince and a Saviour, for to give repentance to Israel, and forgiveness of sins." Here follow the words of our text, “And we are bis witnesses of these things," &c.

The rulers would sain have cleared themselves of the innocent blood which stained their garments and clave to their souls, but this was impossible; the deed was done, in madness they had slain the Lamb of God, and were justly accused of their crime, which cut them to the heart; "a guilty conscience who can bear?" They gnashed their teeth upon the apostles, and took counsel to slay them, thinking no doubt, by putting them out of the way they would quiet the matter, and ease their minds of the shame and guilt which haunted their wretched souls; but in this rash act they were opposed by one Gamaliel, a doctor of the law, who was of a more elevated spirit, who reasoned with them on the propriety of desisting from their hellish design; to refrain, and to let these men alone; f their work was of men it would come to nought, but if it was of God they could not overthrow itand would put themselves in a hostile attitude, be found fighting against God; the awful and inevitable consequence which would be the result, if their rage continued and they murdered these men, he could easily anticipate from the justice of God, and the history of former times. 6. Touch not mire annointed and do my children no harm, saith the Lord.”

Surely the wicked cannot stand against God, for he will turn them with all the nations that forget him into hell; or can they really fight against him who is Onunipotent? can they thunder with a voice like his? can they invent torments like those he has prepared for his enemies? are they versed in destruction? He who sitteth in the heavens, the High and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity, laugheth them to scorn; vea the Lord of Hosts holdeth them in derision.

God, however, permitted them to abuse his disciples further; after hearing Gamaliel, they agreed among themselves to beat the apostles and charge them henceforth not to speak in the name of the Lord Jesus; which they accordingly did, and then suffered them to depart. The disciples hastened out from among them rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer shame and be persecuted for Christ's name; doubtless remembering his words, "great shall be your reward in heaven, for so persecuted they the prophets that were before you.” And probably, “ Be not afraid, be not afraid of their terror, which is to them a sure sign of perdition, but to you of salvation and that of God; for to you it is not only given to believe on Christ, but also to suffer for his name's sake, so that when his glory is revealed from above ye may likewise rejoice with him in glory, for the spirit of Christ and of glory is upon you. On their part he is evil spoken of, on your part he is glorified.”

These gracious words must have been a sweet balm and at the same time a powerful stimulous to remain faithful and devoted followers of their master, and obey him rather than men; for we are informed that straightway they were again in the temple teaching the people, and preaching Jesus Christ with increased zeal, for the glory of him whom they delighted to serve and honor, and for the welfare of their fellow beings. They extended their mission from house to house; taught, preached, and alleviated the miserable and wretched; healed their souls and bodies in the name of the Lord Jesus. The church increased and believers were multiplied; hundreds

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