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Gordon, Margaret, an acquaintance of Hungary, House of Magnates of, 56
Carlyle, 19-20

Hunt (Leigh), his definition of poetry,
Gossip of an Old Bookworm, 63-79, 886–


Hunter (John), his treatment of aneur-
Gothic style, the, 738

isms derived from vivisection, 932-933
Gough (Thomas), his account of a war Hypothec, the law of, 798-799
between herons and rooks, 149

, excess of, ,
Greece, Legislative Assembly of, 57 India, opium trade of, with China, 865–
Greenfield (Dr.), on the vivisection 867
question, 941

Saracenic monuments of, 277
Greenwich, 300

Indians, North American, 688, 693
Grenville library, the, 78

Industrial Schools and the Home Office,
Gretna Green, marriages at, 411-412 913-919
Grey, Earl, on the commercial policy of Instinct, definition of, 147–148
the colonies, 50

Ireland and the Land Act, 473-493
Grievance, petition of, 335-336

- Sir Walter Ralegh in, 660-682
Guizot (M.), his description of the dis- Ireland, right of the landlords to com-
tress in Bolton, 599, 624

pensation in, 107–119
Irish questions, treatment of, by the

House of Lords, 59, 188-189
(ALHED (William B.), On Commer- Irish Jacobins, the, 785-793

Irving. (Edward), his friendship with
Harkness (Miss Margaret E.), Women Carlyle, 5-6, 14-15
as Civil Servants, 369-381

— letters of, to Carlyle, 28, 30, 33, 35,
Harrison (Frederic), Pantheism and

38, 40
Cosmic Emotion, 284-295

- his conversation with Carlyle on
the Deadlock in the House of Com- religion, 34-35
mons, 317-340

Italy, love poetry of, 770, 772-773
Hartington (Marquis of), on dises-

tablishment, 186
Harvey, vivisections of, 931-932
Hayman (Rev. Samuel), bis description JACOBINS, the Irish, 785–793

Jessopp (Rev. Dr.), My Return to
of Sir Walter Ralegh's house at Arcady, 259-275
Youghal, 680

Jewish Question, the, 494-515
Hennessy (Sir John Pope), Sir Walter Jews, persecutions of, to what causes
Ralegh in Ireland, 660-682

due, 497–499, 816
Henry of Portugal, Prince, maritime dis- - occupations of the, 507, 819-821
coveries of, 712

persecutions of, in Russia, 826-829
Hereditary Rulers, 217-235. See also Johnson (Dr.), Sir J. Reynolds's portrait
Chambers, Second

of, 888
Hewlett (Henry G.), County Character. Judæophobia, Recent Phases of, 813-829
isticsKent, 298–307

Junius Letters, authorship of, 76
Highways, our, 555-566
Hill (Mr.), letters of, to Carlyle, 9-11
Home Office, Industrial Schools and the, KAIRWÂN, the religious capital of

Kelp, trade in, 139-140
Home Rule movement, popularity of Kemble, the historian, 75, 890
the, 489-491

Kent, characteristics of, 297-307
- objects of the, 786-787

Killary Bay, 132-133
views of the Government on the, 792 Kings, divine right of, 219
Hood (Thomas), his classification of Koch (Dr.), his investigation of the
poetry, 830

splenic fever of animals, 543
Hook (Theodore), 897–899

Kreplin (Herr H.), his observation of
Hooker, his records of Ralegh's doings

in Ireland, 664-665
Hops, cultivation of, in Kent, 302–303
Humo, argument of, against miracles, LA Land, Radical theory respecting,

Humphry (Professor), on the vivisec- 191-192, 196-197
tion question, 943

Land Act, Ireland and the, 473-493

ants, 258




Land Act, 321, 809, 810

(Lord), his prophecy
the Parliamentary wrangling over respecting the House of Lords, 60
the, 322-325

- book-quests of, 65
Land Court, obstacles to the success McCarthy (J. G.), his summary of
of the, 484-486

Ralegh's career in Ireland, 681-682
Land laws, reform of the, 910-911 McCook (Mr.), his observation of ants,
Landlords, Irish, how affected by the 255, 25
Land Act, 474-478

Mackay (Dr. Charles), Boileau and
Land Question, the Scotch, 794-812 Pope, 830-855
Language, 150–151

Magnus (Mrs.), on the Mohammedan
La Rochefoucauld, 839-840

sympathies of the mediæval Jews,
Laveleye (Emile de), The Future of Gold, 502-503

Maidstone, defence of, in the Civil War,
Lawless (Hon. Emily), A Dredging 306
Ground, 131-141

Mainhill, early home of Carlyle, 11-12
Lawrence (Bishop), letter of, to Dr. Maize, uses of, 435
Lee, 761-762

Manchester (Duke of), Isolated Free
Leavitt (Dr.), on the refusal of interna- Trade, 181-183

tional copyright in America, 725 Man's Place in Nature, 142–160
Lecky (Mr.), on the policy of Queen Mariette Pasha, 279

Elizabeth's Government in Ireland, Markets, New, for British Produce, 43-

Lee (Rev. Dr. F. G.), The Order of Cor- Marriages in the fifteenth century, 411-
porate Reunion, 744-762

Leicester, Church Congress at, 121 - curious Kentish custom at, 307
Lespis, his observation of ants, 248

- Jewish, 8!4
Lessing, scepticism of, examined in the Martin (Dr.), his vaccinations from
light of evolution, 395–400

heifer-lymph, 549
Letters, English, four Centuries of, 405– Medical Congress, International, 538

Messiah, the Jews' hope of, 815
Leuckhart (Professor), his observation Midleton (Viscount), Our Highways,
of ants, 256

Leycester (Catherine), afterwards Mrs. Mill (J. S.), his scheme of Irish land
Stanley, 873

reform, 111
Liebrecht (Felix), 77–78

Millet (Jean François), 517–519
Life-Peerage Bill, 232

Milman (Dean), 877
Lincecum (Dr.), his observation of ants, Miracles, M. Renan and, 90-106

Miracles, arguments against, answered
Lister (Professor), antiseptic surgery of, by help of evolution, 389-395

Mist's Letters,' 891-892
Liverpool, the Future Cathedral of, 735- Mitchell, Robert, a correspondent of

Carlyle, 12
Lords, House of, its unique position as Moggridge (Mr.), his observations of
an hereditary Chamber, 56

ants, 247-249, 255
treatment of Irish questions by the, Mohammed Ali, his employment of
59, 188–189

Europeans, 648–649
- feeling of the Lower House towards Mohammedanism, influence of, upon
the, 61

Arab art, 278
functions of, how discharged, 187– - favoured by the mediæval Jews,

- history of the hereditary principle in Mommsen, historical method of, 91
the, 221-222

Mongredien (M.), 170, 592
- obstructive power of the, 226 Montenegro, legislature of, 57

vital connection of the monarchy Müller (Max), on language, 150
with the, 224, 228

Murray (Thomas), letter of, to Carlyle,
how to reform the, 230-233

condition of the, 234

Myers (F. W. H.), M. Renan and Mira-
Loyd-Lindsay (Colonel Sir R.), The cles, 90-106

Coming of Age of the Volunteers,

Lyttelton (Lord) not the author of the TALSON, (John), his “Journal' of
"Letters of Junius, 76

Charles the First's trial, 72
Lytton (Earl of), A New Love Poet, Napier (Lord), Chinese mission of, 856-




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OGHAM stones, 672


Nature, Man's Place in, 142-160

Portuguese, the first importers of opium
Nature, definition of, 334-385

into China, 858
Nelson (Earl), Unity in the Church of Potter (George), The Workman's View
Christ, 1:20-130

of Fair Trade, 430-447
Netherlands, Upper Chamber of, 57 Prescott (W. Hickling), on internatio-
Newman (Cardinal) on baptism in the nal copyright 728
English Church, 750

Primogeniture, 803
Newton (Sir Isaac), relic of, picked up Pro-cathedral, the term, 735
at a bookstall, 74

Produce, British, New Markets for, 43-
Norway, Lagthing of, 57

Novels, modern, 516, 520, 521

Protection, condition of countries
where it prevails, 164, 172

future re-establishment of, in Eng-

land, 179-180
Oliphant (Mr.), on the influence of - hydra-headed character of, 430
the Jews in Europe, 496

- selfish motives of, 437–438
on the restoration of Palestine to the a failure in the past, 623
Jews, 513

Prussia, Herrenhaus of, 56
O'Neill (John), assassination of, C09-

Operatives, condition of, 163-164
Opbiocoma filiformis, a star-fish, 137 ADICALISM, the danger of, 184-
Opium and Common Sense, 834-868

Optimism, Scientific, 573-587

Rae (W. Fraser), on the commercial
Order of Corporate Reunion, the, 744- importance of Tripoli, 453

International Copyright, 723-734
Ordinations, Anglican, questioned, 754 Ralegh, Sir Walter, in Ireland, 660-
Over-work, 425-429

Owen (Professor), Vivisection, 931-935 Reason, exercise of, by the lower

animals, 149
Reciprocity, 431-432

identity of, with 'fair trade,' 436

Reinach (Joseph), Scrutin de Liste and
Palestine, restoration of, to the Jews, Scrutin d'Arrondissement, 357–367

Religion, work of, 291-293
Pantheism, and Cosmic Emotion, 284- Renan, M., and Miracles, 90-106

Renan (M.), on the Jews, 509, 823
Parliament, reform of, should include Reunion, Corporate, Order of, 744–762
the Upper House, 61-62

Revelation, Place of, in Evolution, 382-
- detects of our system of government 404
by, 317–318

Revolutionary Party, the, 184-205
the system of urgency'in, 327-328 Revolutions, political consequences of,
questions' in, 336-338

Pasteur (M.), gern theory of, 540-541 - objects of, 810

his applications of the theory to the Reynolds (Sir J.), his portrait of Dr.
study of disease, 541-546

Johnson, 888
Paston Elizabeth), marriage of, 412- his picture of Puck, 889

Rhyme, 834–835
Pauperism in 1842 and 1879, 434

Pope's faults of, 851-852
Pébrine, a disease of silkworms, 541 Riaz Pasha, 618, 659
Peerages, life, 232

Roads, early English, 555-556
Penenden Heath, 299

management of the, 558-566
* Pentamerone,' the, 77

Rogers (Samuel), a brief letter of, 416
Petrarch, sonnet-composition of, 768 Romanes (George J.), Intelligence of
Phosphorus, connection of, with Ants, 245-258
thought, :347–318

Romney Marsh, 304
Poet, a new Love, 703-784

Rossiter (Elizabeth), Child Life for
Poetry, what it is, 830-831

Children, 567-572
Poor, children of the, 85

Rowsell (F. W.), The Administrative
Pope, his view of human nature, 144 Machinery of Egypt, 641-659
Pope, Boileau and, 830-855

Roxburghe Library, 64
Poppy, cultivation of, in China, 859- Royal supremacy, the, 124-125

Ruskin (John), Fiction, Fair and Foud,
Portugal, chamber of peers of, 56


PAGET (Sir James), Vivisection, 920–



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Rulers, Hereditary, 217-235. See also Spain, senate of, 56
Chambers, Second

former persecutions of the Jews in,
Russia, persecutions of the Jews in, 506, 842

Speaker, power of the, 327-328
Speculation, commercial, 532-533

Spencer (Herbert), optimist doctrines
ST. PAUL'S Cathedral, Wren's origi- of, 580-587

Spenser, friendship of, with Ralegh, 678
St. Paul's Industrial School, 913–914 Spider, trap-door, habits of the, 164
Sainte-Beuve (M. de), his criticism of Spinoza, argument of, against miracles,
Boileau, 841

Sanderson (Prof. Burdon), his investi- Stanley (Dean) as a Spiritual Teacher

gation of an epidemic of anthrax, 544 and Theologian, 869-885
Saracenic monuments of India, 277 Stanley (Hon. E. Lyulph), Industrial
Saxony, Upper Chamber of, 56

Schools and the Home Office, 913-919
School Board, its duty of supervising Star-fish, thread-rayed brittle, 137

industrial schools, 915-916, 018 Steeple-chasing, 400
Science repressed by Act of Parliament, Sterling (John), letter of, to Carlyle,

Scientific Optimism, 573-587

Story (Justice) on international copy-
Scoones (W. B.), his · Four Centuries right, 728

of English Letters,' 405, 420-421 Suess (Dr.), his work on the future of
Scotch Land Question, the, 794-812 gold, 456
Scott (Sir Walter), fiction of, 521-531 Suffrage, the, in France, 357–359
Scrutin de Liste and Scrutin d'Arron- Sullivan (Sir Ed ward), Isolated Free
dissement, 357–367

Trade, 161-180
Seals, eating of, in Ireland, 138–139 - reply to, 439-444
Serres (Mrs.), 73–74, 892-895, 900 Sully (James), Scientific Optimism,
Sfax, capture of, 450-451

Shakespeare, his view of human nature, Sweden, Upper Chamber of, 57

- services of Mr. Hugh Elliot to, 418-
- poetry of, 832

Sheep, plague among, 543, 545

Switzerland, constitution of, 57
Sheep-hunting in the Mountains, 683-700 Sykes (Colonel), his observation of ants,
Sherbrooke (Viscount), What shall we 256

do with our Bankrupts? 308-316
Sheridan (Richard Brinsley), grand-
daughters of, 415

MAINE (M.), his history of the French
Pasha, 648

Revolution, 786-791
Shindler (Rev. Robert), President Gar- Taverner (Richard), his translations of
field, 236-244

Erasmus, 86
Shipping, British merchant, 611-612 Taylor (Sir Henry), Four Centuries of
Siberia, gold production of, 465

English Letters, 405-422
Silkworm disease, 541

Tenants, Irish, how affected by the Land
Simon (Mr,), on the vivisection question, Act, 478–480

Tennyson (Alfred), Despair, 629-640
Sioux Indians, 688, 693

Thiele (Dr.), experiments of, with
Slave-owners, West Indian, the grant small-pox virus, 550-551
of compensation to, 110

Thoms (W. J.), Gossip of an Old Book-
Small-pox, relation between cow-pox

worm, 63–79, 886-900
and, 547-550

Ticknor (George) on international copy-
Smerwick Castle, the massacre at, 362– right, 728-729

Trade, British, with foreign countries
Smith (Professor Goldwin), The Jewish and the colonies, compared, 44-45
Question, 494-515

- depression of, 193–195, 198
reply to, 813-829

Tripoli, French designs upon, 452-453
Smith (Sydney), letter of, 416

Troubadours, poetry of the, 769
Socrates, his conclusion concerning the Tuberculosis, artificial induction of, 554
visible universo, 102

Tulloch (Principal), Dean Stanley as a
- his view of the moral obligations and Spiritual Teacher and Theologian,
future destiny of man, 145

on the causes of human action, 158-- Tunis, doings of the French in, 448–

Sonnet, the, 766-768

Turton (Dean), 887–888

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(LSTER, estates of Lord Dufferin in,


Wheat, cultivation of, in Australia, 182

- nutritive properties of, 342-343
United States, exports of British manu- right way of making bread from,
factures to, 617

Unity in the Church of Christ, 120-130 Whigs, past services of the, 227
Universities, Scotch, 7, 33

- present position of, 229
Urgency, the system of, in Parliament, Whigs, the Position of the, 901-912

Whittaker (Thomas P.), The Proposals
Usury, Jewish, 503-504, 821-822

of the Fair Trade League, 622-628
Wilks (Dr.), Vivisection, 936–948

Wilson (E. D. J.), Confiscation and
ACCINATION, successful, nature of Compensation, 107-119

the protection afforded by, 547– - (Sir Rivers), his labours in Egypt,

Vegetable diet, 346

Windsor Volunteer Review, the, 211
Venables (Canon), The Future Cathe- Wolf (Mr. L.) on the Anti-Jewish agi-
dral of Liverpool, 735–743

tation, reply to, 494-515
Victoria, legislature of, 57–59

Women as Civil Servants, 369-381
Virchow (Professor), on the vivisection Wool, production of, in Australasia, 181
question, 942

Wool-sorters' disease, 542
Vivisection, morality of, 408

Workman's View of Fair Trade, 430-
Vivisection, its Pains and Uses, 920-948 447
Village tradesmen, 265–266

Worry, 423-429
Volunteers, the Coming of Age of the, Wren (Sir Christopher), his original plan

for St. Paul's Cathedral, 747-743

Würtemberg, Upper Chamber of, 56

AGES, relation of, to the price of

YATES Miss), hera observations on

wheat, 594, 622, 632
Weald of Kent, 303–304

vegetable diet, 346
Wedderburn (Sir David), Second Cham- Yeast plant, the, 539
bers, 56-62

Youghal, Desmond's college at, 660-661
Wellington (Duke of), anecdotes of, Sir Walter Ralegh's house at, 680

West Indies, abolition of slavery in, 110
Wheat, home production of, a question ZYM

ZYMOSIS, the condition of the blood
of price, 176

in fevers, 541-542



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