Our fathers hoped in Thee,

they trusted in Thee, and Thou didst deliver them. They called upon Thee and were holpen, they put their trust in Thee, and were not confounded.

As Thou didst our fathers in the generations of old, so also deliver us, O LORD, who trust in Thee.

O Heavenly KING, confirm our faithful kings, stablish the faith, soften the nations,

pacify the world,

guard well this holy retreat,

and receive us in orthodox faith and repentance,
as a kind and loving Lord.

The power of the FATHER guide me,
the wisdom of the Son enlighten me,
the working of the SPIRIT quicken me.
Guard Thou my soul,
stablish my body,

(4) Intercession.

(5) Praise.

elevate my senses, direct my converse, form my habits, bless my actions, fulfil my prayers, inspire holy thoughts,

pardon the past,

correct the present,
prevent the future.

Now unto Him that is able to do
exceeding abundantly

above all that we ask or think,

according to the power that worketh in us,

to Him be glory

in the Church in CHRIST

unto all generations

world without end.


Blessed, and praised, and celebrated,

and magnified, and exalted, and glorified, and hallowed,

be Thy Name, O LORD,

its record, and its memory,

and every memorial of it;

for the all-honourable senate of the Patriarchs,

the ever-venerable band of the Prophets,

the all-glorious college of the Apostles,
the Evangelists,

the all-illustrious army of the Martyrs,
the Confessors,

the assembly of Doctors,

the Ascetics,

the beauty of Virgins,
for Infants the delight of the world,—

their hope,

for their faith,
their labours,

their truth,

their zeal,

their tears,

their blood,
their diligence,
their purity,
their beauty.
Glory to Thee, O LORD, glory to Thee,
glory to Thee who didst glorify them,
among whom we too glorify Thee.
Great and marvellous are Thy works,
just and true are Thy ways,
O King of Saints.

Who shall not fear Thee, O LORD,

and glorify Thy Name?

for Thou only art holy,

for all the nations shall come and worship before Thee,

for Thy judgments are made manifest.

Praise our God, all ye His servants,
and ye that fear Him,
both small and great.

for the LORD GOD Omnipotent reigneth; let us be glad and rejoice, and give honour to Him. Behold the tabernacle of God is with men,

and He will dwell with them;

and they shall be His people,

and God Himself shall be with them, and shall wipe away all tears from their eyes. And there shall be no more death; neither crying, neither pain any more, for the former things are passed away.



O LORD', Thou knowest, and canst, and willest the good of my soul. Miserable man am I;

I neither know, nor can, nor, as I ought,

will it.

Thou, O LORD, I beseech Thee, in Thine ineffable affection, so order concerning me, and so dispose, as Thou knowest to be most pleasing to Thee, and most good for me.

[Thine is] goodness, grace; love, kindness;

benignity, gentleness, consideration;
forbearance, long suffering;

much pity, great pity;

mercies, multitude of mercies, yearnings of mercies;
kind yearnings, deep yearnings;
in passing over,

in overlooking, in disregarding;
many seasons, many years;
[punishing] unwillingly, not willingly;

not to the full,

not correspondently,

in wrath remembering mercy,
repenting of the evil,

1 Vide p. 92, edit. 1675.

compensating doubly,
ready to pardon,
to be reconciled,
to be appeased.



FATHER, the Creator,
SON, the Redeemer,
SPIRIT, the Regenerator,
destroy me not,

whom Thou hast created, redeemed, regenerated.
Remember not, LORD, my sins,

nor the sins of my forefathers;

neither take vengeance for our sins, theirs, nor mine.

Spare us, LORD, them and me 2,

spare Thy people,

and, among Thy people, Thy servant,
who is redeemed with Thy precious blood;
and be not angry with us for ever.

Be merciful, be merciful; spare us, LORD,
and be not angry with us for ever.
Be merciful, be merciful; have pity on us, LORD,
and be not angry with us to the full.

1 Page 180, edit. 1675.

2 Thus in St. Gregory's Sacramentary.-" Præsta, quæsumus, omnipotens Deus, ut animam famuli, & congregatione justorum æternæ beatitudinis jubeas esse consortem. Per Dominum, &c." "Præsta, &c. ut animam, &c. ab angelis lucis susceptam in præparata habitacula deduci facias beatorum. Per Dominum, &c." Suscipe, Domine, preces nostras, pro anima famuli tui.... ut si quæ ei maculæ de terrenis contagiis adhæserunt, remissionis tuæ remedio deleantur." For similar language in the second century vide Ussher as quoted in Tract 72.


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