Deal not, O Lord,

deal not with me after mine iniquities,

neither recompense me according to my sins;
but after Thy great pity,
deal with me,

and according to the multitude of Thy mercies,

recompense me;

after that so great pity, and that multitude of mercies, as Thou didst to our fathers

in the times of old ;-
by all that is dear unto Thee.

From all evil and adversity,
in all time of need;

from this evil and this adversity,
in this time;

raise me, rescue me, save me, O LORD.

Deliver me, O Lord, and destroy me not. On the bed of sickness;

in the hour of death;
in the day of judgment,
in that dreadful and fearful day,
rescue me, LORD, and save me ;-

from seeing the Judge's face overcast,
from being placed on the left,

from hearing the dreadful word, Depart from Me,

from being bound in chains of darkness,
from being cast into the outer darkness,

from being tormented in the pit of fire and brimstone,

where the smoke of the torments

ascendeth for ever.

Be merciful, be merciful,

spare us, pity us,


and destroy us not for ever,
deliver and save us.

Let it not be, O LORD; and that it be not,
take away from me, O LORD,
hardness of heart,

desperateness after sinning,
blindness of heart,

contempt of Thy threats,
a cauterized conscience,
a reprobate mind,

the sin against the HOLY GHOST,

the sin unto death,

the four crying sins';
the six which forerun2

the sin against the HOLY GHOST.
Deliver me

from all ills and abominations of this world,
from plague, famine, and war;
earthquake, flood, and fire,

the stroke of immoderate rain and drought,
blast and blight;

thunder, lightning and tempest;

epidemic sickness, acute and malignant,
unexpected death;

from ills and difficulties in the Church,
from private interpretation,

from innovation in things sacred,
from heterodox teaching;

from unhealthy inquiries and interminable disputes,

from heresies, schisms, scandals,

public and private,

from making gods of kings,

I Wilful murder, the sin of Sodom, oppressing the poor, defrauding workmen of their wages.

2 Despair of salvation, presumption of God's mercy, impugning known truth, envy at another's grace, obstinacy in sin, and impenitence.

3 Tñs άπоDεwσεwc, vid. Acts xii. 22. Mr. Waller "going to see

from flattering of the people,
from the indifference of Saul,
from the scorn of Michal,
from the greediness of Hophni,
from the plunder of Athaliah,

from the priesthood of Micah,
from the brotherhood of Simon and Judas,

from the doctrine of men unlearned and unestablished,

from the pride of novices,

from the people resisting the priest :—
from ills and difficulties in the state,
from anarchy, many rulers, tyranny,

from Asher, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Gallio, Haman,

the profligacy of Ahithophel,
the foolishness of Zoan1,

the statutes of Omri,
the justice of Jezebel,
the overflowings of Belial,
the courage of Peor,
the valley of Achor,
pollution of blood or seed,
incursion of enemies,

civil war,

bereavement of good governors,

accession of evil and unprincipled governors;


the king at dinner, overheard a very extraordinary conversation between his Majesty [King James] and two prelates, the Bishop of Winchester [Andrews] and Dr. Neale, Bishop of Durham, who were standing behind the king's chair. His majesty asked the bishops, 'My lords, cannot I take my subjects' money when I want it, without all this formality in parliament?' The Bishop of Durham readily answered, 'God forbid, Sir, but you should; you are the breath of our nostrils.' Whereupon the king turned and said to the Bishop of Winchester, 'Well, my lord, what say you?' 'Sir,' replied the bishop, 'I have no skill to judge of Parliamentary cases.' The king answered, 'No put-offs, my lord, answer me presently.' 'Then, Sir,' said he, 'I think it lawful for you to take my brother Neale's money, for he offers it.'"-Waller's Life, quoted in Biograph. Brit.

2 Ps. xviii. 4.

1 Isai. xix. VOL. V.-88.


from an intolerable life,
in despondence, sickness, ill-fame,
distress, peril, slavery, restlessness:
from death

in sin, shame, tortures,

desperateness, defilement, violence, treachery; from death unexpected, from death eternal.


For all creatures,


persons compassed

with infirmity.






The Episcopate,



Christian people.

of the whole earth,



our own.


kings, religious kings,

our own,







the people,

the rising generation,

those at court,

in cities,

the country.

Those who serve the soul


those who serve the body,

in food, clothing,

health, necessaries.

[Those who have a claim on

my prayers,]

in nature,

by benefits, from trust, formerly or now, in friendship, in love,

in neighbourhood; from promise, from mutual offices, from want of leisure, from destitution,

from extremity.

1 Vide p. 90, edit. 1675.

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