Jacques Chirac

Chelsea House, 2007 - 111 pagina's
For more than 40 years, Jacques Chirac has been at the center of French political life. ""The Bulldozer,"" as he is known, has served in every major office of the French state, from mayor of Paris and prime minister to the presidency, which he has held since 1995. His influence in the history of modern France is surpassed only by Charles de Gaulle. But despite this impressive record, Chirac has in recent years become a controversial figure, beset by corruption scandals and political crises. As his administration struggles to deal with the problems of high unemployment, social strife, tensions over immigration, and the future of the European Union, the French are asking: Has the aging Chirac finally lost the political skills that served him so well in the past? This new book is a useful learning tool that clearly examines the complex issues and questions surrounding Chirac and his policies.

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Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. is renowned as a historian, a public intellectual, & a political activist. He served as a special assistant to President John F. Kennedy; won two Pulitzer Prizes, in 1946 for "The Age of Jackson" & in 1966 for "A Thousand Days," & in 1998 was the recipient of the National Humanities Medal. He lives in New York City.

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