Solidares, a coin.

Stint, to stop
Sometimes, formerly.

Stith, an anvil.
Sooth, truth.

Stithied, forged at the furnace.
Sooth, sweetness.

Stithy, a smith's shop.
Sorel, a deer during his third year. Stoccata, a stab.
Sorry, sorrowful.

Stock, a stocking.
Sort, to happen to agree.

Stomach, pride.
Sort, the lot.

Stone-bow, a cross bow.
Sort and suit, figure and rank. Stoup, a tlaggon.
Sot, a fool.

Stover, thatch.
Soud, sweet.

Strain, descent, lineage.
Soul-fearing, soul appalling. Strain, difficulty, doubt.
Sound, to publish.

Strait, narrow,

Soused gurnet, a gudgeon. Strange, shy.
Sowl, to pull by the ears.

Stratagem, great or dreadful event.
Sowle, to drag down.

Strawy, straying.
Sowter, the name of a hound. Striker, a borrower.
Spanielled, dogged.

Stuck or Stock, a term in fencing.
Specialty, particular rights. Stuff, baggage, substance, or es-
Speculation, sight.
Speculative, seeing

Stuffed, sufficiency, ample abilities.
Sped, the fate decided.

Subscription, obedience.
Speed, event.

Success, succession.
Sperr, to shut up, defend by bars. Sudden, violent.
Spill, to destroy

Sufficiency, abilities.
Spotied, wicked.

Suggest, to tempt.
Sprag, apt to learn, alert.

Suggestion, temptation.
Sprighted, haunted.

Suited, dressed.
Sprights, spirits.

Sumpter, a horse that carries ne-
Sprightly, ghostly.

cessaries on a journey.
Springhalt, a disease of horses. Superfluous, overclothed.
Spurs, the greater roots of trees. Supposed, counterfeit.
Square, to quarrel.

Sur-reined, over-ridden.
Squarer, a quarreller.

Suspire, to breathe.
Squash, an immature peascod. Surcease, an end.
Squiney, to look asquint.

Suspect, suspicion.
Squire, a rule or square.

Swart, dark brown.
Stage, to place conspicuously. Swashing, bullying.
Stale, a decoy for birds.

Swath, grass cut at one stroke.
Stannyel, a hawk, or stallion. Sway, weight.
Star, a scar.

Sweeting, an apple.
Stark, stiff.

Sweltered, weltered.'
Starred, destined.

Swift, ready.
Statists, statesmen.

Swinge-bucklers, riotous fellows.
Statua, statue.

Swoop, the descent of a bird of
Statue, a portrait.

Stay, a hinderer, a supporter. Swounded, swooned.
Sternage, the hinder part.
Sticking-place, the stop in a ma-


Table, the palm of the hand.
Sticklers, arbitrators, judges, par- Table, a picture.
tisans, umpires.

Tables, tablets, memorandum
Stigmatic, marked with deformity, books.

Tabourine, a small drom.
Stigmatical, stigmatised.

Tag, the rabble.
Stilly, gladly, lowly.

Take, to strike with disease, to
Stinted, stopped.


Take-in, to conquer:

Tire, to fasten.
Take-up, to coniradict.

Tire to be idly employed on.
Talent, talon.

Tired, adorned.
Tall, courageous.

Tire-valiant, a head-dress.
Tallow-keech, tub of tallow. Tirra-lirra, the song of the lark.
Tame, ineffectual.

Toged, habited.
Tame-snake, a poltroon.

Tokened, spotted.
Tarre, to excite, provoke.

Tolling, taking toll.
Tartar, Tartarus.

Topless, supreme
Task, to keep busied with scruples. Topple, to stumble.
Tassel Gentle, or Tercel Gentle, a Touches, features.
species of hawk.

Toward, in readiness.
Tasked, taxed. [astrology: Toys, whims, humors.
Taurus, sides and heart in medical Toze, to unravel.
Tawdry, necklaces worn by coun- Trade, established custom.
try girls.

(ritor. Tradition, traditional usages.
Tawny coat, the dress of an appa. Trail, scent left by game.
Taxation, censure, satire.

Traitress, a term of endearment.
Tear a cat, to bluster.

Trammel, to catch.
Teen, grief, trouble.

Tranect, a ferry or sluice.
Temper, to mould.

Translate, to transform.
Temperance, temperature. Trash, to check.
Tend, attend.

Traverse, to march.
Tender, to regard with affection. Traversed, across.
Tent, to take up residence, to search. Tray-trip, a game at draughts.
Tercel, the male hawk.

Treachers, traitors.
Terms, the phraseology of courts. Trenched, carved.
Tested, attested, brought to the test. Trick, peculiarity of feature.
Testerned, gratified with a tester, Trick, to press out.
or sixpence.

Tricking, dress.
Tetchy, touchy, peevish.

Tricksy, adroit.
Tether, a string by which any ani- Trigon, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius,
mal is fastened.

Trip, to defeat. [in the Zodiac.
Tharborough, a constable. Triple, one of three.
Theorick, iheory.

Triumphs, revels.
Thewes, muscular strength. Trojan, cant term for thief.
Thick, pleached, thickly inter- Trol-my-dames

, the game of nine
Thill, the shafts of a cart. (woven. Troll, to sing trippingly. [holes.
Thin Helm, thin covering of hair. Trossers, trousers.
Thought, melancholy.

Trot, a term of contempt.
Thrasonical, boasting.

Trow, to imagine.
Thread, to pass.

Truly-good, or turlupin, a gipsy.
Three-man-beetle, an implement Trundle-tail, a dog.
for driving piles.

Trusted, thrusted.
Three-pile, rich velvet.

Try conclusions, try experiments.
Thrift, prosperity, economy.

Tub-fast, the sweating process in
Thrum, the extremity of a weaver's the venereal disease.

(len. Tucket, or tucket sonnuance, a
Thrummed, made of coarse wool- flourish on a trumpet.
Tib, a strumpet.

Tup, a ram.
Tickle, ticklish.

Tup, to cover an ewe.
Tickle-brain, a strong drink. Turre, to whisper.
Tilly-vally, pooh!

Turlygood, or Turlupin, a gipsy.
Tilth, tillage.

Twangling-jack, a scurvy musician,
Timeless, untimely.

Twicken-bottle, a wickered botile.
Tinct, tincture.

Twigging, wickered.
Tire, head-dress.

Tything, a district.

Untraded, not in common use.

Untrimmed, undrest.
Umber, a dusky-colored earth. Upspring, a dance.
Umbered, discoloured.

Unvalued, invaluable.
Unaccustomed, unseemly.

Unaneled, without extreme unction
Unavoided, unavoidable.

Vail, to bow, to sink, to condescend
Unbarbed, bearilless, unshaven. Vailing, lowering.

[to look.
Unbated, not blunted.

Vain, vanity.
Unbitted, unbridled.

Vain, lying
Unbolt, to explain.

Valance, fringed with a beard.
Unbolted, coarse.

Vanity, illusion.
Unbonneted, without dignities. Vantage, opportunity, advantage,
Unbookish, unlearned.

Vantbrace, armor for the arm.
Unbreathed, unpractised. [hunting. Varlet, a servant.
Uncape, to dig out, a term in fox- Vast, waste, dreary.
Uncharged, unattacked.

Vaunt, the avant, the fore-part.
Unclew, to unwind.

Vaward, the fore-part.
Uncoined, unrefined, unadorned.

Velure, velvet.
Unconfirmed, unpractised in world- Venetian, admittance.
Uncurrent, irregular. [ly craft. | Vent, rumor.
Undercraft, to wear beneath the Ventiges, holes of a flute.
Under-skinker, a tapster. (crest. Verbal, verbose.
Understand, stand under.

Verify, to bear witness
Undertaker, the defender of an- Venew, a bout (in fencing).
other's quarrel.

Vengeance, mischief.
Underwrite, to subscribe, to obey. Veneys, hits.
Uneath, scarcely.

Veronese, a ship from Verona.
Unexpressive, inexpressible. Versing, writing verses.
Unfair, to deprive of beauty, Very, immediate.
Ungenitured, without genitals. Via, a cant phrase of exultation.
Unhaired, youthful.

Vice, the fool of the old moralities.
Unhappy, unlucky, mischievous.
Unhoused, free from domestic cares Vie, to brag.
Unhouselled, without having the Viewless, invisible. (vant.

Villain, a worthless fellow, a ser-
Union, a species of pearl.

Vild, vile.
Unkind, unnatural.

Violenteth, rageth.
Unlived, lifeless.

Virginal, a kind of spinnet.
Unlustrous, without lustre.

Virtue, valor.
Unmanned, a term in falconry. Virtuous, healthy.
Unmastered, licentious.

Virtuous, well-bred.
Unowed, unowned.

Vixen, or Fixen, a female fox.
Unpregnant, not quickened. Vizament, advisement.
Unproper, common.

Vox, tone or voice.
Unqualitied, unmanned. (sation. Vulgar, common.
Unquestionable, averse to conver- Vulgarly, commonly.
Unready, undrest.
Unrespective, inconsiderate.

Unrest, disquiet.

Waft, to beckon.
Unrough, beardless.

Wage, to combat.
Unsisting, unresisting, unfeeling. Wages, is equal to.
Unsmirched, undefiled.

Waist, that part of a ship between
Unsquared, unadapted.

the quarter-deck and the fore-
Unstanched, incontinent.

Waist, the middle. (castle.
Untempering, not softening. Walk, a district in a forest.
Untented not probed, virulent. Wanned, pale.

Vice, grasp

Wannion, vengeance.

Winnowed, examined. winter.
Ward, posture of defence. Winter-ground, to protect against
Ward, guardianship.

Wis, to know

Warden, a pear.

Wise woman, a witch, a fortune-
Warn, summon. (tivals. Wish, to recommend.
Wassel candle, candle used at fes. Wit, to know.
Wassels, rustic revelry.

Witch, to bewitch.
Watch, a watch-light.

Withy, judicious, cunning.
Water-work, water-colors.

Wits, senses.
Wax, to grow.

Wittol, knowing, conscious of.
Waxen, increase.

Wittol, a contented cuckold.
Waxen, soft, yielding.

Woe, to be sorry.
Wanton, a feeble or effeminate man Woman, to affect deeply.
Wappened, decayed, diseased. Woman-tired, henpecked.
Warder, a sentinel.

Wondered, able to perform wonders
Warp, to change from the natural Wood, crazy, frantic.

Wooden thing, awkward business.
Wee, very little.

World to see, wonderful. [forester.
Weeds, clothing

Woodman, an attendant on the
Ween, to imagine.

Woolward, wearing wool.
Weigh, to value or esteem. Work, fortification.
Weird, prophetic.

Workings, thoughts.
Welkin, the sky.

Worm, a serpent.
Welkin-eye, blue eye.

Worth, wealih.
Well-a-near, lack-a-day!

Worship, dignity.
Well-liking, plump.

Wreak, to revenge; resentment.
Wend, to go.

Wrest, an instrument for tuning
Westward hoe, the name of a play

the harp.
acted in Shakspeare's time. Wrested, obtained by force.
Wether, used for a ram.

Wretch, a term of fondness.
Wear, the fashion.

fces. Writ, writing.
Whelked, varied with protuberan- Write, to pronounce confidently.
Whe'r, whether.

Writhled, wrinkled.
Where, whereas.

Wry, to deviate.
Whiffler, an officer in processions. Wrong, hurt.
Whiles, until.

Wroth, misfortune.
Whinidst, mouldy.

Wrought, agitated.
Whip, the crack, the best. Wrung, pressed, strained.
Whipstock, the carter's whip.

Whirring, hurrying.
Whist, being silent.

Yare, nimble, handy.
White, the white mark in the target. Yarely, nimbly, adroitly.
White-death, the green sickness. Yearn, to grieve or vex.
Whiting-time, bleaching time. Yeild, to inform of.
Whitsters, linen bleachers. Yellowness, jealousy.
Whittle, a pocket-knife.

Yeoman, a bailiff's follower.
Whooping, measure and reckoning. Yerk, to kick.
Wide, remote from.

Yesty, foaming, frothy.
Wilderness, wildness.

Young, early.
Will, wilfulness.
Wimple, a hood or veil.

Winchester Goose, a strumpet.

Zany, a buffoon.
Winking-gates, gates hastily closed Zealous, pious.

from fear of danger. Zed, a term of contempt.


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